Realtors Fear for Safety After Abduction and Murder of Arkansas Agent Beverley Carter


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The recent abduction and murder of Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter has agents everywhere living in fear for their safety. Carter vanished Thursday after showing a home in the small rural community of Scott, located in the central part of Arkansas.

Her accused killer has since been arrested and charged with capital murder, robbery and kidnapping. When asked by reporters why Carter was targeted, Lewis responded: “Because she was just a woman that worked alone — a rich broker,” The Associated Press reported.

This was a tragic, senseless murder that could have been prevented. I implore every Realtor in the United States to carry a pepper spray (at the very least) with them for self defense. Pepper spray is inexpensive and very effective at stopping an attack. The effects are almost instant and causes severe inflammation of the membranes, eyes are swollen shut by the excessive tearing, the respiratory tract becomes inflamed and breathing is difficult, the capillaries of the eyes swell causing temporary blindness and there is severe, coughing, choking and wheezing, all of which will disable an assailant for up to 45 minutes.

Our sincere condolences to the Carter family. We pray that you will find closure and peace through GOD.

Here Are Some Of The Best Self Defense Products For Women


We have been in the business of supplying personal security and personal safety products for men and women for over a decade. One of the most frequently asked questions of us is ‘what are the best self defense products for women?’

There is no simple answer because there are several products that are very popular. In today’s world men and women are assaulted more frequently than ever before and women are assaulted nine times more often than men so women need self-defense products more frequently than men do.

That is one reason why so many self-defense product manufacturers make products that are geared towards the female market-items that are smaller, come in pink and are easy to carry.

best self-defense products for women

One of the best self-defense products for women is the line of Mace brand defensive sprays. Pepper sprays have been around in one way or another since ancient Chinese warriors threw bags of hot spices at their enemies. Only since the 1980s, have modern days pepper sprays been in vogue.

Mace brand has been a leader in providing the best self-defense products for women for over three decades. They have set the standards for:

Quality-by testing each product before it’s packaged to ensure reliability,

-after three decades of research and constant improvement and

-the first to use a flip top safety cap, the first to use pepper gel and the first to use a finger grip to assist in aiming.

Each Mace brand pepper spray has an expiration date stamped on the bottom of the canister to ensure that the product is functioning. They were the only manufacturer that made products specifically for states that have restrictions on pepper sprays.

Mace brand pepper sprays are just one of the many best self-defense products for women that we carry in our online store.

Home Security Products Stop Burglars In Their Tracks


Very few things stop burglars in their tracks better than home security products. Some examples of these are security cameras, fake security cameras, home security systems, motion activated alarms and window and door alarms.

When a burglar is out casing a neighborhood-looking for homes that are vulnerable-he looks for signs of home security products. Is there a sign in the front yard that warns of a vicious guard dog, for example, or a sign that warns of a home security system in place or does he see security/surveillance cameras in place on the property?

The number one thing that will stop of burglar from getting in your front door is a sound of a barking dog which is why this barking dog alarm is one of the most effective home security products available in the industry.

It uses radar wave-sense technology to sense motion through wood, plastic, glass and cement up to as much as 12 feet away and more through open areas. The detection angle is 154 degrees horizontal which is more than enough to cover the front of the house. Both the volume and sensitivity levels are adjustable. A wireless remote control can arm and disarm the system.

Here’s How It Works

barking dog alarm Home Security Products
barking dog alarm

When an intruder approaches, the radar wave-sense technology picks up movement and the sound of an angry barking dog starts. As the intruder gets closer, the sound of the barking increases in intensity frightening away the burglar.

In study after study home security products such as the barking dog alarm have been proven to be a highly effective deterrent to home burglary.

“The Electronic Watch Dog will protect homes, apartments, mobile homes, RV’s, jewelry stores, hotels, factories, warehouses, public and private buildings of virtually every kind.”

This home security product operates on standard AC power with battery backup in case of power goes off. You can choose between a barking dog alarm and a chime to announce visitors or customers in a store. This barking dog requires no training or feeding making it completely maintenance free.

Why Are Self Defense Weapons For Women So Important?


The answer to that question “why are self defense weapons for women so important?” is relatively easy to answer. If you know that women are assaulted so many more times than men are you begin to see why women need self-defense weapons so much.

