Why Pepper Spray For Self Defense


Pepper spray for self defense makes perfect sense. I personally believe that every person over the age of 18 should own a canister. Yes, it is a must have item that has very real benefits.

Pepper spray is affordable, so it’s an option for literally everyone. For an investment of less than ten bucks you can carry a self defense weapon that works. The small size of consumer pepper spray, coupled with that availability of disguised product make it easy to conceal and take nearly anywhere. Their are very few situations where you don’t have the ability to protect yourself with pepper spray. If you’re someone who is worried about others knowing that you carry pepper spray, then you need to go with a pepper pen or pepper spray ring, or even lipstick pepper spray.

Pepper spray does not require any special training or certifications to use. Anyone willing to spend a few minutes reading the insert and getting familiar with the product can be successful. After that you should be willing to test spray your unit once every few months. Additionally, you should consider getting an extra one just for practice.

Pepper spray has a shelf life or expiration date of 2 to 4 years depending on the variety you choose. It is however, extremely important that you replace your pepper spray on or before the expiration date.

With pepper spray you have the ability to protect yourself from a distance. This in itself is a huge benefit. Being able to deter or stop and attack from 8 or 10 feet away is much safer than doing so face to face. It is the great equalizer for women. No matter how big and strong you are, if sprayed with a premium pepper spray you will likely be neutralized quickly. For situations that involve attempted sexual assault or date rape, pepper spray could make the difference.

The active ingredients in pepper spray will provide excellent protection against aggressive or attacking dogs. Every neighborhood seems to have at least one. The dog who is allowed to run loose and is a constant nuisance as we ride bikes or walk the block.

Pepper spray is legal in ALL U.S. states. Yep, it is legal to carry for self defense purposes in every state. A few states do have specific restrictions on where and how much spray you can purchase.

Lastly, pepper spray is non-lethal and this is a huge benefit. When you think about the potential liability associated with carrying a lethal weapon, it is simply not a smart move. It makes much better sense to carry a non-lethal spray that works within seconds, is debilitating, yet it will not cause permanent harm.

Cell Stun Gun Non Lethal Weapon Option


Non lethal weapons are becoming more and more popular amoung military, law enforcement and citizens. Everywhere you look professional agencies are opting for non lethal weapons. It makes perfect sense and saves lives.

Instead of pulling a handgun to deal with a dangerous conflict citizens can instead use a product like a stun gun. A stun gun in disguise provides a powerful self defense product that you can take almost anywhere. How about a stun gun that looks like a cell phone. I promise you unless you tell them no one will know what you are carrying. It comes with a bright 12 LED flashlight built right in and a free holster/carrying case. Most importantly it is a 4.5 million volt stun gun. For more information visit our cell phone stun gun page.

Jack Hanna Recommends Bear Spray for Hikers


It wasn’t long ago that the famous Jack Hanna encountered a family of angry Grizzly Bears. Since that time Hanna has been singing the praises of bear pepper spray to everyone who will listen. Mr. Hanna isn’t making idle claims when he tells hikers to carry bear spray with them for protection against all species of bear. The TV host and zookeeper says he was practicing what he preaches and used his bear spray on grizzlies to quickly defuse a dangerous situation.

On that day the Columbus Zoo keeper and frequent David Letterman guest was with his wife and other hikers in Montana’s Glacier National Park when they saw the mother bear and two large cubs coming toward them. Hanna and the others moved slowly back up the trail to a clearing and stood still while the mother and one cub passed by.

Hanna says the other cub, weighing about 125 pounds, charged toward the hikers. Hanna said he sprayed the bear in the face as it charged forward, and it fled. Without the pepper spray this dangerous situation could have quickly turned tragic.

What are your chances of bear attack? Honestly, slim to none; in fact here are a few statistics to put in perspective. Statistics show that it is more likely that you will die of bee sting than a bear attack. You are 10 times more likely to die of a dog attack, than you are from a bear attack. God forbid you ever find yourself in front of an angry Grizzly Bear, only then could you begin to put a value on your bear spray.

Need more information about bear repellent spray? Visit us today at http://www.guardian-self-defense.com/bearspray.htm

Home and Personal Security Survey


At Guardian Self Defense & Security Products we are concerned about your home and personal security. Statistics show that an aware civilian is a safe civilian. Yes, simply being aware of our environment greatly reduces your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime. In addition to awareness, you need to think about your safety proactively. In other words, what types of things can you start doing today that will help make your home and family more secure?

