Cowardly Act Kills 4 Police Officers


At a young age I was taught to respect law enforcement officers. I learned that these individuals were to be trusted and should trouble arise these guys and girls were the ones who would show up to help. My next door neighbor growing up was a New Orleans Police Department Officer. My uncle was a high ranking officer who later ran for for sheriff of my home town. Many of my relatives and friends had law enforcement backgrounds. Today my youngest brother puts on his bullet proof vest every day and goes out to “protect and serve”. So I think it’s easy to see why I hold such a high opinion of these hero’s.

Early today 4 police officers in Washington State were shot and killed in what appears to be a targeted attack. These are the types of crimes that are unreprehensible, disgusting and physically make me ill. Why would someone walk into a coffee shop at 8:15am this morning and ambush 4 police officers as they sat with laptops open catching up on paperwork? What was the shooters motivation?

Each time a tragedy like this occurs I immediately think of my brother. It could have been him just the same. The bottom line is, after our soldiers, law enforcement personnel are the group of people that sacrifice the most so that you and I can do what we do. Without the police, society as we know it would not exist. In nearly no time the criminals would take over. Everyday thousands of men and women put their lives on the line for you and me. The pay is not good, most pick up private details to help make ends meet. It takes a very special person to wear a badge.

Are there bad cops? Of course, but whether you are a doctor, teacher, or business owner you will always encounter those who are in it for the wrong reasons. The vast majority are good and honest people who love what they do and accept the responsibility it brings with open arms.

We should all take a moment to pray for the families of these fallen heroes. Pray that justice will be served in due time. The next time you see an officer tell them thank you. As you raise children and grandchildren instill in them the importance of what the police do. Teach your youngsters to show respect to these men and women who make most of the things we take for granted possible.

Safety This Holiday Season


Ready or not here we go again! The holiday season is here and just like last year and the year before that, it has again crept up on most of us. Where has the time gone? Don’t get me wrong, I love the holiday season, its truly the best time of year. If your like me it just seems as if we are never prepared and as a result find ourselves running around like “chickens with our heads cut off”. We find ourselves rushing around at all hours of the day and night focused on shopping, gifts, food and family. Safety and personal security, typically do not register on the priority list.

Criminals thrive on holiday distractions. Unfortunately, our favorite time of the year is also one of the most dangerous. There are things all of us can do that will help make us unattractive to criminals this holiday season.

  • Stay alert to your surroundings and the people around you.
  • Park your vehicle in well lit, high traffic areas. Avoid remote locations and areas
  • Always remember to lock your vehicle and activate the alarm if applicable.
  • Don’t leave valuable items in your vehicle in plain view. Remember what you consider valuable and what a criminal consider valuable may be very different. For example, if you leave a few quarters or maybe a few dollars, this is a food for a homeless person or drug money for an addict.
  • Many of us shop all day and make trips back and forth to the vehicles. This is simply a bad idea. If you find that you just have too many bags to shop with it is best to go home and drop them off. Then go back and continue shopping. Many criminals are opportunistic, they will sit and watch as you load up your car. Once you leave they strike.
  • If you are waiting for a ride from a friend, family member or public transportation, pick a place that is busy and in a well lit area.
  • If you have children teach them to find a store clerk and to ask for help if they become lost or separated while shopping. Never should they leave the store to go outside or to they car. Major retailers have security procedures in place to help quickly reunite children with their family
  • If you carry large amounts of cash you are asking for trouble. Use a debit card or check to pay for purchases and keep cash to a minimum.
  • If you discover that your credit cards or checks are missing notify your bank immediately.

Exercise Safety and Personal Security


Exercise is a top priority in many of our lives. It’s important to our health and well being to take part in some form of physical fitness on a regular basis. Many of us enjoy exercising outdoors and take part in jogging, walking or biking. As important as it is to stay fit, its even more important to stay safe.

We live in a society that can be quite dangerous and unpredictable. As we exercise outdoors, especially at night, we can easily become the target of criminals if we’re not careful. Walkers, joggers, and even bikers fall victim to assaults, rapes, knife attacks, and hate crimes daily. Unfortunately, you can not totally avoid crime, but you can reduce your chances drastically.

One the most important things you can do is to be alert. It’s a simple thing to do, pay attention to what’s going on around you. Just practicing this type of awareness can prevent a would be attack. The problem is most of us are in our own little world while running, jogging, or walking. Our concentration is on the “act” not on the surroundings, as it should be.

