Dating Violence Is Real – Learn What To Look For


What exactly is dating violence you ask? Dating violence is behavior that is controlling, abusive, and/or aggressive in a romantic or dating relationship. It doesn’t matter if the relationship is between gays, straights, whites, blacks or Asians. Dating violence happens in all types of romantic relationships and can include verbal, physical emotional and/or sexual abuse.

Where can victims find help and resources? The National Center for Victims of Crime offers a wealth of resources and help to those who need it.

Some verbal and emotional characteristics of abuse include:

  • Calling you names
  • Jealousy
  • Making you feel bad by belittling you
  • Making violent threats against you, your family or themself if you do not do what they want

Recognizing controlling behaviors:

  • Stopping you from doing things with your friends
  • Calling, texting, paging excessively to find out where you are, what you’re doing and who your with
  • Telling you what you can or can’t wear
  • Having to be with you at all times and at all costs

Physical abuse may include:

  • Punching
  • Slapping
  • Hitting
  • Kicking
  • Pulling hair
  • Strangling

Signs of sexual abuse

  • Unwanted touching and kissing
  • Forcing you to have sex
  • Not letting you use contraceptives or birth control
  • Forcing you to do sexual things you don’t want to do

Dating violence does not discriminate and can affect anyone. Boys or girls can be victims, but they tend to abuse their partners in different ways. Girls are more likely to yell, threaten to hurt themselves, pinch, slap, scratch, or kick. Boys injure girls more and are most likely to punch or hit their partner and force them to do or perform sexual acts.

Victims of dating violence typically feel guilty and think it’s their fault. They tend to feel angry, sad, lonely, depressed, and confused. They have feelings of anxiety, humiliation, and helplessness to stopping the abuse. Surprisingly the abused tend to be very protective their abusing partner.

Unfortunaltly, this type of abuse is not uncommon.

  • One in five teens in a serious relationship reports having been hit, slapped, or pushed by a partner.
  • Fifty to eighty percent of teens have reported knowing others who were involved in violent relationships.
  • Teens identifying as gay, lesbian, and bisexual are as likely to experience violence in same-sex dating releationships as youths involved in opposite sex dating
  • Many studies indicate that, as a dating relationship becomes more serious, the potential for and nature of violent behavior escalates.
  • Young women, ages 16 to 24 years, experience the highest rates of relationship violence.

Being a victim of dating violence is not your fault. Nothing you say, wear, or do gives anyone the right to hurt you. If you feel you are in an abusive relationship get help right away. Don’t keep concerns to yourself, contact someone that can help you like The National Crime Victim hotline at 1-800-FYI-CALL . Confide in someone you trust like parents, teachers, principals, counselors, priests or nurses.

Think about ways to help yourself be safer. This means being proactive and thinking about what to do, where to go for help, and who to call ahead of time. Rehearse the following:

  • Where can you go for help?
  • Who can you call for help?
  • Who are the people you trust to help you?
  • How will you escape a violent situation?

Some precautions you should take include letting your trusted friends and family know when you are afraid or need help. When you go out, tell people where you are going and when they should expect you back. Memorize important phone numbers and put them in your cell phone on speed dial. Go out in a group or with other couples. Have emergency money available for transportation if you need to take a taxi, bus, or subway to escape.

Protect yourself with personal protection products such as pepper spray or personal alarms. Home security products are inexpensive and can alert you to motion or attempted entry into your house or apartment.

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Self Defense Product for Walkers, Joggers, Exercise Enthusiast


The weather is beginning to warm up, the days are getting a little longer and people are out and about walking, jogging and biking for exercise and relaxation. This can be such great time spent. Some like to wind down after a long day at the office by walking for jogging around the neighborhood. Others like to take a bike ride with the family.

Unfortunately, many people encounter aggressive animals, usually dogs, on their route, which can quickly turn a pleasurable time into a very scary and dangerous one. I love animals and own two dogs that are like children to me. I consider myself a responsible pet owner. Truth be told there are plenty of irresponsible pet owners out there that should have never been allowed to own fish; much less a dog.

What we have out there are Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepard’s (you get the idea) running around unleashed in neighborhoods everywhere. The pet owners are no where to be found. Many dogs, especially these type breeds, are extremely territorial, so when I come jogging down the street the unsupervised dog says ” I don’t know this guy and he’s on my turf. My instinct is to protect my turf. Time to show Mr. Jogger who’s boss!”

