The Year’s Most Dangerous Cities


You better bar the doors and take cover if you live in one of these cities. Simply put your chances of being the victim of violent crime are much more likely if you live in certain cities. After all this is 2009’s most dangerous cities. Last year my home town of New Orleans took home the covenanted prize as the number one most dangerous. For added insult New Orleans was also named the murder capital for 2008. Will New Orleans take home honor’s again this year? Your about to find out! In the meantime, stockpile your self defense pepper spray, stun guns and tasers. Ranking’s are out of 402 cities, so if a city has “murder” rank of 25, they would be the 25th worst murder rate.

And the countdown begins:

  • No. 10: Memphis, Tenn earns the 10th most dangerous ranking. The fourth most likely city to be assaulted in. Way to go Memphis!

    Rankings in Crime
    Assault: 4
    Murder: 25
    Rape: 75
    Motor Vehicle Theft: 58
    Robbery: 6
    Burglary: 3

  • No. 9: Jackson, Miss. Representing the south, Jackson is number 2 in burglary and the 6th worst in murder rate in the country.

    Rankings in Crime
    Assault: 192
    Murder: 6
    Rape: 23
    Motor Vehicle Theft: 27
    Robbery: 24
    Burglary: 2

  • No. 8: Cleveland, Ohio rated number 2 in robbery and 3 in rape. Cleveland should be so proud.

    Rankings in Crime
    Assault: 118
    Murder: 19
    Rape: 3
    Motor Vehicle Theft: 10
    Robbery: 2
    Burglary: 8

  • No. 7: Birmingham, Ala. Breaking the top ten in murder, rape, and burglary. Way to go Birmingham.

    Rankings in Crime
    Assault: 44
    Murder: 7
    Rape: 7
    Motor Vehicle Theft: 40
    Robbery: 11
    Burglary: 5

  • No. 6: New Orleans, La. Last years number one, dropped five spots to number six. New Orleans was also the 2008 murder capital, who will take it this year?

    Rankings in Crime
    Assault: 72
    Murder: 2
    Rape: 262
    Motor Vehicle Theft: 14
    Robbery: 70
    Burglary: 40

  • No. 5: Flint, Mich. In Flint you are most likely to leave bruised and broke. They earned the number one spots in assault and burglary. Keep up the good work?

    Rankings in Crime
    Assault: 1
    Murder: 13
    Rape: 9
    Motor Vehicle Theft: 60
    Robbery: 16
    Burglary: 1

  • No. 4: Detroit, Mich. Two Michigan cities in a row? Detroit breaks the top 10 in four violent crime categories!

    Rankings in Crime
    Assault: 3
    Murder: 8
    Rape: 169
    Motor Vehicle Theft: 3
    Robbery: 8
    Burglary: 16

  • No. 3: Oakland, Calif. If you travel to Oakland we recommend leaving your vehicle at home. Oakland takes home the top prize in motor vehicle theft! Can you say chop – shop?

    Rankings in Crime
    Assault: 7
    Murder: 12
    Rape: 14
    Motor Vehicle Theft: 1
    Robbery: 3
    Burglary: 116

  • No. 2: St. Louis, Mo. The second most dangerous city in America earns top five ratings in assult, murder, motor vehicle theft, and robbery!

    Rankings in Crime
    Assault: 2
    Murder: 4
    Rape: 45
    Motor Vehicle Theft: 4
    Robbery: 4
    Burglary: 13

  • No. 1: Camden, N.J. And the number one most dangerous city goes to Camden! But there not finished, they also take over as the murder and robbery capital respectively.

    Rankings in Crime
    Assault: 6
    Murder: 1
    Rape: 8
    Motor Vehicle Theft: 8
    Robbery: 1
    Burglary: 41

  • Congratulations to this year’s winners, we know how hard you worked!

    Seriously, we hope you live elsewhere, but if you call any of these places home, you need to make sure that personal and home security are priority number one. If it’s not, make it your New Year’s resolution. Commit to being a part of proactive change within your community. At Guardian Self Defense we can help!

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods 2009


Why list the most dangerous neighborhoods in America rather than just sticking with the traditional city and state breakdown. Well the answer is relatively simple and makes all the sense in the world. Let’s take for example my home town and 2008’s most dangerous city! Even in New Orleans, last years most dangerous city in America, many areas or neighborhoods are very, very safe, while others average multiple murders nightly.