If you do not have to exercise at night don’t. If you must, only do so with a partner or within a group. Consider partnering with co-workers, neighbors, friends or family. When you set out to exercise stay on well known, well traveled and well lit paths. Stay away from isolated areas and shortcuts.

Carry a fanny pack, wrist or arm wallet with you. These are inexpensive, convenient and available at most sporting goods stores. They won’t hinder your exercise but will give you the ability to carry items like a cell phone, flashlight, and self defense product. Program emergency phone numbers into your phone and make sure it has a good charge. Test the batteries in your flashlight.

Should your exercise route include vehicle traffic, always face oncoming traffic. Make yourself visible. Wear shoes, socks, and wrist bands with reflective properties. Shirts and shorts should be bright and improve visibility.

If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you feel you are being followed, call police for help. Should you find yourself without a phone, go the the closest home or business for help. In addition to a self defense, consider carrying a whistle or air horn. Something small and loud that will get attention if you need it.

Change your pattern often. Don’t exercise every day at the same time. Vary your path or route. In other words don’t allow yourself to be predictable. Always let someone know where you’ll be and how long you expect to be gone.

Tips To Help You Avoid Crime


Crime can happen at any given time and in any given place. The one thing about crime is that it does not discriminate. None of us are immune to it and if you think so your actually much more likely to fall victim. There are some key things you can do that will drastically reduce your chance of becoming a statistic.

The best and easiest way to avoid crime is to be alert and aware. Pay attention to your surroundings. If something doesn’t look or seem right it probably isn’t. Trust your instincts. Keep your head up; practice scanning an area with your eyes. This demonstrates awareness. Criminals focus on easy targets; by practicing awareness and simply being alert.

Whether it’s your commute to work, your route to the gym or trips to the grocery store, for the sake of personal safety change your routines regularly. Criminals love a victim who is predictable, so don’t be! We are creatures of habit; naturally most of us have our set routines and don’t really like change. Challenge yourself and family to mix up their routines at least bi-weekly. There is more than one way to get to work, more than one coffee shop or gas station. Simply put, add some variety to your routine and you increase your safety.

You want to make yourself a tough target but it is just as important to make your home unattractive to crime. Call your local police or sheriff’s department and ask them to conduct a safety survey of your home. Some of the most common findings are lack of light, no security system, and lack of sufficient entry way security. These are the types of things that criminals thrive on, but they are easy and affordable to correct. You can never have too much light in and around your home. Install floodlights with built in motion sensors all around the perimeter of your home. A home security system is an excellent idea. You can purchase a wired system and pay to have it monitored or you can choose a wireless home security system. Surprisingly the majority of home burglaries and invasions occur by way of a main entry point. Reinforce your entry doors with deadbolts and consider a door brace for added security.

Car-jacking is becoming more and more prevalent. Make sure you keep your doors and windows locked at all times and especially when at a traffic stop. Use the mirrors on your vehicle to scan for potential trouble. It is very important to give yourself plenty of room when stopped. Allow at least one and one half car lengths. Should you feel trouble is approaching sound your horn and flash your lights.

Education goes a long way in any environment. Be informed, take the time to educate yourself about crime trends and use that information to protect yourself. Most cities or towns have areas that are known to be high crime areas. Do your best to avoid these areas at all costs.

Get involved in your community by joining or starting an anti-crime program like neighborhood watch. The success of such programs is dependent on its members. Adopt a zero tolerance attitude, it is contagious.

Crime like many things in society is challenging and can be very scary at times. The most important thing you can do for yourself and community is to not give up. Don’t give in to crime, be persistent, proactive and consistent in your approach. Remember awareness is the key, be alert and take the steps necessary to maker yourself and your home tough targets. Educate your neighbors and adopt a positive, never give in attitude.

Signs of Domestic Violence


We get communication on a regular basis from women who allege that they are victims of domestic violence or abuse. Some call, others fax, but most send email looking for help protecting themselves from their attackers. Reports against husbands, boy friends, ex-lovers include physical and mental abuse.

Most recently we received an email from a young woman seeking self defense products for use against her boy friend. She went on to explain that when he drinks he is often violent. Pushing, punching and verbal abuse are the norm after the boy friend has too much alcohol. Other examples involve ex-husbands who can’t seem to move on. Instead they stalk and terrorize the woman they once loved.

Most, but not all victims of domestic violence are women and the abuse occurs for one main reason: the need to totally control them. The abusive party may use guilt, fear, intimidation, or shame to break you physically and emotionally.