Just take for example the recent White House report on sexual assaults on women. That report revealed that nearly one in five women or nearly 22,000,000 have been raped in their lifetimes. The report went on to say that women of all races are targeted but some are more vulnerable than others with 33.5% of all multiracial women having been raped.

College women are particularly vulnerable with one in five women having been sexually assaulted while in college.

But the place where women are assaulted more often than any other is in the home with domestic violence. Over 25% of all women in a domestic relationship, either married or not, will be subjected to domestic abuse assault. We learned just the other day that this figure also applies to teen domestic violence.

We find these figures shocking but they help explain why self defense weapons for women have become so popular. Almost every manufacturer of self-defense products including Streetwise, Stun Master, Guard Dog and others including Taser International have been manufacturing self-defense weapons for women for years.

The female market is the largest market for self defense weapons, so it is no wonder that these manufacturers cater to them.

We have always recommended that women carry a self defense weapon with them wherever they go. These pepper spray self defense weapons for women offer a great opportunity to do that because they are small, inexpensive, easy to carry and legal in just about all jurisdictions with just a few cities and states having restrictions.

What Gives Concealed Self Defense Weapons The Edge?


concealed self-defense weapons

Disguised or concealed self defense weapons can give you the edge you may need to survive in an assault situation. Assailants use stealth and surprise as a major component of their strategy to overcome victims. Concealed self-defense weapons actually give you the opportunity to level the playing field by using surprise against your assailant.

One of the best known and most popular concealed self-defense weapons is this three in one pen self-defense spray from Sabre brand. It combines a 10% pepper spray using oleoresin capsicum is a major ingredient, a teargas component and an ultraviolet invisible marking dye for assailant identification after the fact of an assault. It looks just like a pen but is 2 million Scoville heat unit pepper spray that contains 15 half-second sprays up to 8 feet away.

Another one of our popular concealed self-defense weapons that is made by Streetwise is this “Immobilizer” 5.5 million volt hot pink stun gun that has the look and feel of a high-end cell phone. It uses six LED lights for a flashlight that is built-in. It is only 4 inches tall so it is small enough to conceal in your hand. It has a built-in slide out charger that plugs into any standard wall outlet. There are two levels of safety built-in to this concealed self-defense weapon to prevent accidental discharge. This product has our famous no questions asked lifetime warranty.

Those are just a few examples of how concealed self-defense weapons can give you the edge. These nonlethal self-defense products are so effective that every law enforcement officer in the country carries at least one and usually two on his utility belt as his first nonlethal alternative to the deadly force of a handgun.

Long Range Pepper Spray Gun Product Review


long-range pepper spray gun

One of the very best self defense products for any use is this long range pepper spray gun from Mace brand.

The Mace long-range pepper spray gun is especially effective against multiple assailants and dog attacks because it has enough 10% concentration of oleoresin capsicum to fire seven shots of 25 feet each or 30 short shots.

Oleoresin capsicum is the main ingredient in all pepper sprays and the 10% concentration Mace brand uses has set the standard for years in the industry.

So what is so special about the long-range pepper gun from Mace?

First of all it is the most accurate nonlethal self-defense spray in the market today because it uses a continuous ballistic stream pattern that holds up much better than competitor’s sprays in windy conditions.

Secondly it has a range of 25 feet which as of this writing is still the longest range of any self-defense pepper spray in the market.

It has a trigger activated LED light which makes hitting your target easier.

It utilizes bag-in-a-can technology that enables you to fire a constant stream from any angle. The canister that holds the oleoresin capsicum is replaceable and each can has a four-year shelf life longer than any other pepper spray available.

The long range pepper spray gun comes with one water cartridge and one cartridge filled with OC. The water cartridge enables you to practice getting used to the distance of the spray because it is unlike anything you have dealt with and practice makes perfect.

This is one of the most effective tools you can get to defend yourself against dog attacks. A charging dog, no matter what size, can cover 10 or 12 feet in a heartbeat barely giving you time to react. 10 or 12 feet is the range of nearly 90% of all self-defense sprays. The 25 foot range of the long-range pepper spray gun enables you to properly react to a charging dog.