So in my opinion listing the most dangerous neighborhoods rather than city is much more accurate. The data is brought to us by who collects data from all 17,000 local law enforcement agencies in America, and uses a relational database to aggregate the statistics from each agency to the municipality that they protect. This provides an accurate representation of the total crimes and actual crime rates within any given city or town.

The most dangerous neighborhoods are based on violent crimes from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports and reflect the following: murder and manslaughter, rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault. The findings are based on real data and used to predit the number of violent crimes in a neighborhood per 1,000 people. Not only is the data excellent for evaluating violent crime but could and should be utilized by government leaders, consumers and private business for a variety of reasons.

Without further delay, we bring to you the Top 10 Most Dangerous neighborhoods in America as reported by Dr. Andrew Schiller and

Number 10. Richmond, Va. Neighborhood: Church Hill Found Within ZIP Code(s): 23223
Predicted Number of Annual Violent Crimes: 169
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 132.45
Your Chances of Being Victimized Here (in one year): 1 in 8

Number 9. Dallas, Texas Neighborhood: Route 352/Scyene Rd. Found Within ZIP Code(s): 75210
Predicted Number of Annual Violent Crimes: 249
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 132.87
Your Chances of Being Victimized Here (in one year): 1 in 8

Number 8. Kansas City, Mo. Neighborhood: Forest Ave./41st St. Found Within ZIP Code(s): 64110
Predicted Number of Annual Violent Crimes: 240
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 133.11
Your Chances of Being Victimized Here (in one year): 1 in 8

Number 7. Memphis, Tenn. Neighborhood: Warford St./Mount Olive Rd. Found Within ZIP Code(s): 38108
Predicted Number of Annual Violent Crimes: 272
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 135.93
Your Chances of Being Victimized Here (in one year): 1 in 7

Number 6. Kansas City, Mo. Neighborhood: Bales Ave./30th St. Found Within ZIP Code(s): 64128, 64127
Predicted Number of Annual Violent Crimes: 220
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 144.93
Your Chances of Being Victimized Here (in one year): 1 in 7

Number 5. Baltimore, Md. Neighborhood: North Ave./Belair Rd. Found Within ZIP Code(s): 21213

Predicted Number of Annual Violent Crimes: 361
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 149.98
Your Chances of Being Victimized Here (in one year): 1 in 7

Number 4. Jacksonville, Fla. Neighborhood: Beaver St./Broad St. Found Within ZIP Code(s): 32204, 32202
Predicted Number of Annual Violent Crimes: 47
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 185.77
Your Chances of Being Victimized Here (in one year): 1 in 5

Number 3. Miami, Fla. Neighborhood: 7th Ave./North River Dr. Found Within ZIP Code(s): 33128, 33130, 33136
Predicted Number of Annual Violent Crimes: 393
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 207.28
Your Chances of Being Victimized Here (in one year): 1 in 5

Number 2. Chicago, Ill. Neighborhood: State St./Garfield Blvd. Found Within ZIP Code(s): 60609
Predicted Number of Annual Violent Crimes: 275
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 264.17
Your Chances of Being Victimized Here (in one year): 1 in 4

Number 1. Cincinnati, Ohio Neighborhood: Central Pky./Liberty St. Found Within ZIP Code(s): 45210, 45214
Predicted Number of Annual Violent Crimes: 457
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 266.94
Your Chances of Being Victimized Here (in one year): 1 in 4

So there you have it. Is your neighborhood included or near any of these areas? See if your neighborhood makes the top 25. If you live in or near any of these areas you need to take extra security measures. Visit us today for self defense, home security and surveillance products.

Robbery Prevention and Personal Defense


Robbery is a unique crime because it threatens both our person and property. In America, robbery accounts for over one-third of all violent crimes. Forty percent of robberies were classified as forceful without a weapon. Unlike many other crimes, studies show that up to 90 percent of all robbers are strangers to their victims.

There are some common sense things you can start doing today to help prevent falling victim to small business robbery. Businesses should be kept clean and in order. A well organized businesses gives the impression that you care. If you have a stock room or back room, keep the door closed or whatever steps are necessary to block of view. You don’t want to advertise or show criminals what you are storing in the back room. The other benefit of blocking off the back is that potential trouble makers won’t know if you are alone or have additional workers or employees on the premises. Focus on visibility, you should be able to see the entrance and outside from almost anywhere inside.

