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Best Pepper Spray For Exercise

Thousands of exercise enthusiasts take to the streets daily, in search of physical fitness and a healthier lifestyle. Many walk, others jog, and some bike miles each week through our parks and roads. What many don't realize is that they are at increased risk of falling victim to violent crime. If you exercise outdoors alone, before or after sunrise, take a secluded path and/or you are female then your chances of being victimized are high. The best defense for outdoor exercise is a good pepper spray product. We consistently hear that there are not many pepper spray products that are convenient to carry while exercising. After all to be effective you need it to be highly accessible. To accomplish this you need a specialty product specifically targeted toward runners, walkers and bikers. The makers of SABRE pepper spray have done just that and have the best pepper spray for exercise on the market. SABRE self defense pepper spray is one of the safest and most effective sprays in the industry. It is trusted by law enforcement agencies nationwide including NYPD! The SABRE line of exercise pepper spray is ultra effective and convenient. Accessibility and ease of use set these exercise pepper spray products apart from the others. Trust SABRE for your personal security and peace of mind. Biking Pepper Spray
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