Campus Safety and Security


Time certainly flies by. Is it really August 1st already? In just a few weeks college campuses across the country will re-open to hundreds of thousands of 18 to 24 year old kids. After reviewing the governments national campus crime statistics, I think it is fair to raise the following question. Are kids safe on our college campuses? Should parents be concerned for the safety and personal security of their children on college campuses?

I think our colleges are still (for the most part) some of the safest places for any of us to be. With that said, they are not immune to crime! It would be wise for parents of college age children to channel their concerns into educating their kids about the potential dangers lurking and how to reduce their risk. Here are some facts taken directly from the the National Campus Crime Statistics Report. In 2007, their were:

  • 44 – Murders
  • 2511 – Forcible Sex offenses
  • 1229 – Robberies
  • 2164 – Aggravated assaults
  • 26072 – Burglaries

Across the country, crimes such as rape, sexual assault, burglaries and home break-ins are noticeably increasing. So if you are about to send a child or loved one off to college in a few weeks, what steps can be taken to help ensure students are aware and prepared. Lets remember that in most cases, kids get their first taste of freedom or independence when they begin college. This can be a very tense and anxious time for parents and many kids are ill prepared and feel overwhelmed initially.

It is the case that most Universities dedicate huge amounts of money and resources to campus safety but personal security is a shared responsibility. By teaching your children to view it in this way they will tend to be more aware and proactive about crime. Here are some very basic things that everyone on a college campus should make a priority.

BE PREPARED FOR AN EMERGENCY. Save important emergency numbers on your cell phone right now in case you ever need to make a call. It would also be wise to set each number on speed dial so you don’t even have to dial the number. Post the same numbers around your dorm room or apartment in case of emergency. The time you save could save someones life.

STAY INFORMED ABOUT EMERGENCY PROCEDURES. Most college campuses and Universities have emergency operations centers to communicate with students, faculty and staff during an emergency. Take advantage of campus communications such as emergency test messaging, broadcast email, broadcast voice mail, and the university web site. These are free forms of communication, in most cases all you have to do is register.

LOCK YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS, ALWAYS. There should be no exceptions to this. Criminals look for easy targets and an unlocked door or window is an invitation for trouble. This includes your automobile as well. Make it a consistent practice to secure everything.

BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. One of my favorite sayings is “Awareness is the key.” This is a very true statement. Take a look around you, how many people are on their cell phones, listening to a ipod, or just oblivious to what’s going on around them. Criminals prey on people who seem to be unaware of their surroundings. If you “gut” tells you something is not right, trust it and get out or get help. Be sure to report any activity you feel is suspicious, you could prevent a crime from occuring.

WALK IN GROUPS WHEN POSSIBLE. Remember their is power in numbers. Whenever possible go places in groups. If you are walking, jogging, or exercising take a buddy with you if possible. If you are driving, bring a friend, use the campus transit or call a licensed taxi.

LOOK OUT FOR THOSE AROUND YOU. Make it a practice to look our for each other. College is a community, be sure to look after your friends and neighbors. Discuss and encourage safety with your dorm mates or neighbors.

USE A DESIGNATED DRIVER WHENEVER ALCOHOL OR DRUGS ARE INVOLVED. I don’t condone the use of drugs by anyone; its illegal and you are breaking the law by possessing or using drugs. I do realize that the reality is some college age students do use or experiment with drugs and alcohol. So, if you are planning to go out or attend a function where drugs and/or alcohol will be present use a designated driver program. The designated driver is responsible for remaining sober and making sure that everyone gets home safe and sound. You can rotate among your close friends. This can also be an excellent deterrent against crimes such as drug induced rape. This is where an unsuspecting person (usually female) consumes a spiked beverage which leaves them helpless to defend against rape or sexual assault. The designated driver should be in a position to recognize that something is wrong and get help. The rule should be, IF YOU CAME TOGETHER YOU LEAVE TOGETHER…NO EXCEPTIONS.

CONSIDER CARRYING NON-LETHAL SELF DEFENSE PRODUCTS By carrying and learning to properly use self defense products such as pepper spray or a stun gun you could prevent or deter an attack. There are also many inexpensive security devices such as motion alarms, door and window alarms that will help prevent a crime at your dorm or apartment.

I hope you will find these tips to be useful. The best thing you can do is to share them with your friends, family and neighbors. Remember, “Awareness is the key.”

Safety and Security While Children Are Home Alone


Are you a single mother or working mom? Do both parents in your household work in order to make ends meet? If so you are in the majority, as most American families are either dual income or single parent households. Unfortunately, the cost of living in society today forces most into this situation in order to provide for their children and loved ones. Working parents share the anxiety, frustration, and fear of having to leave their children alone or on their own when school is out, when childcare arrangements fall through, or you don’t have any other alternative.