A security survey is a great start! Below we’ve attached a basic home and personal security survey. A “yes” answer indicates that you are “tuned” in to personal security. If you answer “no” to any question, learn what you can do to improve your safety and security by visiting our safety tips page or by contacting us directly.


Being Aware Of Bear Safety


Bear pepper spray is an important tool in preventing attacks during animal encounters with bears. It is proven effective in deterring North American bears, but just as any tool it does have to be used correctly and can be affected by environmental factors such as wind and rain.

When choosing a bear spray it is critical to remember personal defense sprays are not the same as EPA approved bear spray. It is true that the active ingredient in both is the same (oleoresin capsicum). So be aware if your spray states something like a 10%, 15% or 18% oleresin capsicum concentration, it is human pepper spray NOT bear spray. The EPA regulates bear spray in the United States, so look for the EPA registration numbers found on the can or label. Please note that only bear spray will have this information.

In 1999, the Center for Wildlife Information conducted a survey among bear management specialists, outfitters, guides, and people who had been involved in bear attacks and here are the reported findings.

  • The recommended minimum spray distance recommended was 25 feet. During a bear attack they will often charge from a distance. Experts want a spray to create a wide barrier between you and the bear. This will maximize the amount of time the spray comes in contact bear’s eyes, nose, throat, and lungs.
  • The suggested minimum spray time was 6 seconds. This is the amount of time it takes to drain the cannister and discharge all contents. Anything less is unlikely to provide the necessary protection against situations such as:
      Multiple bears attacking from different directions(mother with large cubs, mating pairs, siblings traveling together);
      Repeated attacks (some bears will charge toward you, retreat, and charge again);
      Defense against a bear that comes after you after you sprayed to stop it from attacking another person;
      Very aggressive bears, a mother protecting her cubs or food);
      Being startled or scared can cause erratic spraying and wasting of bear spray;

Bear spray is a good, effective last line of defense. But nothing is a substitute for being proactive, prepared, and following general bear safety recommendations. Never intentionally approach a bear because you think you will be safe because you’re carrying bear spray. Never approach and spray a passive bear to try to get it to leave the area. Bear spray is only meant to be used on charging or attacking bears.
Bear spray

Michigan Legislature Changes Law Regarding Self Defense Spray or Foam Devices


Michigan law regarding pepper spray was recently changed (December 22, 2010) to allow citizens to carry “full-strength” 10% formulation pepper (OC) spray.

MCL 750.224d states:

“(1) As used in this section and section 224, “self-defense spray or foam device” means a device to which all of the following apply:

(a) The device is capable of carrying, and ejects, releases, or emits 1 of the following:

(i) Not more than 35 grams of any combination of orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile and inert ingredients.

(ii) A solution containing not more than 10% oleoresin capsicum.

(b) The device does not eject, release, or emit any gas or substance that will temporarily or permanently disable, incapacitate, injure, or harm a person with whom the gas or substance comes in contact, other than the substance described in subdivision (a)(i) or (ii).
(2) Except as otherwise provided in this section, a person who uses a self defense spray or foam device to eject, release, or emit orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile or oleoresin capsicum at another person is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment for not more than 2 years, or a fine of not more than $2,000.00, or both.

(3) If a person uses a self-defense spray or foam device during the commission of a crime to eject, release, or emit orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile or oleoresin capsicum or threatens to use a self-defense spray or foam device during the commission of a crime to temporarily or permanently disable another person, the judge who imposes sentence upon a conviction for that crime shall consider the defendant’s use or threatened use of the self-defense spray or foam device as a reason for enhancing the sentence.

(4) A person shall not sell a self-defense spray or foam device to a minor. A person who violates this subsection is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than 90 days or a fine of not more than $500.00, or both.

(5) Subsection (2) DOES NOT PROHIBIT (emphasis added) either of the following:

(a) The reasonable use of a self-defense spray or foam device containing not more than 10% oleoresin capsicum by a person who is employed by a county sheriff or a chief of police and who is authorized in writing by the county sheriff or chief of police to carry and use a self-defense spray or foam device and has been trained in the use, effects, and risks of the device, while in performance of his or her official duties.

(b) The reasonable use of a self-defense spray or foam device containing not more than 10% oleoresin capsicum by a person in the protection of a person or property under circumstances that would justify the person’s use of physical force.”