If you are in the market for an accurate long-range pepper spray gun, our store carries this one by Mace as well as other pepper spray and self-defense products all at competitive prices.

Where Are The Best And Least Expensive Self Defense Weapons For Sale?


self-defense weapons for sale

Self defense products, a.k.a. self defense weapons, provide a nonlethal alternative to the deadly force of a handgun. Many women do not like the handgun regardless of the fact that it is an effective self-defense option. Users should get training and have the appropriate permits including licenses to use them. Women don’t like the idea of killing someone for stealing her purse, for example.

Self-defense weapons have been used by military and law enforcement personnel for years with great success. As recently as the incident and Ferguson, Missouri all manner of nonlethal self-defense weapons were used for crowd control including teargas, batons and stun grenades.

The effectiveness of self-defense weapons is without question. The most effective of them all is the Taser gun which is nearly 100% successful. Pepper sprays and other stun devices are close to 90% effective.

Part of the reason that self-defense weapons have become so popular is because so many independent distributors have gotten into the business. Each one of them promotes their products and their website. Conservatively we estimate that there are close to 2,000 independent distributors that have self-defense weapons for sale.

The choices are huge not only for which distributor you should purchase from, but also which weapons to get. For most people, customer service, selection and price are the major considerations when they are looking for self defense weapons for sale.

Our online store has been in business for over a decade and has firmly established itself as a trusted source of information on these products with a great selection of the widest variety of manufacturers all at extremely competitive prices.

If you are in the market for nonlethal self-defense products such as stun guns, pepper sprays, self-defense DVDs and other products for home security and personal safety, our store provides the best resource for self-defense weapons for sale. What are you waiting for? Get some today!!

Why So Many Self Defense Weapons For Women?


Perhaps you have wondered why there are so many self defense weapons for women. It is a good question. You don’t have to be a genius to figure it out. All you have to do is look at a local police blotter or watch television or even read a newspaper to see that women are assaulted so many more times than men-nine times more often to be exact.

That is why so many manufacturers of self-defense weapons from the simplest of pepper sprays to the more exotic Taser all produce products that are geared towards women’s tastes. As a matter of fact, self-defense weapons for women make up a substantial portion of the self-defense products industry-even a disproportionate share. To our way of thinking that is exactly the way it should be.

Whether it is a pink pepper spray or a stun gun that is designed to look like a lipstick tube or C2 Taser which was developed specifically for women almost all major manufacturers of self-defense products are after the female market.

self defense weapons for women

Even Fox brand pepper sprays makes self-defense weapons for women like this 5.3 million SHU police strength pepper spray that fires up to 10 feet away. It has 10 half-second bursts inside a black hard case shell. The keychain attachment means that it will be with you practically wherever you go. The safety lock prevents accidental discharge.

Fox has set the industry standard for defensive sprays since 1993. All of their sprays are Taser/ECD compatible.

When you are in the market for self-defense products for women in your life, look no further than our store where we have a great selection of pepper sprays, stun guns and other self-defense weapons geared specifically towards women. We also carry a good supply of fake security cameras and other home security products.

Why Outdoor Enthusiasts Need Long Range Pepper Spray For Dogs


The two biggest threats to outdoor enthusiasts-people who love to walk, jog or cycle in the great outdoors-are attacks from and dog attacks. Unfortunately, human predator attacks occur more frequently with women.

Out of the close to 5 million people who are attacked by dogs every year United States, 1 million of them require hospitalization. The sad part is that a majority of those 1 million are children whose family dog attacked them.

Predators prey upon women who choose to run, walk or cycle in secluded areas. Those areas are favorites for women because of the peace and tranquility they provide. But the flip side of that peace and tranquility is the danger that lurks nearby in shrubbery that provides great hiding places for the bad guys.

Most pepper sprays have a range of 8 to 10 feet which is good for defense against short range attacks. But in the case of a dog attack you need a long-range pepper spray for dogs.

long-range pepper spray for dogs

The Sabre brand protector dog spray is capable of providing serious protection against dog attacks because it has a longer range of 15 feet and is slightly stronger than most pepper sprays because it has a higher concentration of major capsaicinoids-the true measure of hotness in a defensive spray.