Many of you know this feeling all to well; you can either spend your time worried and concerned or you can make a commitment to ensure your children are ready to care for themselves. Believe it or not teaching your kids basic safety rules will go a long way. Having a weekly written plan can be extremely helpful, first you will know exactly where your kids are supposed to be at each point throughout the day, more importantly it lets your children know where they are SUPPOSED to be at each point in the day.

Answer the following question, “Are your children ready to be left alone safely?” Do you know the answer? Most parents don’t so here are things you should consider.

  • Can you trust them to go straight home after school?
  • Are they alright to stay at home alone without being scared or afraid?
  • Do they know emergency numbers and how to use the telephone to call for help?
  • Can you be counted on to consistently lock doors and windows?
  • What if someone unexpectedly showed up knocking at the front door, would they know how to handle this?

It is your job and responsibility to find out; you can’t afford to assume one way or the other. If you determine that your child is not ready to be on their own, then you have to make some very serious decisions. If you determine that staying home long-term is not an option, then you need to begin preparing your children right away.

The most important thing you can do is talk to them, and listen to their concerns, fears, and worries. Work out rules on having friends over, household chores, homework, television, etc. Remember that staying home alone can be extremely stressful and scary for kids who are not ready; on the other hand if you will commit to teaching your children basic rules, staying at home can be a positive that will build a child’s self esteem, practical skills, and sense of responsibility.

Basic Safety and Security Rules You Should Teach Children

  1. How to call 911 and other emergency numbers should their personal security or safety become an issue
  2. How to give directions to your house or where you are in case of an emergency situation
  3. The importance of checking in with you or someone at predefined times throughout the days
  4. How to handle offers of gifts or rides from strangers or people you have not approved of
  5. How to arm and disarm an alarm system; lock and unlock doors and windows if necessary
  6. To not allow anyone into the home unless you have approved it first
  7. How to safely exist the home in case of fire
  8. To use basic awareness skills to determine if things look right prior to entering a home or apartment.
  9. That you are there for them always and that you need to know about anything that frightens them or make them feel uncomfortable.

We hope this helps to keep your children safe and prevent some of the horrific crimes that are committed against our innocent children each and everyday.

Making A Positive Impact In Your Community


Are you a positive thinker or do you make the worst of situations with negative thinking? Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? In today’s society it is becoming increasingly easier to jump on that “no hope” bandwagon. Let’s see, the economy is in the tank and 15 million Americans are unemployed. Crime in most of our cities are at record highs. Resources at the local and state levels are at bare minimums. So yes, it would be easy to “throw in the towel” and say it’s out of my hands.

Or, you can stand up today and decide to get involved in your community. Decide to be a leader who evokes positive change daily. Taking a proactive and passionate approach to making a difference is contagious; others will be quick to follow your lead. Remember the old saying “There is power in numbers…”.

Each day more people across the US receive “pink slips”. Most of these people were living paycheck to paycheck. The bills continue to come in. The result in many cases is home foreclosure. Homes are abandoned which can cause immediate problems with “blight”, drugs, and crime. Chances are this is happening in your community, maybe even in your neighborhood.

Remember, power in numbers; start or join a community outreach organization and focus on personal safety, home security, neighborhood cleanup or anything else that comes to mind. In my opinion, what you do is not nearly as important as just doing! One of the most damaging effects of the recession we’re in is the way it is quickly changing lives, communities and cities. Many businesses, small and large, are gone; along with them go the jobs of the people the once employed. All of a sudden you find a part of your business community boarded up, in addition, the homes that the employees once lived in are for sale, foreclosed upon, or simply abandoned.

That’s why it is so important to do our best to preserve what we have and constantly set the bar high. This will help encourage some positive things, first it will deter drugs and criminals, second it will make the community much more attractive to investors once things settle down (and they will), third a sense of pride and ownership will take root.

You can make a positive impact in a relatively short amount of time. Organize a fundraiser with the proceeds going to a community project(s). If you need help finding a product(s) to promote, consider selling non-lethal self defense products. You will be selling items that could save someones life and the proceeds are going directly into the community you live in!. Consider purchasing a few different types of pepper spray. Buy purchasing in bulk you realize a nice wholesale cost savings. So lets say for example, you decide to purchase a total of 150 key chain pepper spray units. Lets also assume you purchase at $4.50 per unit. During your fundraiser you sell to community members at the retail price of $10.50 and realize a $6 per unit profit. That is a $900 in funds available for your first project. If you organize just four events per year, your organization and the community it serves will quickly see the fruit of its labor. Now go get involved in something!

