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Complete Surveillance Systems


Whether you own a home, apartment, town home, or small business, one of the best investments you can make is in a quality surveillance system. Most people immediately think “I can’t afford a surveillance system!”. At Guardian Self Defense we say “You can’t afford not to invest in a surveillance camera system!”

8 Camera System

Some myths regarding surveillance cameras include:

  • Surveillance cameras or systems are too expensive.
  • I’m technologically challenged, there is no way I can install a system
  • It’s too hard to find correct and compatible components

Enhancements in technology have made surveillance an affordable option for homeowners and small businesses. Today you can purchase a high quality camera system for less than most insurance deductibles. In addition, many insurance companies now give discounted premiums if you show them you’ve installed a working surveillance system.

We’ve taken all of the guess work out of buying surveillance. We’ve completely pre-built several different systems, so we have something for everyone. By selling you a complete system we ensure that all components are correct and compatible. We are also able to offer bundle pricing which save hundreds, even thousands of dollars depending on the system(s) you choose. Installation is actually easy; all systems come with do-it-yourself instructions for both wired and wireless systems. Of course, if you prefer you can contract an installer.

The benefits of surveillance are many. Over time technology has allowed manufacturers to create quality, high resolution cameras that will even capture great images in the dark. DVR’s have replaced VCR’s, the difference is a DVR has the ability to digitally record all activity and then store on it’s built in hard drive. All of our DVR’s have full network capability which allows users to view or monitor there surveillance system from anywhere a internet connection is available.

A 17 inch LCD monitor displays all activity and can easily be configured to show exactly what you want to see. You can choose from wired or wireless security systems. Choose any of our completely pre-built systems; we have 4, 8, and 16 camera systems which come equipped with everything you need to start immediately.

Statistics show that just the presence of a camera makes your home or business a much more difficult target. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll experience knowing you have the ability to view just about any activity that takes place. For small business owners this can save huge amounts of money each year. Employee theft and shoplifting cost businesses billions each year. A surveillance system allows small business owners the ability stop many of the internal and external crimes that are robbing them of profits.

Police Batons Expandable Friction Lock


One of the most under utilized, yet effective self defense impact weapons is the police style expandable friction lock baton. Law enforcement personnel take full advantage of these batons using them daily. Civilians for the most part are just becoming familiar with the weapon.

Expandable Police Baton

The expandable baton is an excellent self defense weapon. Made of solid steel the handle is lined with a comfortable, durable and gripping foam. The baton is thickest at the base and becomes more narrow toward the top of the shaft. In the closed position it makes for an excellent “blocking weapon” as well as a pressure point tool. In the closed position the baton is compact, between seven and ten inches depending upon model. With the flip of the wrist the baton more than doubles in length and becomes a very powerful striking weapon.

Expandable batons use friction lock technology, which allows them to easily expand the unit while ensuring it locks in the expanded position to ensure it does not collapse when needed most. In order to collapse the baton you must strike the tip of the baton on a hard surface releasing the friction lock bearings.

One strike can literally shatter bone. A huge advantage of these police style batons are the extended reach, at up to 26″ in length you can create valuable distance between yourself and the attacker. This allows you to stay outside of the attackers reach at the same time you are able to strike at any and allow exposed body parts as well as their weapon. Concentrate on striking areas such as the elbow, knee, wrist, hand, ribs, and head. Strikes to these areas can be extremely debilitating and end confrontation quickly.

There are several types of basic self defense strikes you can use with impact weapons such as batons. The slashing strike is similar to that of swing a baseball bat, this is the most powerful type of strike but also takes the longest amount of time in order to complete the action and gain the momentum necessary to be effective.Jabbing or poking can be extremely effective, especially in close quarter combat. Jabbing to the abdomen, groin and chest are great target areas.

A thrust is a striking move that follows the motion of a uppercut punch. The thrust is an especially effective move from the closed position. A strike to the solar plexus or neck of an attacker can end an attack quickly.

Police batons are also great for self defense against aggressive dogs. If you walk, or jog chances are you’ve come across an unleashed dog that would like to take your legs off. Many people walk with a stick or piece of wood. Well the expandable baton is compact and convenient to carry in its compact position. Again, with the flip of your wrist it locks in the expanded position allowing you to keep that dog at bay.