Are you or someone you love involved in an abuse relationship? Do you:

  • are you afraid of your partner most of the time
  • during conversation do you avoid talking about certain topics because you are afraid to make them mad
  • have a feeling that nothing you do is right for your significant other
  • feel depressed, emotionally drained, and/or think you are going crazy

Does your partner:

  • yell, scream and/or humiliate you
  • constantly criticize you and put you down
  • treat you so bad that you go out of your way to avoid social gathering with freinds and family because of what he might say or do
  • fail to acknoledge your accomplishments or wins
  • force himself on you sexually
  • The above are some common signs that you are involved in an abusive relationship. If this hits too close to home you need to get yourself the help you need immediately. Of course if you need help right away call 911. If you need to speak with a confidential professional for help and advice contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE).

    If you are afraid for your physical safety consider purchasing a self defense device. Learn how it works and what to expect should you need to use it. Once you’ve chosen the personal security device that works best for you, it is now time to practice over and over again.

    Pepper spray does no good at the bottom of your purse when needed. If you can get in the habit of carrying pepper spray with you everywhere and learning how to utilize it effectively, your “piece of mind” will grow dramatically. It really doesn’t matter what your defense weapon is, the key is being able to properly use. No matter what the product is, practice is essential to improving your overall safety and self defense.

    Self Defense Products Make Great Gifts


    The holidays are here, Thanksgiving is only a week away and before we know it Christmas Day will be here. If your anything like me finding a unique, thoughtful and useful gift can be challenging to say the least. I have enough ties to start a small Ebay store! This year consider giving the gift of self defense and personal security.

    Just this week a 5 year girl from North Carolina was sexually abused and killed. It is alleged that the mother sold or prostituted this little girl to grown men. Earlier this month a Ohio man was arrested after law enforcement, working off of a tip found the remains of at least 10 women in and around the alleged killers home. Everyone remembers the tragic story of Jaycee Dugard who was abducted at age 11 and held captive as a sex slave for 19 years. Dugard was forced to bear two children from her rapist. Thousands of girls and women are abducted and abused or even killed.

    It scares me to death to think that my own daughter is at risk, but the reality is we all are. Self defense products such as tasers or pepper spray are proven to deter and even prevent crime. So why not make sure everyone you care about carries with them some form of personal defense.

    Home security is also becoming essential to all of us. Our homes should be a safe haven. A place that you and your family feel most comfortable and safe. Just do the math regarding burglary in the US. Every 15 seconds a home is burglarized! There are many affordable home security products that you can use to vastly improve the chances that the ‘bad guys’ decide it’s to risky at your house. Portable door and window alarms are extremely effective, yet require on installation or technical skills to operate. Wireless motion sensors and complete security alarms are attractive alternatives to expensive monitored systems.

    Do you have a daughter? If you do and you are like me; you need to figure out ways to channel your love in positive ways through education, awareness and trust. Think of each day as a new opportunity to teach and to educate. A new day to practice awareness skills and how to use a self defense product. Time to build strong bonds based on love and trust.

    Pepper Mace Defense Sprays


    The Mace family of defense sprays are nothing short of impressive. No matter what your non-lethal self defense needs are Mace has you covered. For decades Mace has stood for premium quality self defense and security products. Mace has earned the trust of millions of consumers and businesses for decades. Investing heavily in research and development, Mace delivers with cutting edge defense product that you can count on.

    One of their newest products is the Mace pepper gun. It is styled after a handgun revolver, but this gun is totally non-lethal and shoots a steam of pepper spray up to 25 feet. Mace calls it the most accurate pepper spray product on the market. It is equipped with an LED laser light, which is used to accurately aim the gun. The Mace Pepper Gun comes in four different colors and refill cartridges are easy to load and unload.
    Mace Pepper Gun

    Mace pepper gel sticks like glue on an attackers face. Any attempt to remove it just grinds the active resin deeper into the eyes, nose and mouth. Gel has several benefits, increased range, stronger pepper spray, 1.4% capsaicinoid concentration, and less chance for cross contamination. Gel is perfect for use indoors or in close quarters where risk of cross contamination is high. The gel does not splatter and because the resin is suspended in gel inhalation is limited to the intended target.

    Pepper Mace, tear gas, and a UV marking dye come together in one extremely potent self defense spray. Mace Triple action is exactly that! Available in 6 different sizes and 2 different spray patterns. This is a premium law enforcement grade chemical spray that can be counted on when you need it most.
    Triple Action Pepper Spray Fogger

    These are just a few examples of Mace family of defense sprays. For all models and detailed information visit us today!