Residents of Michigan will no longer have to opt for a specially formulated (much weaker) pepper spray formula in order to be in compliance with the law. Now any pepper spray formula, up to a 10% OC concentration is 100% legal! This is a huge win for the residents of Michigan.

Girl Armed With Mace Fought Off A Rapist


This report was published by various media outlets in Philadelphia, PA. and describes the attempted sexual assault that took place in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. A 21 year old girl was returning home from a nearby pizza place and, when entering the building where she lived, she was attacked by a person armed with a knife. What happened next took the attacker by surprise.

This hero of a woman fought back hard, she pulled out a can of pepper mace and sprayed the assailant in the face. The attacker immediately felt the severe pain, at the same time his lungs became inflamed and he lost sight in his eyes. The scum bag pulled back and was able to punch the girl in the face but then he knew without vision and in ever increasing pain he could not do anything so he took off and fled the scene.

This young woman refused to be a victim and instead fought back with all she had. Had she not taken a proactive approach to her personal safety she may have been raped or even worse killed. Thankfully she had that little can of pepper mace and was prepared to utilize it.

The dirt bag was able to strike her in the face and caused a “black eye” but within a week that bruise was gone. Her dignity and life are definitely worth a few bruises.

This story shows how a simple, inexpensive self defense device, like pepper mace, can quickly level the playing field and put the odds in your favor. This was a violent encounter where a male attacker who, out weighed his intended victim by over 100 pounds. The women didn’t have any special training. Instead she took a proactive approach to her safety that paid off big time.

Yes, pepper mace is a non-lethal weapon so there are no long term effects associated with its use, but it’s effects cannot be denied. That one second shot of pepper spray to the face quickly changed the situation from thinking of rape to being concerned for his own well being and survival. Within seconds the attacker was blinded by the spray, his eyes swollen shut; his breathing became very difficult, and the pain was overwhelming. After being sprayed with mace or pepper spray, his focus has totally changed from rape to his own survival.

Top 10 Self Defense Weapons


What are your best selling self defense weapons? What self defense products would you recommend? These are two questions that I get asked ALL THE TIME. To answer questions like these I thought it best to create a list of our top 10 self defense weapons. So here it is:

  1. The Pepper Shot Triple Pack is three defense sprays in one affordable package. We combine a 2 ounce stream spray (perfect for home or office security), a special auto visor model (made to attach to your auto visor), and the classic keychain with quick release (a take anywhere self defense spray).
  2. The expandable police baton is made of solid steel and a nearly indestructible striking weapon. If you are looking for a dependable, yet affordable police baton…this is it.
  3. The Mace Pepper Gun is the newest in non-lethal self defense technology. With an effective range of up to 25 feet, this easy to aim and fire pepper spray gun is taking the industry by storm. The pepper gun comes with a practice cartridge and refills are readily available.
  4. Almost everyone would love to be able to arm themselves with an ultra effective self defense weapon in disguise. With our Pretender Cell Stun Gun, you can do just that. The only way someone will know this is a 4.5 million volt stun gun is if you tell them. With the small size and disguise this is a take anywhere self defense option.
  5. The Flex expandable stun baton is a powerful stun gun that expands to almost 2 feet in length with the push of a button. Combine that with a built in personal alarm and flashlight; you get complete product that is great for walkers, joggers, hikers and delivery workers. The Flex is also a favorite for defense against aggressive dogs.
  6. Your all in one self defense stun gun from the stun gun specialist Stun Master.This multifunction stun gun combines a 2.7 million volt stun gun, a personal alarm an LED flashlight and an emergency red flashing strobe light. This stun flashlight has been extensively tested by an outside agency and consistently fired at a true 2.7 million volts.
  7. Fox Labs pepper spray…enough said! Anything Fox, is the best of the best. The hardcase keychain pepper spray is small, convenient, and affordable. A very real 5.3 million scoville heat units will stop even the most determined attackers.
  8. Jogger pepper spray from Mace is a simple but necessary design that appeals directly to walkers, joggers and hikers. This unit is uniquely designed to fit comfortably in the hand. The elastic strap can be customized to fit your size hand. Once in place you can safely run, walk or jog. Should trouble arise, protection is literally at your fingertips.
  9. The C2 Taser is the most advanced non-lethal self defense weapon available today!
  10. Wildfire Pepper gel offers several advantages over traditional pepper spray including increased range, sticks to an attacker making it less contaminating and more debilitating, non-flammable,water based formula, safe for use with firearms or tasers, and the heavy gel formula eliminates “blowback”.