Batons are nearly indestructible, they are made of solid steel and should last you a lifetime. So unlike other self defense products, you won’t need to replace them over time. You can certainly choose to spend over $100 bucks for some of the name brand batons, or you can spend less than half that amount for our Stun Master economy batons. The quality is excellent and you can add an LED light attachment which will turn your baton into a bright led flashlight. I encourage you to learn more by visiting our baton web page.

Pepper Spray and Mace Are Legal In All U.S. States


Most people don’t realize it but pepper spray and Mace brand products are legal in every U.S. state. I bet that surprises many of you. I say this because we constantly get legality questions about pepper spray and most individuals believe that it is a heavily regulated self defense product.

It is a fact, pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, however a few cities and states have restrictions on sizes, strengths, etc.. Unfortunately there are two states that we cannot ship to. In New York and Massachusetts residents are required to purchase defense sprays through a licensed firearm dealer in that state. In addition, New York residents can legally buy from a licensed Pharmacist. It all sounds a little “wacky” to us but it is what it is.

Michigan restricts the pepper spray concentration to 2%, which is a prime example of a huge misconception regarding pepper spray and Mace. There is no doubt that law makers feel that by restricting the concentration to two percent, they will in turn restrict the strength of the pepper spray. Not true!

The active ingredient in pepper spray and Mace are the peppers and the resin that is extracted. Like most other products there are many varieties of peppers; some are very potent and hot, but others are not so potent and hot. Pure pepper resin is rated in Scoville Heat Units, this is how hot it is in its pure form.

Take our Fox Labs product, they have become famous for there 2% concentration and heat rating of 5.3 million heat units. This product is a strong, potent and debilitating spray, yet it is legal in Michigan. A five or ten percent defense spray which has a lesser heat rating is restricted in Michigan which makes little sense.

If you live anywhere else in the US you can carry pepper spray as a self defense product legally and without problem. If you travel by air, please do not try to carry it on the plane, instead pack it in your checked bag and you won’t have any problems. The FAA and Homeland Security allow pepper spray to be carried legally in checked baggage.

If you have questions about an existing local restrictions don’t hesitate to contact your local or state police. An important thing to remember is if you elect to carry a lethal weapon such as a handgun your are taking on a HUGE responsibility. One that many people simply don’t understand. If you carry a good pepper spray instead you can stop an aggressive attack quickly and from a distance. Because it is totally non-lethal you don’t have to be concerned with causing permanent harm to an attacker. You will have great stopping power that will give you plenty of time to get to safety. Carry what federal and state law enforcement agents carry as a first level of defense.

Personal Safety and Awareness Tips


Your safety is important to us and should be priority number one for you. You could become the next crime statistic or you can adopt some no-nonsense suggestions to help ensure personal security.

General Awareness and Safety

  • Always trust your “gut”. If you feel that a situation is not safe go with your intuition and get to safety.
  • Open your eyes and be aware of individuals around you and listen to how you feel about them.
  • Train yourself to utilize your senses to always be aware of what is going on around you.


  • Personal information is just that…be very careful before giving out personal information or information about what your day entails.
  • If you are planning go somewhere you don’t normally go or somewhere that others would not expect; make sure to let someone know where you’ll be and when you should return.
  • When arriving after dark, make sure to think ahead to ensure you drive up on a well lit home.
  • It is very easy to see in through windows at night; keep your windows locked and blinds or curtains closed.
  • Have a plan for how you want to answer the door. If you have a peep hole use it. If you have young children it is wise to make a rule that they don’t answer to door. If a service worker that you don’t recognize and did not expect appears at the door make sure to ask for identification.
  • Get to know your neighbors; consider starting a neighborhood watch program. At the very least take each others contact information. Should you recognize something that doesn’t look or see right notify your neighbors and police.


  • Locate your keys before you go outside to your car. Consider carrying pepper spray and have it in your hand and ready to use.
  • As simple as it sounds, lock your doors when leaving the vehicle.
  • Fill up the gas tank prior getting below a quarter tank. Always be aware of your fuel level.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle just in case. Should you break down stay in the vehicle with doors locked and immediately call for help.
  • If someone wants your vehicle it is safest to give it to them without resistance. Try to communicate with them and let them know exactly what your doing, for example. “Okay, let me unbuckle my seat belt” and “My child is in the back seat, please let me get her out.” Your safety is worth much more than a vehicle.