Being active and moving around the business is always a good idea. Greet everyone who comes in in a friendly manner. Robbers don’t like any attention being drawn to them. Be on alert for anyone who just “hangs” around your business with no real purpose or someone who comes and goes more than once in a day. Go with your “gut” if you feel like someone is acting suspicious and call law enforcement just to be on the safe side.

What if a robbery does occur? Are you prepared, do you have a plan regarding what you will do or how you will respond? Everyone should know what to do in case of a robbery. Use a hand signal or code word that will alert employees of trouble. If you keep a large amount of cash on hand you are asking for trouble. Keep minimal amounts of cash on hand. Develop a plan to make money drops at the bank at least once per day. The deposit times should be random and change regularly.

If you don’t currently have a security system and surveillance cameras you should definitely consider it. This is not an expense but an investment in both your personal and business security. Even if you don’t have a working alarm system, you can post signs and stickers that state that you do. This in itself is a great deterrent. Dummy surveillance cameras and systems cost just pennies on the dollar and look just like the real thing. Again by at least putting up dummy surveillance cameras you significantly decrease your chances of falling victim.

Small business owners are the heart beat of America. We take huge risks, we invest tons of money and capitol, we employ members of our community, and so many depend on us each and everyday. It is a sad reality that robbers and other criminals prey on small businesses. In less than an hour they can destroy everything we’ve worked for. Don’t let it happen to you. For more information on personal defense and surveillance products visit us today.

Preventing Crime In Your Neighborhood


Taking a proactive approach against crime is the best way to avoid falling victim. Statistics show that nearly 1 in 10 US households will be be victimized by burglary. The profile of the “typical” American family has changed, this change will give way to many more opportunities for criminals. Today there are many more single person households and two income earner residences. As a result many homes are left empty all day, every day. So what can we do to help prevent crime in our neighborhood?

There are numerous community based programs that you can take advantage of. Now more than ever, we need to form strong bonds with neighbors and law enforcement to improve our quality of life. Some effective forms of citizen or community based crime prevention involve citizen patrols, neighborhood watch and block clubs.

A block club is a group of residents from one block. The members of the block club focus on education and awareness. They work with neighbors to make them aware of the types of crimes happening within the community, what to look for and things to be more proactive. Education is focused on breaking the cycle of crime. Street surveillance is another very effective tool employed by block clubs.

Citizen patrols are a group of organized citizens all dedicated to one cause, preventing crime. Members of these patrols have husbands, wives, and children that they love and want to protect. This is the grass roots version of a citizen patrol and with the proper training can be very productive. The other form of citizen patrol involves hiring professional security organizations or off duty police officers to handle patrols. In this form the citizen patrol organizes and plans the patrols, but allows the third party to carry out the actual security.

Bike patrols have become popular and are effective because with a bike you can go places that a car won’t take you. An example of a bike patrol would involve a two citizen team, equipped with powerful LED flashlight, radio, reflective gear and some form of non-lethal self defense (pepper spray, TASER, stun gun). Others prefer vehicle patrols and still others in smaller neighborhoods do walking patrols. Taking an active role in your community is contagious. The pride you will feel is incredible and you will certainly gain the respect and support of your community.

Neighborhood Watch programs are the most notable and tend to cover larger areas and encompass more members. In a neighborhood watch program, citizens team up with law enforcement in a mutual commitment to prevent crime. Law enforcement officials will usually dedicate a member or two to neighborhood watch. The program trains citizens to report crime and suspicious happenings. Police will usually set up a special phone number for members to call if they need help or advice. In addition, short term and long term victims assistance is available through some neighborhood watch programs. Two statistics stand out regarding Neighborhood watch programs:

  1. Criminals state that the Neighborhood Watch program is very effective in dettering robbery. Burglars say that they will go elsewhere if they felt they were being observed or if residents challenged them.
  2. Learning professional crime reporting skills has resulted in much lower crime rates where employed
  3. Of course these are just a handful of programs being utilized all over the country to deter and prevent crime. Citizens are dedicated and committed to taking back the streets they live on. Together, by forming strong community bonds with neighbors, friends and family, numerous organizations are doing just that. If you need more information a great resource is USA On Watch.