Before you know it you or worse a child is bitten or attacked. Something has to give! I get at least one call everyday describing a similar situation and asking for help. So what can I do?

I highly recommend carrying and using (if necessary) a good OC pepper spray to defend against aggressive dogs. We have many effective models to choose from, but the one I wanted to bring attention to is the MACE Hot Walkers Pepper Spray Walking Weights. The reason I chose to educate others about Hot Walkers is because it’s such a functional product. It promotes physical fitness while walking or jogging and doubles as a very potent self defense spray!

MACE Pepper Spray Walking Weights

Mace™ Hot Walkers are 1 pound walking weights with Pepper Spray inside. Use these 1 pound weights for an extra workout during walking or jogging. This pepper spray product is great for walkers and joggers that need self defense and extra “peace of mind” along their route! 10% oleoresin capsicum (OC) pepper spray is hidden in a secret compartment in the handle of the weights and the trigger is conveniently placed where you can press it instantly when needed. If you’re using walking weights when you exercise why not have a pair with built in pepper spray protection. These are great gift items for the exercise enthusiast.

Features include:

* Built-in 10% Pepper Spray for self-defense.
* Elastic Hand Straps for support.
* Storage Compartment for keys and money.
* Foam-covered Hand Grips for comfort.
* Two 1-pound weights.
* Cleans with soap and water.
* Replaceable Pepper Spray Canisters.
* FREE Replacement Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is proven extremely effective against humans as well as aggressive animals. If you run (literally) into a dangerous situation, rest assured that you have the protection needed at your finger tips. Now hopefully you will never have to use the pepper spray, but you will gain an amazing amount of confidence and security knowing you are prepared.

If you walk or jog this is a no brainier. You need to get this product today!

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Sexual Predators Are Everywhere


Tragedy struck again today in Satsuma, Florida as young Haleigh Cummings was missing from her bed this morning. Haleigh lived with her father and his girlfriend. The girlfriend discovered the little girl missing at about 3 am this morning. The authorities were contacted and upon arrival found at least one entrance to the home unlocked.

The local news media report that over 25 registered sex offenders reside in the immediate area. As the father of a three year old and with another on the way, this story literally makes me ill. First and foremost my heart and prayers go out to Haleigh and her family. I pray that God return her safely to her family.

Several months ago we posted a blog regarding sexual predators. In the post we listed some great references and resources; my hope then and now is to raise awareness regarding the danger these sex offenders pose. I think this is a topic that is important to revisit. If we can help prevent just one sexual crime this is time well spent.

I have one request of everyone who reads this post. Please, please, please send it to all of your friends, family and community members.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is a priceless resource with a wealth of information and safety tips. One of the most important resources is several links to discover and track sex offenders. The US Department manages the National Sex Offender website. Go there right now and do an advanced search of offenders in your zip code. I just did exactly that and found 30 “hits” in our zip code! You can drill down and view the picture, address and crime for each.

Now go to the FBI’s “Crime Against Children” website. At this site you choose your state; you are then redirected to your State Police site (in our case this is the Louisiana State Police). This site is more detailed, for instance my search turned up 15 convicted sex offenders within a 2 mile radius of our home! To say this makes me very uncomfortable is an understatement. So then I look at the first and closest offender to my home. This guy lives less than a quarter mile from my home and has been convicted twice. The crime molestation of juvenile. As I look a little more I find that about 30 percent of these people are “non compliant”, meaning law enforcement has no idea where they are. So what you get is a last known address.

Again, awareness is the key. You must go to the links above and find out the who, what and where regarding these sexual predators in your area. Now call a neighborhood meeting and show them what you’ve discovered. Insist that they notify everyone they know. Next, contact your local sheriff’s or police department; ask them to come out and speak to your family, friends, or community. Partner with local law enforcement to help keep tabs on these animals. Post a add in your local newspaper with the web resources and encourage people to “spread the word”.

Let your preist or pastor know what about these resources and ask if he can mention it in the monthly newsletter or post on the web. You get the idea! Educate yourself then educate others. You can truly make a difference. By doing this you could save a child from falling victim to these predators.

Now how do I teach my child about personal safety? Many parents and guardians feel challenged to keep their children safer in today’s society. At what age can we begin teaching our children about personal safety.

Unfortunately, “one size” doesn’t fit all. A child’s ability to understand safety skills and put them into practice is determined not just by age, but also by the child’s educational and developmental levels.To truly learn new safety skills, children need to model, rehearse and practice the skills to incorporate them into their daily lives.