Wanted: Crime Against Children


The worst type of crime has to be those committed against children. Adults who take advantage of and manipulate children are animals. Sex crimes or molestations are on the rise, which means that our youth are at a greater risk today than ever before.

There are 400,000 registered sex offenders in the United States and nearly 25% are missing, meaning they are supposed to be registered but we can’t find them and don’t know where they are living. Not surprising the great majority of sex offenders are adult males (96%). Rareyly are the offenders of young victims strangers. Statistics show that in just 3% of reported sexual assualts were strangers the offenders. So in almost all cases these animals are people you know and often trust.

1 in 5 violent offenders serving time in a state prison reported having victimized a child.
-BJS Survey of State Prison Inmates, 1991.

2/3 of all prisoners convicted of rape or sexual assault had committed their crime against a child.
-BJS Survey of State Prison Inmates, 1991.

In an attempt to expose these criminals for what they are we have decided to begin profiling some of the FBI’s most wanted for all to see.

Andrew Brantz
Wanted for Attempted Child Molestation, Dangerous Crimes Against Children

Mr. Brantz is a convicted sexual predator and wanted for child molestation in Arizona. This animal was convicted of molesting a familiy member and juvenile. He was sentenced to 5 years of which he served all of 6 months. Upon his release he is believed to have molested another family member under the age of 15. He’s been on the run but it’s time that justice be served.

Wanted for Criminal Sexual Conduct

Curtis Lee Brovold is wanted for his alleged sexual molestation of a 14 year old girl. He met this girl on the Internet in February of 2000. According to reports he used the Internet (mostly) to communicate with the girl. After a 6 month online relationship, Brovold flew to the young girl hometown. He took her to a motel and engaged in numerous sex acts. Instead of appearing on his court date, he ran and is still running today.

Together we can make a difference and bring these animals to justice. The personal security of our youth depends on it.

TASER® Technology – C2 FAQ


TASER® technology is becoming extremely popular with today’s security conscience consumers. Less than five years ago the TASER® was reserved mostly for law enforcement agencies. Not the case any longer.
TASER® devices are now available to law abiding citizens as a means of non-lethal self defense. The TASER® C2 is the civilian model of choice (there are others) and the reason is the size, the price, and the awesome stopping power. If you are not familiar with the product or you want more information visit us for much more information.
If you are familiar with TASER® we’ve put together an FAQ that may help you decide if this is the right self defense product for you.

1. What is a TASER C2™ device?

A TASER C2 is a small hand held personal safety weapon that is very effective at stopping attacks up to 15 feet away. It works by shooting out two probes; the probes deliver an electric shock that makes muscles lock up. The result is temporarily incapacitation of the attacker, allowing you to get out of harm’s way and call 911.

2. What is the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee?

God forbid you have to use the TASER C2 to protect yourself; but if you do and it is not recovered, send TASER International a copy of the police report showing that you used your TASER C2® to protect yourself, and TASER will replace your unit free of charge*. Your life is worth more than the cost of a TASER C2

*Applies only to incidents that occur in the United States.

3. Is it legal to carry a TASER C2 device?

In most, but not all states. TASER devices are restricted from possession in Washington, DC, HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI and WI. Also, it is illegal for TASER devices to be carried or shipped out of the United States.

4. Do I have to register my TASER C2 device?

Yes. TASER devices are “inactive” at the time of purchase. The owner is required to register the device in order to “activate” it. Registration requires you to pass a felony background check before receiving the activation code. The process is very quick and easy. This can be completed over the phone or online; there is a one-time registration fee of $9.95.

5. Are TASER electronic control devices considered firearms?

TASER devices are not considered firearms by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATF) because the TASER cartridge uses compressed, inert nitrogen gas to launch the probes instead of gun powder.

6. Can I bring a TASER C2 device with me on a plane?

TASER devices cannot be carried onto a plane; you can however include the TASER device in your check baggage if you are traveling domestically to a state that allows possession.

7. Is the TASER C2 device the same model used by law enforcement?

Exactly the same technology but the civilian and law enforcement models are different. The TASER C2 is designed for use by the general public and utilizes the same technology and stopping power as the law enforcement model, but in a smaller, easier-to-use size.

8. What if I miss my target?

In a situation where you would miss the intended target with the projected probes, the TASER device has a backup feature that allows it to be used as a direct-contact electronic control device or stun gun.