Top Selling Self Defense & Personal Security Products


At Guardian Self Defense & Security Products our goal is simple; To EXCEED our customers expectations. The vast majority of the time we do just that. We’ve had the privilege of serving over 20,000 customers. Each time an order is placed we track it, so we are able to provide statistics such as, our top ten self defense and personal security products.

Top Selling Self Defense and Personal Security Products

1. Pepper spray triple pack
2. 1/2 ounce defense spray
3. 4 ounce stream pepper spray
4. Mace muzzle dog spray
5. Fox Labs 2 ounce fog
6. 26″ Telescopic baton
7. Guard Alaska bear spray
8. Mini stun baton 1000K
9. Runt 950k stun gun
10. Personal security alarm

So the recession is taking hold and one of its most dangerous by products is crime. More and more crimes are being committed each day out of desperation. Unfortunately, we don’t see this improving anytime soon, in fact historical trends show a continued spike in criminal activity as unemployment climbs to ten percent and above.

Now more than ever people need our products. Our pepper spray and stun guns make up our largest consumer demand, but we have numerous other non-lethal self defense products to choose from. We help consumers just like you to protect themselves and family. Give us a look at

Education, Awareness and Self Defense – Overcoming Rape


Rape and sexual assault are despicable crimes that go against everything I learned growing up. As a kid I was raised to understand very clearly that two things were absolutely unacceptable and those two things are child abuse and female abuse. Unfortunately, the values that many of us had instilled in us is not even on the radar for others. In fact, statistics show that at least 1 in 3 women are victims of abuse and the abuser is typically a member of the family. Falling in line, nearly 77% of rape victims report being raped by someone they knew.

Nearly 700,000 women are raped each year and this is just those that report the crime. Many believe that less than half of all rape victims come forward and file a criminal report. Most are fearful of further abuse or retribution. Only about 2% of rapists are actually convicted and imprisoned. Where is the disconnect here? What’s wrong with this picture?

Almost daily I receive calls from parents who want to provide a means of self defense for their children. Many parents of females are extremely fearful of their daughters falling victim to date rape or some type of sexual assault. In reviewing the statistics, they have good reason to feel concern. Some are about to send children off to college, others worry that they cannot be with their children during the day, and still others want to provide protection as they commute to and from the work each day.

Concerned parents everywhere have one thing in common. Above all else, they want their kids to be safe. Very few parents or their kids are comfortable carrying a handgun, but more and more are choosing non-lethal self defense products for protection. As technology continues to improve so does the overall effectiveness of non-lethal self defense products. For example, many experts feel that a C2 TASER has the same effectiveness and stopping power as a 9mm handgun! Many people not familiar with taser devices often question this. The only real way to convince some is to ask them to volunteer to be shocked with a taser device. Those who have will overwhelmingly agree that if you need to stop an aggressive attacker in his or her tracks the C2 TASER is up to the task. Though the cost can be an issue, I often recommend the TASER to many parents to help safeguard their child’s well being.

One eye opening fact is that over sixty percent of female rape victims are under the age of 18 and 83 percent of those raped are under the age of 25. When I do have an opportunity to speak with parents and/or their female children I stress education and awareness. This is time well spent and their are many organizations that will help with the education and provide the necessary resources free of charge. By educating yourself and your children about the different forms of sexual assault you greatly reduce the chance of them becoming a victim. It is also very important that we get high school counselors, fraternity and sorority leaders involved in topics such as rape prevention. This is more important than many of you think. In a study of over 3000 college males who committed rape (as legally defined), 84% said what they did was definitely not rape….

Education and awareness, combined with self defense products could literally prevent countless amounts of crime. Often times, a TASER is either too expensive or does not meet the customers needs. For many, pepper spray is the best line of defense. It is inexpensive, works almost instantly, effective against individuals under the influence of drugs and alcohol and the effects last 20 to 30 minutes. In addition, pepper spray products work well against humans as well as aggressive animals and increasingly pepper spray and Mace are becoming available in disguise (i.e. lipstick pepper spray).

Finally, sexual assault is a problem in the gay and lesbian communities. A study of college gay, lesbian and bisexual students found that nearly 20 percent had been victims of rape and 12 percent victims of attempted rape. Anyone who doesn’t feel that rape and sexual assault present serious problems to the well being of our young people and society is kidding themselves. If you are or have been a victim and need help should contact RAINN at

Carjacking Prevention and Self Defense


I’m sure you’ve heard of carjacking; some of you may know victims or have been one yourself. Carjacking is has become one of the fastest growing and most prevalent crimes in the world. Carjacking is robbery of a car or vehicle. It happens very quickly and the sole purpose of the crime is to steal your vehicle. Though it could happen to any of us at any time there are methods that you can learn and things to familiarize yourself with that can drastically reduce your chances.