The 1.8 ounce canister has 25 short bursts of up to 15 feet away. It comes with a convenient clip to secure on your belt, pocket or purse making it handy and convenient when you need it most.

If you are in the market for a long range pepper spray for dogs, you have come to the right place. Our online store has a great selection of the most popular brands of pepper sprays including Mace, Pepper Shot, Sabre, Fox Labs, Wildfire and Def-Tec and other self-defense items as well as home security products and tools to protect your home.

Dog Attack Prevention Tips


There was an ABC news story recently about dog owners’ home insurance costs which revealed that the industry paid out $489 million in claims last year for dog bites in the home. That is one third of all the money paid out for homeowners’ liability claims. Not surprisingly, pit bulls and Rottweilers may cause homeowners insurance rates to be higher mostly because those are considered to be high risk dogs.

Some Dog Attack Prevention Tips

1. Do everything you can to avoid areas where dogs congregate. When two or more dogs get together, a pack mentality sets in making them more dangerous.

2. Avoid unfamiliar dogs.

3. It has been said that dogs can sense fear or panic.

4. If a dog is barking at you, stand your ground and stay still. He may lose interest and leave.

5. Don’t yell at a dog.

6. Don’t think for one minute that you can out run a dog. Don’t turn your back on a barking dog and never run away from one.

7. Dogs have a natural instinct to bite; don’t aggravate them.

8. When you approach a strange dog, let him sniff you first.

9. Never pet a dog while he’s drinking water, eating or sleeping.

10. Learn to read a dog’s body language. For example, if his ears are pinned back, he is ready to attack. Body language can give you a clue as to what his intentions are.

11. When walking, jogging or cycling always have a pepper spray with you.

All the United States Post Office letter carriers carry defensive spray with them for dog attack prevention. That speaks volumes about the effectiveness of defensive sprays.

This dog attack prevention spray by Sabre brand as 25 short bursts up to 15 feet away. It provides the best overall protection against dog attacks that is available. Sabre brand has been providing self-defense sprays for over 35 years and is a leader in their industry.

What Is Fox Labs 5.3 Defensive Spray


Fox Labs 5.3 Defensive Spray is simply one of the most effective self-defense pepper sprays on the market today. It is comprised of a formulation of 5.3 million Scoville Heat Units (SHUs). A Scoville Heat Unit is a measurement of the spicy heat of chili peppers or other spicy foods and is a function of capsaicin concentration. It was named after his creator a pharmacist named Wilbur Scoville.

Oleoresin capsicum is the resin of one of the hottest peppers in the world. Capsaicin concentration is one of the most accurate ways to measure the strength of a pepper spray.

Fox labs makes a variety of products but they all use the exclusive Fox Labs 5.3 Defensive Spray formula including their only keychain pepper spray that fires a stream pattern up to 10 feet away and has 10 half second bursts. Fox labs was one of the first, and is still one of the only manufacturers of defensive sprays that make Taser/ECD compatible sprays.

Another one of their products that contains the Fox Labs 5.3 Defensive Spray formula is a 1 pound pistol grip that is used by police, security and other law enforcement agents throughout the world. It is mostly used for crowd control because it is a high density fogger with an effective range up to 30 feet away. It has a UV marking dye to help in assailant identification. Of course it can be used for individual assailant attack protection. This is very similar to the type of product used by “Dog the Bounty Hunter” as seen on TV.

When you are in the market for a powerful self-defense pepper spray, Fox Labs 5.3 Defensive Spray should be at the top of your list. We have a wide variety of these fine Fox labs products along with other defensive sprays. If they are good enough for law enforcement agents across the country, why wouldn’t they be good enough for you?

Sabre Red Crossfire MK 4 More Bang For the Buck


Sabre Red Crossfire MK 4

Why should you buy Sabre Red Crossfire MK 4?

There are several reasons.

1. The first and most important is that it provides an effective means of self-defense for everyone who uses it. A defensive spray can incapacitate an assailant for as long as 45 minutes by causing extreme pain, excessive tearing of the eyes and makes breathing very difficult.

2. The fact that it comes out as gel disbursement method means that it holds up better in windy or rainy conditions. This is an important consideration since most applications of the defensive sprays are outdoors. When it is used in indoors, there is less chance of cross-contamination by hitting non-intended targets.