* Speak to your child in a calm and reassuring way. Fear is not an effective teaching tool; confidence is.

* Speak openly about safety issues. If you approach child safety openly, your children will be more likely to come to you with problems or concerns.

* Don’t confuse children by warning against “strangers.” Danger to children is much greater from someone you or they know than from a “stranger.”

* Teach children that no one has the right to force, trick, or pressure them into doing things they don’t want to do.

* Practice safety skills by creating “what if” scenarios. An outing to a mall or the park can serve as a chance for children to practice safety skills, such as checking with you before they go anywhere or do anything, and locating adults who can help if they need assistance.

* Supervise your children. It is vital to their protection and safety. Children should not be put in the position of making safety choices if they are not old enough or skilled enough to make those choices.

* Check out adults who have access to your children. The more involved you are in your child’s life, the less likely it is that your child will seek attention from other, potentially dangerous adults.

Simple Rules for Children When They Need Help

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) has a signature safety publication, Knowing My Rules for Safety, to help parents and guardians teach personal safety skills to children. The rules are simple and concise and provide encouragement and options for children who need an adult’s help.

Help make a difference today! Statistics show that the first three hours after an abduction are critical. By signing up for wireless Amber Alerts you could play a vital role in the recovery of an abducted child.

Guardian Self Defense & Security Products LLC

All-Inclusive Full Color Pen Hidden Camera/Mini DVR/Thumb Drive with Audio


Pen Hidden Camera Taken ApartAre you looking for a small, hidden, all-inclusive hidden camera system at a great price? Introducing the all-inclusive pen hidden camera. This amazing spy camera is actually a real ball point pen with hidden camera plus audio and a mini DVR. Now you can record all the video and audio action inside this normal writing ball point pen!. No drivers or outside power source is needed. You charge it by plugging it into the wall or into your computer.

Click the ball point pen to begin recording. You can actually record for two full hours on a single charge. Once you are finished recording you can download all the captured action on its high speed USB 2.0 directly to your computer. You can view right away or store the file for later.

Pen Camera WritingThis is the first mini DVR with both video and audio recording capabilities in the world, which has a covert mini DVR in the pen. The microphone is highly sensitive, you can clearly record conversations at up to 15 feet away. As mentioned previously, this is a working ball point pen with standard ink refills available. Works seamlessly with any computer and other equipment with a USB port. Because of the USB ports their is no software to install, no drivers needed and it has its own external power supply. Supports all Windows and Linux operating systems.

Recorder format is highly compatible AVI. This pen hidden camera has a built in lithium battery and built in 2G flash memory. The camera is 300,000 pixels with resolution 352 x 288 and it records in full color.

Technology enhancements have made this device very affordable. At less than $130.00 this is a must have item. You will be amazed that how easy it is to operate and the picture and sound quality will certainly surprise you. Buy one today at

Home Invasion Robberies Hit Too Close To Home


This past Saturday afternoon my family and I were enjoying the great weather with our friends and neighbors while doing some much needed yard work. The kids were playing, our dogs were out and about. I noticed two police vehicles driving slowly up the road towards us. When they saw us outside they asked “Everything OK?” They went on to explain that there has been a string of home invasion burglaries in our community recently. As a result, they were stepping up patrols in hopes of catching these guys.

Later that night on the local news the main story was about the recent home invasions. In less than a week 4 different home invasions took place between 2pm and 8pm only miles from my home. In all cases the criminals made their move as the victims were coming home from work. They approached the vehicle, forced the victim out at gunpoint and into the home. Once inside they tied up the homeowners took their cash, gold, diamonds and other valuables.

Needless to say this was extremely eye opening to myself and neighbors. So what can we do to protect ourselves from home invasions?