As with most crime prevention tips, the first and most important is awareness. Be alert and aware of your environment at all times. Realize some of the most likely places that carjackings take place.

  • Does any of your daily routes take you through high crime areas
  • Do you find yourself on rural or less traveled roads, especially at night
  • Intersections where you must stop for relights or stop signs can be high risk
  • Isolated areas such as parking lots can attract carjackers.
  • Traffic jams or congested areas where you are stopped or moving very slow can be a potential hot spot
  • Residential driveways, either on your way out or in, you can become a target.

So first and foremost identify and then react to these types of situations if at all possible. If find yourself in any of the above situations on a daily basis your best defense is avoidance. Alter your travel in order to avoid as many potential situations as possible. If after reviewing your options you feel you can not avoid these areas then you need to consider taking some steps to prevent an attack.

Give yourself some “wiggle room”. In traffic, don’t allow yourself to end up “bumper to bumper” with all the other vehicles. Give yourself some distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. On full car’s length is optimal and will give you room to maneuver if needed.

When you are stopped in your vehicle for any reason use your rear view mirror as well as both side mirrors. Get into the habit of doing this routinely. This will make it difficult for anyone to sneak up on you. You should also keep windows and doors locked at all times. Consider carrying some form of self defense product that you can conveniently carry in your vehicle for use against an attacker.

Accidents are one of the scenarios that carjacker use to rob unsuspecting victims of their cars. One of the common tricks used by criminals is to “bump” the vehicles victim from behind. When the victim gets out to exchange information or call police the carjacker strikes. Within seconds they are in the vehicle and gone.

Another common approach is to stage an accident with injury. When you the Good Samaritan stops to help they steal your vehicle. Carjackers also commonly pull aside another driver and wave, flash lights, or do something to get the other drivers attention. They will then try to convince of a problem with the vehicle. Once they pull over the carjacker strikes and steals the vehicle.

If you are “bumped” by another vehicle or if someone tries to flag you down and alert to a vehicle problem, don’t stop until you get to a safe place, ideally a police or fire station. You can also call for help from your vehicle and have law enforcement come to you. If it was an legitimate accident or something is wrong with your vehicle the other party and police certainly understand.

Unfortunately, today you have to be very careful when deciding to help anyone who appears to need it. In most cases, they do, but in a few the carjacker is waiting for you to bite. Think before stopping to assist in an accident. You may be better off calling 911 to report the incident.

What can you do and expect during a carjacking? It is important to recognize that in most carjacking’s the criminal(s) have no intention of hurting you. They just want your car. You basically have two options:

  • Take a resistive and confrontational approach to an attempted carjacking
  • or

  • Choose to be non-confrontational and compliant during an attempted attack

Things such as the type of attack, the environment (isolated or public), the mental state of the attacker (reasonable or nervous), how many attackers are present and are weapons present are some factors to consider. Most importantly are children present. Again, our recommendation is to be compliant, don’t put up any resistance. You can replace that vehicle and your chances of survival are much greater.

In the non confrontational situation, you would:

  • Give up the vehicle freely.
  • Listen carefully to all directions.
  • Make no quick or sudden movements that the attacker could construe as a counter attack.
  • Always keeps your hands in plain view. Tell the attacker of every move in advance.
  • Make the attacker aware if children are present. The attacker may be focused only on the driver and not know children are in the car.

In a resistive or confrontational response, you would make a decision to escape or attack the carjacker. A confrontation can be deadly and only those persons who have self defense training or posses some form of personal protection should even consider this option. Don’t try to be a hero, take the “live to fight another day” approach. Should you decide to confront an attacker(s) consider the following:

  • The mental state of the attacker.
  • Possible avenues of escape.
  • The number of attackers; there is usually more than one.
  • The use of weapons. (Weapons are used in the majority of carjacking situations.)
  • In most instances, it is probably safest to give up your vehicle.

After an attack get to a safe place as fast as you can. Once you feel your in a safe and secure place then you can report the incident. When reporting the crime try to did law enforcement officials the key information needed. What time of day was it when the attack occurred? How did it take place? Who was involved? Give the best possible description of the attacker(s) that you possibly can. Hair color, height, weight, scars or other identifiers, eye color, complexion, ethnicity, and build will all help in the capture.

What was the attacker(s) originally driving? The vehicle license plate number (even partial), the color, make, model and year are extremely important. If you noticed any identifying marks (scratches, damage, dents) or things such as stickers be sure to report.

It is important to remember that in most cases an attack can be prevented by avoidance. Use your personal judgment to evaluate the situation and your possible reactions. Always carry a cell phone for immediate communication. Non confrontation is the recommended course of action and in most cases is the best response. Your main objective is the survive, the vehicle can be replaced, you cannot!