    Perfect Women’s Self Defense


    It is a fact that disproportionate levels of fear are reported by women related to falling victim to crime. Specifically, women experience much higher incidences of anxiety and stress related to fears associated with being raped or sexually assaulted. As unemployment rates reach record levels of over 10%, history reminds us that crime increases will follow.

    Now more than ever many females report that, fear, stress and anxiety are at there highest levels. Most women want “piece of mind” and the increased self confidence that comes with the ability to protect themselves.

    Today there are literally hundreds of great non-lethal self defense products that provide safety and home security for men and women alike. A product that has the potential to prevent or deter many of the sex crimes that women fear most is pepper spray disguised as lipstick. The concept is simple but the end result could be a rape prevented or a life saved!

    Lipstick Pepper Spray

    Lipstick pepper spray provides discrete, effective and reliable protection in almost any situation. A self defense product designed by women and for women, it can be carried with confidence because it looks like real lipstick. With the cap on no one would ever suspect you were carrying pepper spray in disguise. If needed simply remove the cap, point and spray. The potent pepper spray will take effect immediately on an attacker and give the victim time to get to safety.

    Some situations where disguised pepper spray could be invaluable; imagine your college aged daughter was going on a first date. At the end of the evening Mr. Wrong walks your daughter up to her apartment door. As she says good night and opens the door he forces his way in and begins acting sexually aggressive. Your daughter reaches into her purse grabs her “lipstick” and sprays. She will now have plenty of time to get herself to safety.

    Your wife or daughter enjoy walking around the neighborhood each evening. It’s a great way to exercise and relieve stress. One evening while walking your wife and daughter are approached by a man who asks for money. They give him a couple dollars, but instead of going away, he begins following them. He begins demanding more money and violating there space. Your wife pops the cap off of her “lipstick” points and sprays him right in the face. You loved ones are able to get home safely.

    Crime presents itself in many, many forms, the key to increasing your chances of a safe outcome depend on awareness and preparation. Whatever situation presents itself, if you practice awareness and preparation your chances of overcoming or even preventing an attack are much better. Carrying a product such as pepper spray is a form of preparation. Learning how to use it, what to expect, and then practicing is also preparation. Practicing common sense, trusting your gut, being alert as to what is going on around you is part of developing your awareness skills. If you are a female that fears being victimized by crime, take a proactive approach today that involves awareness and preparation. You will feel better about yourself and more importantly be much more prepared to protect yourself against criminals.

    Home Security Products Affordable Yet Effective


    Home security should be a top priority in our lives, unfortunately most of us pay little attention until it’s too late. We live in a society were most of us are overworked, underpaid, and sleep deprived. How could we possibly have the time to worry out home security? Here are some eye opening statistics that emphasize why we can’t afford not to take some security seriously.

    • A home not equipped with a security system or products is nearly three times more likely to be burglarized
    • A home burglary occurs about every fifteen seconds or over 5700 times each day!
    • The majority of home break-ins take place during the day (63%).
    • The average loss per burglary or robbery in 2007 was nearly $2000

    If you don’t take measures to protect your home you are asking for trouble. The good news is there are home security products that are affordable, reliable, and extremely effective. Until recently consumers had little to choose from when it came to protecting their residences. Now the products are plentiful and excellent alternatives to expensive wired security systems.

    You can purchase a wireless security system with new emergency automatic dialing built in. This feature takes the place of expensive monthly monitoring fees. With automatic dialing, once the alarm is activated the system begins calling your pre-programmed emergency numbers. When the phone is answered on the other end they hear your pre-recorded emergency message. Most systems allow for up to five phone numbers and you can choose up to five different messages. You can customize your system by adding extra motion sensors and/or door and window sensors.

    Many of us live in apartments, town homes, dorms, or small homes and really don’t need a large security system. In that case you should take a look at door and window alarms, mini motion sensors, glass breakage or vibration alarms, and steel door braces. These products are cost effective ways to secure smaller residences or even a small business. The technology they utilize is simple, but the bottom line is these products work to alert you of potential trouble while making the noise necessary to scare off most attackers.

    Take time today to secure the widows and doors within your home with a home security device. You will provide yourself and family with added peace of mind and greatly improve your chances of deterring a would be burglar.

    Self Defense Packages Make Great Gift Ideas


    Don’t look now but Christmas is right around the corner. It is Sunday, November 8th and I’m asking myself where has the year gone? Just finished a grocery trip to Wal-Mart and was surprised to see all of their Christmas trees displayed and a line of people buying them up.