3. The Sabre Red Crossfire MK 4 fires continuously from any angle which increases target acquisition rates. This is an important consideration because most targets are dynamic as opposed to standing still (static).

4. This MK4 model contains one third more product than the MK 3 version, which means you get more bang for the buck.

5. It contains 32 half second shots with an effective range up to 20 feet nearly 50% further than most competitive pepper sprays. The Sabre MK 3 contains only 20 half second shots.

6. It is made out of the famous Sabre Red formula and contains 1.33% major capsaicinoids, the true measure of hotness of a pepper spray.

7. It is Taser/ECD compatible. Sabre brand defensive sprays are few on the market that are Taser compatible. It is just one of the reasons why it is favored by so many law enforcement agencies who all carry Taser guns.

And our online store has a good selection of all Sabre defensive sprays including the Sabre Red Crossfire MK 4. When you are looking for self-defense products need look no further than our online store.

What Is The Best Mace For Self Defense?


Our many thousands of customers often ask us for advice on different products that we carry. We specialize in self defense products such as pepper sprays and stun guns. We are proud to note that we are one of the largest independent dealers of those products in the country.

But one of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) is what is the best mace for self defense?

The answer is relatively simple because it is a clear-cut answer. Of all the different brands of pepper sprays that we carry including Fox brand, Sabre brand, Pepper Shot, Wildfire and Def-Tec, Mace brand continues to be the largest selling pepper spray that we carry.

Out of all the different Mace brand products that we carry, we feel and our customers seem to agree that the best mace for self-defense is the police model triple action pepper spray. It is the same model used by law enforcement professionals for over 20 years.

best mace for self-defense
What makes it the best mace for self-defense?

1. First of all the triple action is a combination of oleoresin capsicum, which is the main ingredient in all pepper sprays, a CS teargas component and an invisible ultraviolet marking dye which is helpful in identifying an assailant after the fact who has been sprayed.

2. The strong stream spray pattern makes it excellent for use indoors because it will not cross contaminate against non-intended targets and outdoors it will hold up better in windy or rainy conditions.

3. It has the flip top safety cap to prevent accidental spraying and the unique contoured finger grip for easy aim.

4. It contains 20 half-second bursts up to 12 feet away. That will provide you adequate self-defense in 95% of all cases.

When you are in the market for a self-defense pepper spray, our online store has one of the best selections of products available from the major manufacturers. The best mace for self-defense is the police model triple action pepper spray. When are you getting one?

Why Mace Is The Best Alternative For Personal Protection


Everybody has heard of Mace! But most people confuse the term Mace with Mace brand pepper sprays. Today we are talking about Mace brand pepper sprays. They are the premier manufacturer of defensive sprays commonly called pepper sprays or OC sprays in the entire world. The OC stands for oleoresin capsicum which is the main ingredient in all pepper sprays.

Mace brand has perhaps the widest assortment of spray patterns and formulas in the marketplace today. They make pepper sprays for defense against human assailants, against dog attacks with dog pepper spray and defense against bear attacks with their famous bear pepper spray. Mace for self-protection is the best alternative when it comes to your personal safety.

triple action police model

One of their best products is a triple action pepper spray that customers love. This mace for self protection features the aforementioned oleoresin capsicum, a UV marking dye for assailant identification and a component of CS tear gas-that’s the triple action!

Almost all of their sprays have a flip top safety cap that prevents accidental spraying and a contoured finger grip for easy aim. This particular pepper spray uses a stream spray pattern which means it ideal for outdoor use because it holds up better in windy conditions. It has an effective range of 12 feet and contains enough product for 20 half second bursts.

Another product that customers love is the Mace brand pepper gun that is the most accurate nonlethal self-defense spray available. It shoots out a continuous ballistic stream pattern up to 25 feet away. The Mace pepper gun uses “bag in a can” technology that allows you to replace the canister when it runs out. The gun itself has a trigger activated LED light that assists in hitting your target. It takes some getting used to hitting a target from 25 feet away, so each gun comes with one live pepper spray cartridge and a water cartridge for practicing.

Customers look to Mace for self-protection which is why it is the number one selling defensive spray in United States and perhaps the world. We have an excellent selection of Mace for self-protection products. When are you getting one?