Self Defense Product Choices That Make Sense


There is a raging debate going on about the 2nd Amendment; our right to bear arms. We (Americans) should have the right to protect ourselves with a gun if we so choose. It says so in that little thing we call The Constitution. In my opinion, the debate should be over and really never should have started. Remember we are supposed to be the “Land of the free and home of the brave”. Our Founding Fathers and millions who followed worked tirelessly, unselfishly, and dedicated themselves to ensuring the freedoms we have today, which include the right to own a handgun for self protection and the safety of your home and family.

I am a proud gun owner, but in today’s society is a handgun or any lethal self defense weapon a wise choice in any setting outside of your home? In my opinion, and the opinion of many safety experts the answer is no. I can hear many of you now saying “How can that be true” and “You just got done praising the 2nd Amendment and even stated you are a proud gun owner.”? To answer your question, it boils down to consequences. If you pull the trigger on that gun and justifiably kill someone, will you be ready for the impending consequences you will likely face?

I for one am not. I would much rather stop a criminal with a non-lethal self defense product such as pepper spray than face the consequences of firing a gun. If you pull the trigger in self defense, you should have nothing to worry about, but it’s simply not the case. At a minimum you will probably face a civil lawsuit and the countless time and money spent defending yourself. Court cases could drag on and on for years. In some cases your fate may be left in the hands of a jury and the prosecutor needing to win that case.

I prefer not to go through any of that. A TASER will stop an attacker in his tracks and in many cases has the same or more initial stopping power than a gun. The difference, at the end of the day the criminal goes to jail and you get to go home.

Today in the city I live in a man was assaulted, robbed, beaten and they even took his clothes; leaving him naked and unconscious. It appears the victim was a hard working man and good citizen. Now consider two scenarios. First, he took self defense training and was armed with pepper spray. As the men approached he turned and sprayed both in the face then ran to safety. Second, he took the training and sucessfully completed the necessary courses to carry a concealed weapon. As the men approached, he turned and pulled his gun. One of the men appeared to reach for what appeared to be a gun, he fired killing one and injuring the other. Now what scenario would you rather be involved with?

The Alliance of Guardian Angels


Have you heard of the Guardian Angels? Many of you have but I would guess more have not. I applaud this organization as they truly are making a difference on our streets, in our neighborhoods, on the internet, and at our schools. They focus on public safety and education; its members are a diverse mixture of all kinds of people from many different types of cultural settings. The men, women and children who make up the 138 chapters of the Guardian Angels have one universal goal – to keep people safe. They believe that everyone has that right and deserves that opportunity.

I’ve known of the Guardian Angels for quite awhile, but it was recently that I began to understand the scope and importance related to what they do. One of the services provided are Safety Patrols. You will find active safety patrols in many of our inner cities. They consist of volunteer Angels who dedicate their time and energy to help protect communities. One unique and interesting approach is the inclusion of inner city youth, in these Safety Patrols. Many if not most other organizations, tend to look upon the inner city youth as a problem rather than a potential solution!

The Guardian Angels can cite many human examples that their philosophy on youth empowerment works and results in community ownership and pride. They lead by example and encourage community members to follow their lead, to take responsibility for cleaning up communities and improving street safety. Our current neighborhood watch programs are a result of the Guardian Angel’s and their Safety Patrols!

The Angels believe in the education and value it as a powerful tool that can change communities and enable individuals to break the cycle of poverty, drugs and crime. They call it an Education Academy and they cover a host of topics all of which are related to public safety. Topics covered include internet safety, gang resistance, violence prevention, bullying, and safety education.

Many of the problems that our youth face are the result of our reluctance to get involved. The Guardian Angels get involved on the ground level with a focus on education and intervention. Bullying at school is a real problem and thousands of our youth are victims forced to endure this everyday. Bullying can lead to many other escalating problems, including retaliation violence with weapons such as knives and guns. Gangs are recruiting younger and younger kids with false promises. Many of the youth being recruited don’t have strong family structure. They don’t have the home environment that most of us are accustom to. This is where the Guardian Angels do wonderful work. They work tirelessly to break the cycle, to build structure, help kids resist gangs and eliminate bullying.

More of us, including myself should take a page out of their book and follow the lead of the Guardian Angels in our communities. What type of difference could we make if we all got involved in some type of community service project related to personal safety? How about a leadership training course or maybe something related to self defense and security or even first aid.

I encourage you to take a look at everything they do at

Lock Bumping – Protect Your Home and Family Today


Have you heard of lock bumping? If not, you need to; if so then what are you doing to prevent yourself from being victimized. Lock bumping was first discovered or developed by some locksmiths in Denmark. The procedure involves a technique for knocking or bumping on a lock cylinder while applying slight pressure to the back of the lock plug. When the pins jump inside the lock cylinder, the plug is able to slide out freely and disassemble the lock quickly. The use of lock bumping for criminal means began in Europe around 2002. Today lock bumping and the ease of this technique presents a real and serious home security issue.