    Over the last few weeks we’ve started receiving gift wrapping requests from some of our customers. Everything combined has me thinking about our holiday specials at Guardian Self Defense! Recently I put together our first self defense package special and the customer response was and still is tremendous. The name I gave this package was the Hot Shot Self Defense Package, because it featured one our Hot Shot mini stun gun.

    Hot Shot Self Defense

    This is a three inch tall stun gun that produces almost a million volts of real stopping power. It is powered by 3 volt lithium batteries and comes with a free holster and lifetime warranty. I mixed in a personal alarm, which is the electronic pocket whistle, you don’t blow it; instead you just push a button and sound the 120 decibel whistle alarm. Perfect for attracting attention in an emergency. To complete the package I threw in a 2 ounce pepper spray fogger, a great and dependable first line of defense, also great for dog and crowd control. There you have it that is our Hot Shot Self Defense Package and our customers love it!

    To build on this for the holiday season, I created what we are calling The Vital Package, this has all of the essentials you need for complete non lethal protection.

    Vital Package

    I think our packages are awesome gift ideas for almost any occasion. What better way to say you care than to provide someone with products proven time and time again to prevent and even deter criminal attacks. The Vital security package provides you with cell stun gun, The Pretender; a key chain alarm with flashlight, our pepper spray triple pack and a book that teaches you how to effectively utilize.

    Finally, I put together a complete self defense, home security and automotive safety package that is perfect for anyone but put together with college students in mind, hence the name College Self Defense and Home Security Package.

    College Safety Pack

    The College Safety Package includes the Runt 950K rechargeable stun gun, a dual function door brace, a motion sensor with alarm and emergency auto dial feature, the pepper spray triple pack, the four in one automotive emergency tool, and Mace brand Hot Walkers, which are pepper spray walking weights. Again, this was put together with the college student in mind but is an excellent package for just about anyone.

    So there you have it, three self defense and home security products that are make perfect gift ideas for just about anyone . At Guardian Self Defense we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

    Friction Lock Steel Batons


    Expandable steel batons are affordable, dependable, and effective self defense weapons. Some people refer to them as telescopic , others as friction lock steel batons; in either case they have replaced the “billy club” in most law enforcement circles. For good reason, expandable steel batons are nearly indestructible; they last forever. In the closed position they are compact, only seven to ten inches; so they are easy to take just about anywhere. With the flip of the wrist they expand and lock into place (hence friction lock). The smallest model is 16″ in its expanded position, other models measure 21 and 26 inches respectively.

    As a self defense weapon you want something that allows you to defend yourself from a distance. This is the main reason law enforcement has adopted the expandable baton. The length of my extended arm is approximately 27 inches, if I am holding the baton in its extended position then I have the ability to defend myself from a minimum of 42 inches (four feet) away. The further you can remain from an attacker the better off you’ll be. With the steel baton not only can you keep your distance but you can disable an attacker from a safe distance. Aggressive dogs present a very real problem to walker, joggers, and bikers. With a telescopic baton you can easily keep a dog at bay.

    Telescopic Steel Baton

    In addition to a very effective self defense weapon, the baton allows for an LED light attachment. The LED attachment screws right on the back of the baton. The attachment is very durable and has a 6,000 hour life.

    Sexual Violent Predators


    Several months ago you heard the story of Jaycee Duggard; she was kidnapped and held captive for over 18 years by convicted sexual predator Phillip Garrido. Duggard was taken at the age of 11 and forced to be a sex slave to this “animal”. He also made her bore two of his children; Jacycee nor her children were not even allowed to see a physician. Garrido, tortured and abused Duggard and the children for years, all from the comfort of his home. He hid them in a large, fenced backyard where they lived in a series of tent like rooms that didn’t even have plumbing. Over the years law enforcement officers visited Garrido’s home many, many times. Because he was a convicted sexual predator, police were required to keep tabs on him. During the 11 year stretch no one had a clue as to what Jaycee and those kids had to endure daily.

    This week another convicted sexual predator is making the news. Anthony Sowell, a convicted sex offender was arrested by Ohio police on rape and at least four counts of murder. As of late today the body count ten corpses have been found in and around Sowell’s home. The Cleveland Chief of Police made the following comment to the press “It appears that this man had an insatiable appetite that he had to fill.” It appears that Sowell, raped, killed, decapitated or cut up the victims, and buried or hid the bodies throughout his basement and backyard. Again, officers were required to keep tabs on him because he had been convicted of sex crimes in the past.