Lighting Your Home For Safety


Residential security has become a hot topic over the last year and we believe it will become a major priority for most Americans over the next five years. Crime rates continue to rise and at the heart of it are burglaries and home invasions.

One proactive step you can take today is to improve the security lighting at all entry ways. This includes doors, windows, exhaust ducts, crawl space, etc. Lighting is a major enemy of burglars, so let it shine!

Here are some simple yet effective tips to improve the security lighting in your home or business.

  • Go to great efforts to provide sufficient lighting at all doors, windows, and other openings. The cover of darkness is an intruders best defense. How do you know how much lighting is sufficient. Experts say if you can read your wristwatch then your security lighting is adequate.
  • Light the front of your home and work with your neighbors on both sides of the street to do the same.
  • If you have streetlights make sure to maintain them and report any that are not working immediately.
  • Any “shadowed” area around your home should be illuminated. These are usually areas of low light caused by trees, shrubs, or just the way your home was put together. Start with areas that cannot be seen from the street or a neighbors home; then work your way forward.
  • If you are home alone at night, wait until morning to take out your trash.
  • Get into the habit of turning lights on and off when you move from room to room at night. Change your pattern frequently and consistently.
  • You will want to leave some lights throughout your home on all night. Remember, not the same ones every night.
  • Close all blinds, drapes and shades at night. It is very easy for someone to see in at night
  • Especially during the months that our clocks fall back, we find ourselves going to and from work in darkness. Make sure you leave and return to a well lit home.

These are just a few tips for making the most of your security lighting. Criminals would much rather burglarize a dark home, then one that is well illuminated. By simply letting your lights shine you are drastically increasing your home’s security.

Dog’s Can Be Great For Security


Before we had pepper spray, stun guns or taser devices the security device of choice for many was a dog! Yes, man’s best friend, has the keen instinct to protect it’s owners property. Many convicted criminals suggest that a dog is one of the most effective deterrents to a host of residential crimes.

Dogs have a much better sense of hearing and smell than we do and dogs can easily detect the presence of a would-be attacker much sooner than we can. The bark is their way of alerting us and is also a warning or deterrent.

Barking Dog

A great way to protect your home is to invest in a large dog. This is not to suggest that you go out and buy a dog to be your security guard. Dogs need to be cared for, fed, bathed, given medicines, and genuinely loved. The security they will provide is instinctual and will come naturally.

If your not a dog lover or just don’t have the time necessary to be a responsible dog owner consider the Electronic Watchdog. This is a barking dog alarm that sounds just like the real thing without the commitment. Yes it’s a multifunctional electronic barking dog system. Using radar-wave sense control technology it monitors motion through walls, wood, cement, brick, glass and more. . When an someone enters the 100° triangle of protection, the alarm automatically senses this and begins barking just like a watchdog.

Barking Dog Alarm

Securing The Interior Of Your Home


Securing the inside of your home is just as important as making sure the exterior is safe. The two go hand and hand; yet many of us neglect to do what’s necessary to protect the interior of your residence. Here is a very simple yet comprehensive list.

Home Security

  • Don’t allow anyone into your home unless you can verify that they have a valid reason for being there.
  • Use a door stop or chain lock while identifying a stranger at your door.
  • Be cautious of anyone who arrives at your home uninvited. Do not allow entry into your home until you are 100 percent sure they are who they claim to be.
  • Just because someone is wearing what appears to be an “official uniform” doesn’t make them legitimate. Never assume, if you have doubts, contact the company they supposedly represent to verify.
  • If you lose or misplace your keys, get your locks changed or at least re-keyed
  • Keep cash to a minimum in your home or on your person.
  • Use a diversion safe to store valuables.
  • Your bedroom doors should have reliable locks on them and you should have access to a phone in each bedroom
  • Take an inventory of every valuable possession in your home. Include important information on a spreadsheet like serial number, date of purchase, approximate value, and amount of insurance coverage. Mark items with something appropriate and unique. Take pictures of your items and store along with your inventory list in a safe and secure location.
  • Self defense products can help provide you with confidence and peace of mind.

Stalking A Very Serious Personal Security Threat


If you don’t think “stalking” is a serious problem in our country think again. The Department of Justice released the findings of a 12 month study on nonfatal stalking victimization in the U.S. This was the largest and most comprehensive study of it’s kind. The overall study was supplemented by the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) and sponsored by the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW).