Below is very real information regarding lock bumping.

  • Fact, Lock bumping can open 90+% of American homes which use an old style cylinder lock which is vulnerable to lock bumping key.
  • Fact, Your home’s door lock can even be bumped by a 10 year old child.
  • Fact, Anyone can make bump keys in 5 minutes or less.
  • Fact, When a lock bumping key is used to break into your house then there is no signs of forced entry or damage to the lock. This makes the insurance companies very weary in paying for the claim. You could loose everything and not get compensated because of a lock bumping key.

Lock bumping keys are readily available on the internet and quickly becoming a huge home security threat. These bump keys are easy to make and can be created very quickly. With a lock bumping key it will take only 1 minute or less for intruder to turn the lock and open the doors to your house or business.

A few things you can do to deter this type of activity and increase your self defense and home security are:
Invest home alarms and prominently display the security stickers and signs on windows and doors. Dogs are very good at deterring a would be lock bumper. This is because most dogs have great hearing and senses. The bark of a dog is usually enough to send them somewhere else. Display a surveillance camera or at least a “dummy camera” at your entry ways. These should be displayed in such a way that it would be impossible to not notice it. You will want to take steps to insure that you install at a height that prevents potential criminals from tampering with it. You can also invest in new high security deadbolts that resist lock bumping.

Self defense should be a top priority for you and your loved ones. Please do a good thing and make others aware of this dangerous trend. I want you to think about this because chances are you have not heard much about it. A rapist now has the ability enter a home quickly and quietly with no sign of forced entry. Home invasions are made easy by lock bumping. This is a crime trend that is on the rise. You need to prepare your home for a potential break in.

What if you don’t take the necessary precautions and fall victim to a lock bumping crime. Do you have self defense products such as stun guns or OC pepper spray to provide the protection you’ll need to?

Guardian Self Defense is here to help. Please contact us for additional guidance or advice on any lock bumping or self defense questions.

Natural Disaster Could Mean Self Defense Emergency


It’s hurricane season once again! The time of the year when those of us in the south truly get concerned. Since 2005, we’ve weathered hurricanes Katrina, Gustav and Ike. Though we made it through, I know many people who’s lives were changed by at least one of those storms.

Hurricane Katrina was a nightmare for my hometown of New Orleans, as well as the north shore, which includes Slidell where I spent the majority of my younger years. Prior to Katrina, my grandparents lived in the same New Orleans home for nearly 40 years. As Katrina approached we pleaded with them to evacuate. As was the case with every other previous hurricane, they refused. Less than 24 hours prior to Katrina’s landfall, by the grace of God, they decided to evacuate. Later that day their home took 10+ feet of water. Had they stayed both would have likely been killed.

The storm surge and flood waters would have probably killed my grandparents just like it did to thousands of other New Orleans residents. Had they survived the flood waters, help was literally 1 to 2 weeks away depending on where you lived. Katrina was so devastating that government officials were not prepared for the number of people who needed help.

After just a day or so crime began to spike, by day three parts of the city were literally a war zone. Think about it for a second. In most cases people had no power, no food, no water (the flood water was contaminated and not safe to drink), and no communication with the outside world. Self defense and security were a definite priority as the National Guard was called in to take control of the City. People were killing one another, robbing, looting, it was a modern day war zone.

The New Orleans Superdome was used as an emergency shelter and thousands flocked to the dome because they felt confident that it was a safe haven. In the case of Katrina, that could not have been further from the truth. People were killed and many others raped and sexually assaulted in the Super dome in the days following Katrina.

There was and is a great need for personal security products in any natural disaster. How many people wished they had some type of self defense product when times got really tough in New Orleans? Again, there was and is a definitive need for surveillance equipment during times of crisis. An “eye in the sky” would have proved to be extremely beneficial when trying to determine what took place during and after the worst natural disaster in American history. Imagine being able to review a video account of what happened during and hours after the storm.

In Baton Rouge, were we currently reside, hurricane Gustav took the wind out of our sails and we are just finishing our recovery now. All of us hope and pray we will be spared from a major hurricane this year, only time will tell.

It is so important to be prepared for natural disasters, specifically hurricanes. Preparation can mean the difference between life and death. Some helpful resources can be found at

Could You Protect Yourself and Family


If you were faced with a personal safety emergency could you or would you be able to product yourself and loved ones? If so would you use physical self defense techniques such as street fighting or martial arts? Every 36 seconds someone is assaulted in the United States. A burglary is occurring every 14 seconds, while a theft takes place every 5 seconds.