    These are just two examples of convicted sexual predators who re-offended over and over again. Both committing truly heinous crimes. How many other sexual predators are out there offending time and time again? Many researchers feel that rehabilitation is not useful and that the majority of predators will re-offend. I agree with this assessment 100% and believe that we must take action to remove these criminals from society.

    How do we prepare to provide our family and community with the self defense and home security necessary to minimize the chances of becoming a victim. In most states, unless you get lucky you won’t know how truly dangerous these people are. As a parent, grandparent, or caring citizen what are our choices when it comes to protecting our families and providing them with the necessary security?

    SVP’s as they are referred to, Sexual Violent Predators, are the worst of the worst. Examples of SVP’s are those that abuse children, some as young as two years old; and serial rapists. These people cannot be allowed back into society but they are, time and time again. Both Garrido and Sowell were SVP’s prior to re-committing. There are options, castration, life in prison, and death by lethal injection. For me that’s it.

    Most Psychiatrist’s will tell you that these people suffer from a mental disorder that can’t be cured. Some do say it can be “managed” but would you want an offender trying to “manage” in your neighborhood? Some of the program’s that attempt to help offenders “manage” take upwards of six years to complete. Even with this long term attempt at rehab the recidivism rates can be as high as 71%! I can’t afford to take that chance can you? It is time we demand a “zero tolerance” stance on sexual predators. Anything less is unacceptable.

    Bully Prevention, Get Involved


    Bullying in our society is at epidemic proportions. So many of our youngsters are the victims of bullies at schools and on the streets. Many youth go to bed scared at night and wake up terrified each morning if they sleep at all, as the result of bullying. Victims live in constant fear for their safety and well being.

    By definition bullying is aggressive behavior that is intentional and involves an imbalance of power or strength. Often, it is repeated over time and can take many forms. Typically, victims are those kids that don’t seem to “fit in” or appear to be “different”. For example they may be overweight, have developmental or learning problems, or are very passive and unlikely to stand up for themselves and mount any type of self defense.

    If you’ve had any experience with bullying you know that it can have tragic affects. In addition to physical abuse, victims can suffer emotional and mental problems as a result. Bullies on the other hand are prone to violence and over time the level of violence is likely to become more and more intense.

    Facts About Bullying

    Nearly 6 million kids in America are involved in bullying. They are either the bully, a victim of a bully or in some cases both. Males and females report involvement, though males are much more likely to take part in physical bullying such as punching, hitting, slapping, striking, or pushing. Females are more likely to start rumors, make comments about sex, gossip or try to convince others to exclude another female.

    How Can You Help

    If you are the parent of a child between the ages of 6 and 18 then it is very likely that they have experience with bullying either directly or indirectly. With nearly 30 percent of kids reporting either being bullied or bullying someone, the likelihood is strong that your child at least knows the school bully.

    1. Get involved with your child, communicate and know what happens in their world day to day. Encourage open and honest communication by creating an environment based upon trust and love. You kid should feel confident that no matter what problem they are facing they can turn to you for help and guidance. If this does not sound like your relationship, today is a great time to make the change.
    2. Involvement at your child’s school. Volunteer for school events and help out on campus. Get to know the administration and teachers. Like most things awareness goes along way toward invoking change. Focus on the social environment at the school. To reduce bullying, work to change the climate and the social norms with regard to bullying. Your job is to make it “uncool” to bully anyone…period.
    3. There is always strength in numbers. Get different student organizations and clubs involved. Begin a series of articles in the school newspaper about “Bully Prevention”. Invite a strong, respected community leader to come and speak on the topic and reinforce the message that it’s “not cool” to bully. Create a support or help group for victims of bullies. The group should contain a mix of student leaders, parents, teachers and administrators. This group should offer and provide anonymous help and support if necessary.
    4. Sometimes it is hard to get the “real picture”, especially for adults, regarding the atmosphere at school and in social settings. The use of anonymous surveys or questionnaires are a great way to help put the pieces together. If you are going through the effort to put a survey together, spend the time record and publish your findings for all to see.
    5. Self defense classes are a great way to teach students how to protect themselves while building self esteem and confidence. A search of your community is likely to return several self defense courses; many free of charge. Encourage students to participate.
    6. Remember millions of kids suffer extreme anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, and sleepless nights as the direct result of a bully. Studies show that the long term effects of this trauma can be very serious. So even if your child is not involved, your involvement in needed. Overtime you can truly change the culture and environment of the school for the better. You will be helping to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to learn in a safe and secure educational environment without the fear and stress of a bully.