Key findings included almost half of stalking victims reported at least one unwanted contact per week. 11% reported having been stalked for over five years. 25% of were victims of cyberstalking by way of email (83%) and instant messaging (35%).

Fact: Nearly 3.5 million people over the age of 17 were victims of stalking during a 12 month study period.
What is stalking: It’s defined as contact directed toward an individual that causes the person to be scared or feel fear.

What are some examples of stalking: Here is a list of stalking behaviors. For the purposes of the this 12 month survey a behavior had to take place on at least two separate occasions and the victim must have feared for her personal safety or the safety of family

  • making unwanted phone calls
  • sending unsolicited or unwanted letters or e-mails
  • following or spying on the victim
  • showing up at places without a legitimate reason
  • waiting at places for the victim
  • leaving unwanted items, presents, or flowers
  • posting information or spreading rumors about the victim

    on the internet, in a public place, or by word of mouth.

It stands to reason that stalking victimization is highest for those who had been divorced or separated, nearly 35%! Almost half of all victims reported feeling fear of the unknown. Not knowing what would happen next was their most intense fear. Most victims report knowing their attacker in some form or fashion. Over half of stalking victims missed work 5 or more days as a direct result.

The feelings of emotional, physical and mental distress can be overwhelming to say the least. Nearly 1 in 5 victims of stalking feared for their physical safety. Almost all considered purchasing some type of weapon for self defense. Even worse, many victims feared for the well being of a child, family or friends. About ten percent feared being killed by the person stalking them.

Stalkers rely on intimidation and fear in attempt to control their victims. It’s no surprise that victims reported about 40% of stalkers threatened them, their family, co-workers or a pet. Often victims are not taken seriously when they confide in friends or even professionals. In reality, stalkers have the potential to be extremely dangerous. Stalking is a crime of power and control.

So what should you do if you are the victim of a stalker?

Communicate with your stalker in a very direct manner. Let them know that their advances are unwelcome and should stop immediately. The best way to do this is to have a friend or family member communicate with the stalker on your behalf. Whether you do it yourself or have some help, the message should be delivered once. After that, stop all future communication. Remember, you cannot reason with a stalker, don’t even attempt it. No contact is best way to proceed.

Your personal safety should be priority number one.

  • Change your everyday pattern. Mix up your routine, stay as unpredictable as possible.
  • Let friends, family and co-workers know that you are being stalked and show them a good picture of him.
  • Evaluate your residential security. Make sure you have strong entry locks and dead bolts installed. Consider arming all entry ways with door and window alarms.
  • Protect your personal information, be very as to who you give your address, phone number, and email address to. It is wise to set up a PO box and route all mail to that address. Phone numbers and email addresses should be unpublished and confidential. Only release to individuals you trust.
  • Arm yourself with a self defense weapon that gives you the ability to stop an attacker if necessary. Whatever self defense weapon you choose, take the necessary time to become comfortable with the product. You should know how it works and how to operate it. Practice using the device until you feel comfortable.
  • Should you need it help is just a phone call away. The National Center For Victim Assistance, has a toll free number that you can call for professional help and support. You may also email them at
    In an emergency situation you should always contact 911.

    Personal defense products.

Securing Your Windows and Doors


You can dramatically reduce your chances of falling victim to burglary or home invasion by increasing security at your main entryways. A plan to secure your front and back doors, prominent windows or sliding glass doors are critical to keeping your home and family safe.

The prevalence of residential robbery as well as home invasions are increasing dramatically. Residential robberies are more likely to occur during the day, when no one is at home. In contrast, home invasions target homes were the residents are likely to be home and are most likely to occur at night. The home invasion criminal has violence in mind and often targets an individual or family rather than a home or residence.

Fortunately, there are things you can do TODAY to greatly reduce your chance of becoming a victim of any such crimes. It sounds like a no-brainer, but get into the habit of making sure all windows, doors, sliding glass and garage doors are locked. Review your home for things such as solid heavy duty doors, premium door and window locks. Invest in door and window security devices to deter and prevent robbery or home invasions.

