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Best Selling Pepper Sprays - Top Three

Our customers ask us all the time for recommendations on products. And of course we're glad to comply. Here is a list of our best selling pepper sprays-the top three. Number one on the list is the 11 gram Fox Pepper Spray key chain model that it's 5.3 million SHUs with a range of 10 feet. It sells for $12.95. To my way of thinking it represents the best value in terms of money and stopping power of any pepper spray out there. Second on the list is the Sabre red Sabre Pepper Spray with this ballistic stream that helps prevent blowback in windy conditions. It has enough spray for twenty five 10 foot shots. It is also an excellent value at $11.99. And not surprisingly, third on the list is the Pink Pepper Spray by Mace brand. Since women are the targets of nine out of every 10 assaults this pink model appeals to women. It has enough pepper spray for 20 half second shots up to 12 feet away. Please check out all of our Pepper Sprays to see if one of them won't meet your needs.
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