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Best Pepper Spray Value

We've added two new pepper spray products from Sabre. Both products offer customers a great pepper spray value. At Guardian we've carried Sabre products for years and felt that both of these products would fit nicely in the Sabre line. Something I'm always preaching is practice, practice, practice. When it comes to pepper spray or any self defense product it is extremely important to spend time practicing. God forbid your faced with a situation where you need your self defense weapon, but if so you need to know how to use it. The best pepper spray in the world does absolutely no good if you can't take the safety of and spray it in an attackers face. Now using a canister of pepper spray is VERY easy but again when you only have a few seconds to make a move, practice makes all the difference. Sabre has a product that encourages practice! They bundle a pepper spray keychain with practice canister. The practice canister contains water so you have the ability to safely practice how to use your self defense spray. Go out in the yard and simply follow the directions. You will get to practice enabling and disabling the safety actuator. You will see the spray pattern, the effective range, and what to expect. This second product is a must have pepper spray system at a great value price. Using the same famous Sabre formula used by NYPD and other professionals the Sabre Home & Away Kit will keep you safe. This is a potent formula that combines pepper spray, tear gas and a ultraviolet dye. It contains a 2.5 ounce unit that is perfect for home safety. It comes with a convenient wall mount and glow in the dark safety actuator. The pepper spray is a heavy cone fogger with an effective range of up to 10 feet. The hardcase keychain unit is the go anywhere, take it with you unit. The keychain contains a little over a half ounce of pepper spray and it's contained in a hardcase protective shell. This is a ballistic stream spray which all but eliminates potential blowback.
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