To put it in perspective, buy the time I finished typing the sentence above at least one person or family was assaulted, two homes were robbed and at least 4 thefts took place! We live in the greatest country in America, but the truth is that crime and criminals are all around us. It is up to us to protect, educate and raise awareness in and around our communities.

So if you were getting out of your car in the mall parking lot and heading in to shop, then all of a sudden…could you or would you be ready and able to project yourself and loved ones. For the majority of us the truth to the answer is no. This doesn’t mean we are all a bunch of candy asses, it means that crimes such as assault, home invasion, robbery, theft, etc happen very quickly and most don’t have time to react.

How do can you change the end result? How can you increase the odds in your favor that you won’t become the next victim. The first thing you need to to is increase your awareness. It’s easy to do, doesn’t take any special skills and in most cases will deter a would be attacker. The next time you are out shopping, do some people watching. You will see the majority are not focused on whats going on around them. Most instead are talking on cell phones, listening to ipod’s, reading the newspaper or a book, anything but paying attention to what is going on right then and there.

That is awareness, and just by doing some people watching you can hone those awareness skills. When you are doing this you are very likely to make eye contact, this in itself is a great crime deterrent. In addition, you will stand out to most criminals as a tougher target. So remember awareness is the key! Practice it and live it everyday. Next, in most cases you don’t want to or can’t go toe to toe with these criminals. You have some very effective options, first you may choose to carry a handgun. If you think a handgun is right for you; it is a good idea to apply for a “concealed weapons permit”. You will be required to take and complete classes to ensure you understand the how to use your weapon and the responsibility, as well as potential consequences of gun ownership. I own a handgun and feel very comfortable using one, but would only do so if an attacker entered my home or business and threatened harm. In my opininon the potential consequences in other situations are just too dangerous for me.

You can choose a non-lethal self defense product such as pepper spray, Mace, stun guns, TASER devices, batons and many others. The immediate benefit is they will not kill but will disable or debilitate long enough to get to safety. Like anything else, the best product for you may not be for someone else. The most important thing is you determine what will work best for you. Next, learn how to use your self defense product, then practice and practice some more.

At Guardian Self Defense we welcome your questions and are happy to help you determine what is likely to work best for you. The easiest and quickest way to reach us is via our secure contact form or you can call us at (800) 928-8343

Best Non-Lethal Self-Defense Product


As you can imagine I’m approached numerous times daily from people young and old with the same question. What self defense product do you recommend? Well there are a bunch of great choices out there and as technology continues to advance, so will non-lethal self defense products.

Some experts will tell you that the TASER C2 is the most technologically advanced defense product on the market; and they are correct. Stun batons and mini stun guns (small fry) are becoming more and more popular as a result of enhanced quality and reliability. In addition, the prices have come down and they are now available in rechargeable units.

The best overall non-lethal self defense product available is a good pepper spray. Pepper spray should be used as your first line of defense against human attackers and aggressive dogs. First, pepper spray is very affordable. You can expect to pay between $8 and $50 depending on the size, brand and resin concentration. Second, pepper spray has a self life of 36 to 48 months, so if you will only need to replace your pepper spray, on average, every 3 years. Third, the effects of a good OC pepper spray are nearly immediate. Within a second the effects take hold and can be quite debilitating. Once sprayed, temporary blindness occurs, the respiratory tract becomes inflamed and breathing becomes extremely difficult. In addition extreme pain and burning take place. The effects last 20-40 minutes in most cases.

You have the ability to stop an attacker or animal from a distance using pepper spray. A range of 8 to 30 feet are common depending on the model. For example, our Wildfire 4 ounce pepper spray has a range of up to 18 feet. Pepper spray is legal in every state (restrictions apply in a few states), but overall it legal and there is little chance of having to deal with any legal consequences.

So if you’re looking for a great overall non-lethal self defense, choose a good oc pepper spray and you can’t go wrong.

Home Invasion The Latest In Local Crime Spike


This morning I woke up and began calling local friends and family to make sure they were aware that police had released a sketch of a man wanted in a brutal rape last night. I’m on the phone with my wife reviewing basic safety and self defense, when I get word of a home invasion that left one person dead and another critically injured.

Local crime in the greater Baton Rouge area has increased nearly 50% versus this time last year. Even worse is that the increase in violent crime including murder is increasing at even greater rates. Why is this happening? What is causing this crime spike? What can we (the community) do to reverse the trend?

I don’t have all of the answers but am willing to do just about anything if it will make a difference. Less than 100 miles down the road is New Orleans which recently became the “murder capital” as per capita the city had the highest rate of murder in the country.

