Burglar Caught On Security Camera-How You Can Catch One

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You may have seen or heard me say that you should keep your windows and doors locked even when you’re at home. If you haven’t heard me say it before I’m saying it now. This is a story about four burglars who walked in through the rear door of a home in Minneapolis. The adults in the home were upstairs when this happened but she came down to get her purse and notice that it was missing.

Their home security surveillance camera caught the bad guys on tape just minutes before she was there in the kitchen to get her purse. Two of the burglars were armed with handguns which is highly unusual.

You can read the rest of the story HERE.

How You Can Catch One

If you want to catch the bad guys breaking into your house, vandalizing your house or doing damage to your property or car the best way to do it is with a home security surveillance system. This Home Surveillance System has four indoor/outdoor cameras that each have 24 infrared LEDs for night vision. It can record up to 20 days at a time on the included DVR. It is completely wireless with a transmission distance of up to 300 feet. It uses motion activated recording so you have no dead time on the video.

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