9. What are AFID tags?

AFID are Anti-Felon Identification tags. In a proactive effort to discourage illegal use of the TASER device; each TASER cartridge contains 20-30 small, confetti-like tags that have the serial number of the TASER cartridge imprinted on them. Should the TASER device fall into the wrong hands or if it is misused, law enforcement will be able to identify the registered owner.

10. How many times can I use a TASER cartridge?

Each TASER cartridge can be used once; be sure to carry additional cartridges with you.

11. How does the TASER device shoot out the probes?

The technology used to project or shoot out the probes is actually compressed and inert nitrogen.

12. How do I get more information?

For more information visit our TASER C2 page.

Campus Crime Stoppers


I would think almost everyone has heard about Crime Stoppers and the success the program has had nationwide. How does it work? Well it’s very simple in theory; Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards for information leading to the arrest and indictment of anyone responsible for Felony Crimes, Recovery of Stolen Property or Illegal Narcotics. The really great thing is you don’t have to give your name in order to collect the reward! There are over 1200 community based Crime Stopper programs worldwide. That number continues to grow.

In reality there is always someone who has a tip or information that can help solve a crime. These are the individuals who can call anonymously to Crime Stoppers and provide the information that will help bring criminals to justice. The “road block” that law enforcement runs into is witnesses to crimes will not come forward and provide information. The reason? Most are afraid for there safety, scared that if they come forward the criminals will retaliate. In addition, many take the attitude that it doesn’t concern them or they are simply reluctant to get involved.

The Crime Stopper programs are successful because they allow people the opportunity to come forward and give information anonymously. They don’t have to speak to the police, don’t even have to give there name, and are not required to testify in court. The cash awards are donated and help to motivate people to do the right thing.

One of the newer programs is called Campus Crime Stoppers. This program encourages parents and community leaders to support your school and students in developing the Campus Crime Stoppers Program in your neighborhood school. This applies to all levels through higher education and the purpose is simple yet effective. This program encourages children and young adults to report crimes to a parent or school official or anonymously by calling the Campus Crime Stoppers Program.

Crime Stoppers is an innovative and proactive program that makes a difference in communities. The organization is non-profit, everything they do is related to personal security, home safety, and reducing violence and crime.

A program called Faith Based Crime Stoppers is really picking up steam. These organizations are part of the local church and the purpose is to address crime by obtaining information from individuals who care about the welfare of their communities.

Still another program is titled One Gun, One Arrest, One Grand. This is an initiative to try and stop gun violence and remove an effort to help curb gun violence and remove illegal firearms from our streets. Callers who provide information leading to the arrest and indictment of a suspect and the recovery of the gun used to commit a crime will receive cash benefits.

Sell Your Home As Secure


Do you sell your home as SECURE to criminals who would like to rob you blind or cause harm to your family? Sounds funny, but its not. Each day, for the most part, each of us attempt to “sell ourselves” to our employers, coworkers, and clients. A former boss once told me, “Treat each day like your on a job interview”. That means you approach every day with a plan of action, with a purpose; it’s to show yourself in your best light.

How many of you think this way when it comes to home or personal security? I would gather to say not many, and that’s because safety and security is not a priority for most, unless you or someone close to you has been a victim. By selling your home as SECURE you are simply sending a message to criminals that says “I’ve done my homework, I have a plan.” By doing so you will effectively deter criminals and create a safer more secure home.

It’s really not difficult or expensive, but it does help to have someone point out potential trouble spots. Start with your entry ways. Did you realize that the majority of home burglaries occur by way of a main entry way? So I pays to ensure that at least the front and back doors are secure. What is the door made of? Is it fiberglass or wood? If so consider upgrading to a steel door. In addition to the steel door look for added security features such as steel bearing hinges and steel recessed door jambs. If you cannot afford to upgrade to a steel door consider going with a door brace to further secure your entry ways.

The windows are the next things to look over. Do you have working locks on each window? If not you can easily secure them with a screw or nail from the inside. The cost is almost nothing, but leaves you vulnerable to fire. You can purchase a window lock from most hardware stores. There are also window alarms that will alert you by sounding a high decibel alarm. Both options don’t cost much and will help “sell” your home as secure.

Finally, consider investing in some security decals and maybe a few yard signs. This really “sells” your home as being secure to would be criminals. Place the decals on each prominent window and entry way. The yard signs should also be displayed right in the front and back of the home. Don’t forget about the garage doors.
These simple steps will help provide you with added peace of mind, while “selling your home as secure” to crooks!