Glass Break Alarm

A glass breakage alarm is simple yet effective for protecting windows, sliding glass doors or just about anything glass. They are affordable and require no installation. The device sticks to the glass by way of adhesive tape and is activated by vibration. The siren is a high decibel alarm and will alert you of trouble while deterring the criminal from continuing. In addition, magnetic window and door alarms are tripped when they are opened. The magnetic contacts are separated the loud siren sounds.

Door and window alarm

Many criminals will attempt to force their way into a residence by kicking the door in. Consider using an door reinforcement device like a security door brace. Made of steel the door brace uses leverage to make forced entry very difficult for a criminal. Other affordable home security products include automatic dialers. The concept is simple, they are activated by motion. Immediately following motion they dial the phone number you pre-programmed. Upon answering the call you can actually listen in to see what’s going on at your residence. You can choose to announce yourself and/or contact the authorities. Another very effective yet surprisingly affordable home security device.

Telespy Auto Dialer

Home Security Products from Guardian Self Defense.

Escaping Rape


What would you do should you find yourself in the dreadful position of attempting to defend against being raped? This is every woman’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, there are things you can do to increase your chances of preventing the rape or sexual assault. I’d like to share a couple techniques that are easy to learn and perform and have a high rate of success.

The scenario is worst case, you find yourself in the vulnerable rape position where the rapist is in between your legs and he is trying to penetrate you. Place your hands on his shoulders and extend your elbows. This allows you the ability to push against him and begin moving your body upward and out from under him. The object is to give yourself enough room to put your feet on his hips. If you can do this then you can control his hips and prevent the thrust and attempt to penetrate. In this position you will also be able to create space between you and him. This will help to control the damage he can do with his hands. Inevitably he will try to hit, slap, punch, or stab. He needs the hands to do this, so by creating that space you are decreasing his ability to physically hurt you.

The eye gouge is another effective technique that is easy to execute. From the beginning of our worst case scenario, he is in between your thighs and attempting to sexually assault or rape. Lift your hands off of his shoulders and move the palms of your hands to the sides of his face. Your thumbs are now parallel with his eyes. Quickly and forcefully use the thumbs to press and gouge the eyes. This technique works and his instinct will be to pull away from you or knock your arms away or both. This is good because you now have space between him and you.

Eye Gouge for rape prevention

Use your strongest weapons against his weakest body parts. His most vulnerable parts are the eyes, throat, knees, and groin, face, and stomach. Using the bottoms of your feet, a kick to the abdomen will knock the wind out of him. The elbows or closed hammer fists can be used to attack the groin. Take your open palm and strike the front of the nose attempting to push the nasal bone upward. These are the same techniques taught in rape prevention and women s self defense classes across the country.

Finally, choose a self defense product that is right for you.

Pepper Spray Training, Preparation, and Awareness


I don’t have many people ever challenge the effectiveness of pepper spray or Mace. The bottom line is, a good defense spray works well and works very quickly. If you have doubts then I would challenge you to be sprayed in the face with one of our pepper spray or Mace products. They WILL make a believer out of you!

The thing about carrying a self defense product like pepper spray is that it’s only effective if you use it. I stress this over and over but many of us don’t heed the advice. If you are walking or jogging for exercise, the spray should be in your hand, finger on the safety, ready to spray. I see many females carrying it in a waist pouch or small purse; this won’t work. Do you think the attacker is going to say, “Hey, get ready here I come.” It doesn’t work like that, you literally have seconds in most cases.

Training, awareness, and preparation are three of the most important things when it comes to personal safety. You purchase a pepper spray product capable of stopping an attacker or aggressive dog nearly instantly. Do you know how to use it? Sure you’ve read the instructions and product description, but have you practiced with it? This is a must.

How aware are you when you leave your home for work each morning? Would you be an easy target for an attacker? Do you have your spray in your hand and ready to use? God forbid, but what if someone was hiding on the side of your vehicle and waiting to attack? If the spray is not in hand, your chances of getting to it in time are simply not good. If however, you’ve practiced with it, you are aware of your surroundings and prepared with spray in hand; your chances of deterring or preventing attack just went through the roof!

This is very serious stuff. Hopefully you will never, ever have to use any self defense weapon. Unfortunately, statistics show that many of us will have the opportunity. You can greatly improve the chance of a successful outcome through practice, preparation, and training. Make your personal safety a priority in your life. Challenge friends and family to do the same!