  • Keep your doors and windows locked at all times.
  • If you have a alarm system, keep it armed day and night. If you don’t own an alarm system, consider investing in one.
  • Never automatically open your front door. Make sure you know your caller’s identity before letting him in.
  • If the person at your door is a stranger, ask for identification to be passed under the door. Then call their business to verify who they are and what they are there for. If he is unable to provide identification do not admit him and call 911 immediately.
  • It is advisable to have a wide angle viewer (peep-hole) in the door so that you can check a person’s identity without unlocking your door.
  • All doors in your home leading to the outside should have dead-bolt locks. A must for robbery prevention.
  • When away at night, leave a light burning.
  • Do not leave a key over a door or under a mat.
  • The single lock on a garage door is inadequate to keep home invaders from prying up the opposite side and crawling in. Use a padlock. But never leave it unlocked. This is an invitation to have the padlock removed so that a key can be made, and the lock returned to its position. Later, the burglar returns when no one is home and enters at his leisure, using “his” key.
  • Mark your valuables and keep an accurate record of all your most valuable possessions.
  • When leaving on a trip: A. Stop all deliveries. B. Connect a light to a timer. C. Notify the police and have a neighbor check your home periodically. D. Have someone maintain your lawn.
  • Be a concerned neighbor. If you see a suspicious person, car or situation, contact the police.
  • If you live in an apartment building with an intercom system to the front door, make sure the landlord keeps it in operating order.
  • Never admit anyone unless you are expecting him or know him.
  • Never admit anyone to the building who is there to see another tenant or to deliver something to another apartment.
  • Anyone asking admission so that he can do some work for another tenant should not be admitted, but should be referred to the building’s manager.
  • If you see someone in your building who looks out of place or is acting suspiciously, contact the police.
  • God forbid, What if it happens to you?

    If you are a victim of a home invasion robbery remember the following:

  • First and foremost try to stay calm.
  • Cooperate, No amount of cash or property is worth getting hurt over.
  • DON’T fight back unless you determine that you are in danger of being killed. Instead, concentrate on getting information so you can be an effective witness.
  • LOOK carefully at the intruders, even if they are masked. Is there something unique about them such as scars, tattoos, large nose? What are they wearing? Listen to everything they say, and how they say it. Catch any distinguishing odors such as tobacco, alcohol, or aftershave.

Start planning today, start with your home and family. Branch out and try to organize a neighborhood watch or call a neighborhood meeting to discuss your safety concerns. Contact your local sheriffs office and ask if they would be willing to come and talk to the group. Most law enforcement agencies are happy to do so. It is our job to take charge of our personal security both within our homes and communities. Remember the old saying, “There is power in numbers.” This is absolutely true when dealing with criminals. Believe me if they see signs of a united community or neighborhood, they are likely to go elsewhere.

Instructional Fighting Videos For Self Defense


Instructional Fights Video
How much thought have you given to your safety lately? How about the security of your loved ones? Most of us take things such as this for granted, until got forbid, it happens to you, someone you know, or very close to home. When I say “it happens” I am referring to crime. Could be a robbery, a home invasion, an assault, domestic violence, or even a homicide.

One of my jobs is to keep you from taking your safety for granted. The other part of my job is to provide you with a ways to protect yourself and your family. Awareness in the form of blogs, emails, newsletters, and up to date content on our website are some of the ways we try to raise your awareness.
Within the Baton Rouge area we do safety training, work with non profits, neighborhood watch, and consult our residents on common sense safety.

We offer a very wide spectrum of non lethal self defense products. Each has its place and all are extremely effective when used correctly. One of the most popular trends in self defense is in the form of instructional fighting videos for self defense. You may ask yourself why? There are several different reasons; what happens if I don’t have pepper spray or a stun gun with me and something happens? The popularity of the UFC and other mixed martial arts training has also made instructional fighting very popular. Young males and females are trying it and liking the results.

Many of us feel intimidated or very uncomfortable trying to learn something like karate or boxing in a large group environment. These instructional videos are similar to taking a one on one class, just you and your instructor, but at a faction of the cost. For less than $100 you can purchase high quality fighting DVDs on virtually every self defense fighting style.

The instructors are to best in the business and in most cases train elite groups such as the Navy Seals, CIA, FBI, and SWAT. These videos, for the most part, are easy to learn. Now don’t get me wrong, you can’t just turn it on, go through the motions and expect to be successful. Nothing works that way. The training is hard and intense, so you need to be self motivated and someone who will not quit or give up.

If you have that type of attitude you will be successful at self defense training and in life! You name it, want to learn how to defend yourself in today’s mean streets? do you want to learn cage fighting techniques? how about mixed martial arts? We offer a large selection of instructional fighting DVDs that can dramatically change the way you feel about yourself. Your self confidence and esteem will rise to an all time high. Physically you will feel better because of the exercise and training you are taught. Most importantly, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself or someone else in trouble you’ll be able to do that. Now that is a great feeling.

I don’t advocate fighting and I hate bullies and punks who go looking for trouble. I think you should always try to avoid trouble. I always try to be polite and nice. That is until it’s time to no longer be nice. When I’ve retired all peaceful options, then its time for self defense. It’s you or them so you need to know how to fight and win just in case.