Crime Havens – The Future of Self Defense


Each year Morgan Qunito Press publishes the Most Dangerous States In America. Well the 2009 rankings are out and we’ve summarized the findings below. The rankings are based on numerous factors, with the most obvious being violent crime per capita. Did your state make the list? Our home state of Louisiana took home the dubious distinction as being the second most dangerous state in the country to live in! Now that’s something to be proud of, even better both New Orleans and Baton Rouge ranked in the top ten of the most dangerous metropolitan areas to live in.


No. 1: Nevada
Sadly enough, Nevada has held the number 1 spot for six consecutive years.

Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)
(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 8
Burglary: 8
Murder: 6
Motor Vehicle Theft: 1
Rape: 7
Robbery: 1

No. 2: Louisiana
Our home state went from the tenth most dangerous in 2007 to second most dangerous in 2008 and we’ve held on to number two for 2009! Louisiana is the murder capital of the nation.

Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)
(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 2
Burglary: 3
Murder: 1
Motor Vehicle Theft: 17
Rape: 24
Robbery: 18

No. 3: South Carolina
Ranked number three South Carolina has the highest rate of assaults in the country.

Rankings in Crime (out of 50)

Assault: 1
Burglary: 4
Murder: 5
Motor Vehicle Theft: 14
Rape: 10
Robbery: 17

No. 4: New Mexico
New Mexico’s has serious crime problems.

Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)
(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 5
Burglary: 9
Murder: 4
Motor Vehicle Theft: 7
Rape: 2
Robbery: 22

No. 5: Florida
Tourist friendly Florida? The fifth most dangerous state in the nation is sure to feel the decrease in tourism as a result.

Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)
(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 6
Burglary: 6
Murder: 12
Motor Vehicle Theft: 11
Rape: 20
Robbery: 3

No. 6: Tennessee
Tennessee ranks in the top five in both assault and burglary.

Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)
(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 3
Burglary: 5
Murder: 15
Motor Vehicle Theft: 18
Rape: 17
Robbery: 8

No. 7: Alaska
Alaska is plagued with having the highest number of rape cases. There could be a correlation with alcohol abuse.

Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)
(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 4
Burglary: 34
Murder: 15
Motor Vehicle Theft: 16
Rape: 1
Robbery: 34

No. 8: Arizona
Arizona made some improvement, as a result they went from number five to number eight on the dubious list.
Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)
(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 19
Burglary: 14
Murder: 8
Motor Vehicle Theft: 2
Rape: 32
Robbery: 14

No. 9: Maryland
Maryland has the second-highest murder and robbery rate.

Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)
(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 9
Burglary: 23
Murder: 2
Motor Vehicle Theft: 6
Rape: 45
Robbery: 2

No. 10: Michigan
Michigan has two of the most dangerous cities in America ini Detriot and Flint. Unfortunately, due to the extreme economic downturn in the state they are sure to move up next year.

Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)
(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 12
Burglary: 17
Murder: 10
Motor Vehicle Theft: 9
Rape: 3
Robbery: 19

We hope you were lucky enough to not see your state listed; but it really doesn’t matter as crime in general is on the increase. Violent crime continues to spike, the combination of the economy, culture and drug/alcohol abuse. When can we expect things to get better? I don’t see that happening. I see home and personal security becoming one of this nations number one priorities over next decade.

Billions of dollars are already spent each year by consumers and business to protect themselves and investments. These amounts are likely to double or triple over the next ten years. Surveillance systems will become common place in homes, apartments, and town homes. As a way to deter crime as well as help to help catch and prosecute criminals.

Advances in non-lethal self defense products will continue and taser like technology will be improved upon. Defense sprays such as pepper spray and Mace are likely to be present in nearly every household. If feared gun legislation passes and further restricts our second amendment rights, the non-lethal self defense product industry will progress at even faster rates.

Basic Self Defense Tips


As a rule you should do as much as possible to avoid a confrontation. The most important things you can do is anticipate and avoid. Anticipation is a type of awareness; by anticipating certain situations you are mentally preparing yourself on how to react. Avoidance means you should analyze what you do daily. Do you drive through a high crime area on your way to work each day? Could you take another route to avoid a potential situation. Do you walk or exercise alone at night? Could you find a friend to partner with? Consider carrying a keychain pepper spray to protect against both dog and human attack.