People are concerned, scared, mad, you name it and I think I’ve felt the emotion. As a resident trying to raise a family I don’t like what I see. I see that the majority of the crime seems to be drug related in one way or the other. I see the highest crime areas are also the lowest income areas. Education is lacking, family is lacking, role models are non existent; these things combined make for a vicious cycle that is very difficult to escape but extremely easy to fall victim to.

In the latest home invasion, a 38-year-old man who with another guy allegedly forced their way into a home after 2:00am last night in what is being called an armed robbery attempt. The 38 year old attacker was fatally shot by an 18 year old who was inside the home at the time of the invasion. The 18 year old was also critically wounded in what is believed to have been a shootout.

The two attackers attempted forced entry into the home for the purposes of robbing the 18 year old. The 18 year old quickly got his gun and began shooting. There will likely be more violence overnight tonight and potentially more casualties.

Self defense and security are now at the top most families priority list. Local gun shops report an unbelievable increase in the requests for concealed weapons permits. Our business, non-lethal self defense products is extremely busy. Individuals and small business owners are buying pepper spray, stun guns, home alarms, personal security products like never before. Others are installing cameras, both hidden surveillance cameras and domes in plain view.

So what is the answer, how do we get these criminals under control. First, I believe in community policing. We have to put large amounts of officers into our highest crime areas. It’s a no brainier that crime will decrease with increased police presence. The most important aspect of community policing is to build relationships. The great majority of people who live in high crime areas want the violence to stop and will help to do so. This type of policing brings community leaders and law enforcement together and typically spurs valuable awareness and prevention programs.

Once the law enforcement presence has become embedded, it’s time to root out the “cancer”. There will always be those who want to continue business as normal. These “thugs” must be dealt with and the consequences should be harsh. During this same time period, an education initiative should be embarked upon. Education can clear the way and “break the cycle” of crime, drugs, and poverty. Education will only be effective once those within the community feel safe and don’t fear retaliation from the criminals.

So you have your law enforcement embedded 24/7 in these areas, you are working with local leaders and organizations to provide the necessary programs and resources. Initiatives such as rebuilding and renovation as well as “clean up” type programs help to build morale and ownership of the community.

Now when education is introduced and reinforced it will be much more effective. Young men and women who choose to will now have a “fighting chance” to break the cycle.

Pepper Spray On Air Planes


Several times a day we are asked about the the laws on pepper spray as it relates to traveling with it on an airline.

The Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) lists the following information regarding popular self defense products.

Pepper spray travel regulations

We find this to be a very helpful chart. Pepper spray and Mace ARE allowed on the airliners. No more than four ounces per traveler and make sure your self defense pray has a safety device to prevent accidental discharge.

Drugs Affecting Youth and Increase Crime


Crime is up across the board, not surprisingly drug use is also skyrocketing. Many of the dealers are targeting young children in hopes of getting them hooked early. Most of you don’t actually get to see the “ugly” side of drugs from the criminal acts performed due to the dependency or addiction to drugs. An addict will do what ever it takes to get the next high including robbery, theft and murder. Have you taken the necessary steps to assure self defense and home security.

Turf wars continue on the street, the vicious greed of dealers, who will kill to protect their drug area from competition. Each day we loose children to to the world of drug abuse. This is happening at a greater rate in low income, urban areas, but drug abuse and the associated crime is happening everywhere in America. If you think your community is immune, you’re wrong!

Last night between the hours of midnight and four in the morning, 3 murders took place in downtown New Orleans. Police report that all were drug related. The victims all under the age of 25, and the suspects are believed to be as well. As I’m writing this post, I’m also listening to our local Baton Rouge news. A rapist is on the loose in Baton Rouge, the latest victim was able to help an artiste develop a sketch and hopefully he will be off the streets soon. Victim accounts suggest this guy is a drug addict.

Since the beginning of 2009, 3 local high school students are dead as a result of drug overdoses. Last year, there were 143 deaths caused by drug overdoses. A scary trend, shows youth abuse moving toward prescription drugs, seemingly replacing marijuana.
Prescription drug abuse generally includes antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, adderall, and pain killers like Oxycontin. Law enforcement reports suggest an alarming return in the use of heroin as a drug of choice among our youth population.

Predictors that parents and educators can key on include family history of addiction, high physical tolerance for alcohol/drugs; positive desire and cravings; how the drugs make you feel and the age at which drinking occurs. The earlier a child begins drinking, the greater risk for addiction.

Pharmaceutical drug abuse can start early, with the child have previously abused other drugs, such as marijuana or alcohol. Parent/mentor education is the key here. First we have to believe a problem exists. Study current teen trends as they relate to drugs and alcohol. Now learn or figure out ways to identify, prevent, and help children exposed to such risky behaviors.