If you do find yourself in a “sticky” situation there are certain things you should know. Do you best to calmly try and talk to an aggressor without provoking them. Always maintain a comfortable distance between them and you. Your body language should exude confidence, even if your scared to death inside.

Carry a personal alarm, either battery powered or compressed air. Both emit loud sounds designed to attack attention. Criminals hate attention and in most cases the alarm is enough to scare them off. Remember to carry it somewhere that is easy and convenient for you to get to. Most personal alarms are very small and easy to conceal. Ideally you would like to be able to conceal in your hand. If not clip to a purse, belt or backpack.

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have any type of self defense weapon, use your voice to get help. Scream as loud as you can or shout “help”, “call police” or “fire”. The goal is to focus attention on you and your situation.

Consider enrolling is a basic self defense course. Many non-profits offer courses free of charge. Colleges and Universities are putting more and more focus on campus safety. They have organizations on campus that teach rape prevention courses as well as personal protection. The resources are out there, you just need to take advantage of them.

How would you handle yourself if danger threatens. What if someone was aggressively moving toward you with the intent to cause you harm? Try not to panic, this is where practice is priceless. Even if you are not prepared you may need to fight back. Use simple the technique that law enforcement call “bash and dash”. Focus on the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, throat or groin – whichever is easiest to get to. By taking the fingers and jabbing the eyes, you can immediately disable an attacker. Take the palm of the hand and strike the nose, pushing upward. Place your keys in between the index and middle finger. Use it to strike to the mouth, ears, or throat. The groin is always a great option when dealing with a male attacker. A kick or strike to the groin can cause devastating pain.

If you are attacked or held from behind, don’t try and struggle forward, instead use the back of your head as a weapon and throw it backward attempting to strike the attackers facial area. You can also stomp, kick or strike the lower leg or foot.

You have the right and responsibility to defend yourself using reasonable force. Should you find yourself without a typical self defense weapon, consider using common items such as an umbrella, briefcase, book bag or keys. Strike quickly and then get yourself to safety.

These are just a few very basic self defense tips. Remember anticipation means preparing yourself for the possibility of a worse case situation. Take advantage of your local community resources and get some formal self defense training. Within the class you will have the opportunity to practice and hone your skills in real world scenarios.

Criminal Alert – Purse Snathing


Criminals are always attempting to think of new and innovative ways to rob you. They will do whatever it takes to defraud you, your family and friends. A new criminal scheme involves purse or handbag snatching. Thieves are stealing the handbags and purses of unsuspecting victims while they sit in restroom stalls. Later the victims are are contacted by the thieves, who pose as the good Samaritan. Usually they attempt to make you believe that they are associated with the place you had trouble. A day, location, and time are scheduled between the victim and fraudulent Samaritan. On the scheduled day, while you are arriving at the pre-arranged location; the theives are simultaniously using your drivers license to get your address and your keys to enter your residence and burglarize your home!

This is a disturbing but very real crime trend. In a news story that made headlines recently, the wife of a prominent CEO, while shopping at a local establishment, went to the ladies room. Once inside the stall she hung her purse on the on the back of the stall door. She was engaged by a woman who seemed to be friendly and as they carried on about the womans business, a hand suddenly appeared over the top of the stall and grabbed her purse and took off.

She did report the incident to the store manager. A few days passed when the woman received a call from a person stating they found her purse and time was arranged to meet with the store manager to reclaim her things.

When she arrived, the manager was surprised to see her and stated he had not contacted her and nothing was found. When she returned home she discovered that her house had been broken into and burglarized.

This is just another common sense reminder. It pays to be vigilant and embrace awareness. To prevent crimes like these, do not put a purse, handbag, backpack or anything anything of value on the stall of a restroom door. Keep it on your person; take the strap and place on one shoulder, then over your head. Shop in groups of two, if at all possible. This way you have a “buddy” and both can look out for one another.

Home Invasion Kills Wife Wounds Husband


In a small college town 30 miles from Baton Rouge, tragedy struck at around 1:00 am this morning. That’s when criminals invaded the home of the Lamonte’s killing one with a gunshot to the head and injuring another. When police arrived they found the front door kicked in and a damaged window; once inside they found Grace Lamnote dead and her husband Anthony injured. Police say they have little to go on but are working hard to find leads.

This is another extremely upsetting crime that took place in a neighborhood that is considered safe by most. It is a suburban community that is mixed with long time residents and young families. It sits only a couple miles from Southeastern Louisiana University. It’s the type of place you just don’t expect to find a home invasion or murder.

The grim fact is crime continues to rise and the incidents of violent crime is up as well, many feel that drugs and gangs are responsible. Crime knows no boundaries and does not discriminate. The criminals probably felt that the elderly couple was an easy target for the crime. Police are not saying what the thugs were after or what they actually left with.

So what can we do in and around our homes to protect our families and prevent home invasions. Most home invasions occur through a main entry way, typically a front or back door. Providing support to those entry ways is a very wise thing to do. A door brace can mean the difference between a successful home invasion or failed attempt.

Visible surveillance cameras can provide a definite deterrent. Criminals are much less likely to pick a home with visible surveillance for fear of being caught on camera. You can give the impression of surveillance with “dummy cameras” for a fraction of the price.

Dogs can prove to be an excellent self defense weapon. A large, barking dog can really save the day. First, a dog can hear much better than we do, so they are likely to hear what you can’t then alert you by barking. Criminals don’t like attention, and in most cases the barking draws attention. They would rather move on for an easier target. If you don’t have a dog or are not in a position to get one; consider the “Barking Dog Alarm“. All the benefits of a real canine without any of the responsibility.

Neighborhood watch or other awareness programs can send criminals elsewhere. Make sure to prominently display the neighborhood watch signs throughout the area. Have access to a home list with emergency contact information, if you see something suspicious contact the police, then call and alert others.

Security systems are worth every cent you pay for them; assuming you use them as intended. If you don’t have a security system, I highly advise that you have one installed. Just as importantly make sure to arm the alarm, so you are protected. If an attacker attempts a break-in or home invasion; the loud alarm will sound immediately, and if you have it monitored the police will be contacted within seconds. Having your doors and windows alarmed is a very smart choice. In addition, put stickers on the doors and windows to advertise the fact that you have security.

These are just a few common sense approaches to reducing your risk of falling victim to crimes such as home invasion. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Anthony and his family. We hope that justice will be served.

Non-Lethal TASER Prevents Conflict


My youngest brother is a dedicated cop. He goes to work everyday and puts his life on the line. At the end of the day, he can usually say he truly made a difference or an impact. I think that is the motivation that keeps him going. Earlier this week he was called to a disturbance at a nightclub. He arrived and assessed the situation; turned out to be two very big guys fighting over a girl.

One of the guys was the ex-boyfriend and the other was the current boyfriend. As it turned out the ex just would not calm down. As my brother and another officer were questioning this guy (oh by the way he’s 6’4 and over 300 pounds) he decides to charge back into the club. Verbal requests to stop went unanswered. My brother had no choice but to fire his TASER. Both probes struck the man in the middle back and almost instantly he was immobilized.

The man was handcuffed and taken to jail without further incident. Had the TASER not been available, the option my brother would have faced would have been to fire his handgun or go in the club and physically try to apprehend and remove this beast of a man. Firing the handgun is not and option and their certainly would have been injuries or maybe even worse had he made it back inside the club.

The use of the TASER quickly defused a very volatile situation without any permanent damage or injury. It is stories like this that prove over and over the importance of non-lethal weapons such as the TASER and its role in both law enforcement and civilian personal defense. There are currently two civilian models available for purchase. The C2 TASER is by far the most popular model. It is available with or with out a laser sight feature. The standard comes in black, where the laster sight model is available in one of 6 colors.

The C2 is a favorite among females because it is small, lightweight and powerful. It packs the same power and technology as the law enforcement model. The difference is the effective firing range, the C2 shoots up to 15 feet, the police TASER shoots a little farther with max range at 25 feet. The X26 is the newest civilian model. It looks, feels and fires just like the police model, the difference is again the effective firing range.

If you doubt the TASER or just have some questions, please visit our TASER information page

Folding Knives – Tactical Pockets


Our new line of folding knives are finally here! I thought this day may never come. We changed our distributor for knives in an attempt to bring you improved selection and an overall better quality. Well again there here!

Folding KnifeOur new line consists of 22 knives and featuring two top line Damascus Steel folding knives. We now offer something for everyone. We offer a combination of tactical pocket knives and one hand opening folders. The price range is from $8.95 to $79.99. That a look at http://www.guardian-self-defense.com/foldingknives.htm