Rape And Sexual Assualt Awareness Statistics


Unfortunately, very few women take the possibility of falling victim to crimes like rape and sexual assault seriously. As a result, little is done from the standpoint of prevention and safety. In our opinion, awareness, communication and preparation are the best ways to help women everywhere increase their personal safety situation. A start is to share the following facts from The Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response Center (STAR) http://www.brrcc.org/


An average 233,986 Americans age 12 and older are sexually assaulted each year. Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted.

Who Are the Victims?

1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. Among all victims, about nine out of ten are female.

1 out of every 33 American men has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in his lifetime. About 10% of all victims are male.


Age of sexual assault victims:

  • 15% are under age 12
  • 29% are age 12-17
  • 44% are under age 18
  • 80% are under age 30
  • Ages 12-34 are the highest risk years
  • Girls ages 16-19 are four times more likely than the general population to be victims of sexual assault


Estimated persons raped in lifetime by gender and race:


  • 17.7% of white women
  • 18.8% of African-American women
  • 6.8% of Asian / Pacific Islander women
  • 34.1% of American Indian / Alaskan Native women
  • 24.4% mixed race women
  • 14.6% of Hispanic women


  • 2.8% of white men
  • 3.3% of African-American men
  • 4.4% of mixed race men
  • The sample size was too small to estimate for Asian/ Pacific Islander and American Indian / Alaskan Native men

Effects of Rape

Physical Injuries

100% of completed rapes, 39% of attempted rapes, and 17% sexual assaults against females result in injured victims.

  • 33% of victims sustain minor (bruises and chipped teeth) physical injuries
  • 5% of victims sustain major (broken bones and gunshot wounds) injuries
  • 61% of victims sustain undetermined injuries

Only around 36% of injured victims receive medical care

Mental Health

Victims of sexual assault are:

  • 3 times more likely to suffer from depression
  • 6 times more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder
  • 13 times more likely to abuse alcohol
  • 26 times more likely to abuse drugs
  • 4 times more likely to contemplate suicide

Occurrence of Sexual Assaults

The number of rapes reported is spread fairly evenly throughout the year, with a slight increase in August (around 9%) and the fewest in December (around 7%).

Time of day sexual assaults occur:

  • 43% between 6:00pm and midnight
  • 33% between 6:00am and 6:00pm
  • 24% between midnight and 6:00am

Nearly 6 out of 10 sexual assault incidents were reported by victims to have occurred in their own home or at the home of a friend, relative, or neighbor.

Reporting to Police

There were 90,427 forcible rapes reported to police in 2007. Sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes, with an average of 39% being reported to the police each year.

When victims of rape, attempted rape, and sexual assault did not report the crime to the police, the most often cited reasons were:


  • personal matter (23.3%)
  • fear of reprisal (16.3%)
  • police biased (5.8%)

Attempted rape:

  • personal matter (16.8%)
  • fear of reprisal (11.3%)
  • protect offender (9.9%)

Completed and attempted sexual assault:

  • personal matter (25.3%)
  • reported to different official (12.4%)
  • fear of reprisal (11.3%)

The closer the relationship between the female victim and the offender, the greater the likelihood that the incident will not be reported. When the offender was a current or former husband or boyfriend, about 75% of all victimization’s were not reported to police.

When the offender was a friend or acquaintance, an average 71% were not reported. When the offender was a stranger, an average 44% were not reported.

The Offenders

Almost 2/3 of sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim.

  • 23% of rapists are an intimate
  • 3% are another relative
  • 38% are a friend or acquaintance
  • 31% are a stranger
  • 6% are unknown

Only about 6% of rapists ever serve a day in jail. The average age of an arrested rapist is 31 years old.

  • 0.6% are 17 years old or younger
  • 54.6% are 18 to 29 years old
  • 28.6% are 30 to 39 years old
  • 8.9% are 40 to 49 years old
  • 7.3% are 50 years old or older

Marital status of arrested rapists.

  • 22.1% are married
  • 1.2% are widowed
  • 28.5% are divorced
  • 6.2% are separated
  • 42% are never married

Convicted rapists made up 1.2% of the 272,111 state prisoners released in 1994, and 46% of these released rapists were rearrested within three years for some type of felony or serious misdemeanor.

National Sexual Assault Hotline:

Is A Serial Rapist Loose In Baton Rouge?


The Baton Rouge Police Department is investigating a reported rape this morning and a possibly related attack that occurred a week ago.

This morning’s incident occurred around 3:15 a.m. at an apartment on Stanford Avenue. The 26-year old victim had just returned home when a man, who had possibly been following her, approached. As she was trying to get into her apartment the suspect asked her for a glass of water and if he could use the phone. She refused and was trying to close her door when he forced his way inside. He then pulled a knife and raped the victim. The suspect is described as an Hispanic male, broken English, mid-20’s, 5’6”, medium build, with short, dark hair, wearing all dark clothing. He may have been in an older model, maroon or red four-door car.

One week ago, on November 22nd, at about 2:45 a.m., a 20-year old female who had accidentally been locked out of her apartment on Lee Drive was sitting outside waiting for her roommates to return when a man walked up to her and asked if he could use her cell phone. She allowed him to and he then returned her phone and walked away. Several minutes later someone grabbed her from behind and choked her, threatening to kill her if she made a sound. He then reportedly began trying to drag the victim between two sets of stairs. She began screaming loudly and the suspect released her and fled. She described her assailant as the same man who borrowed her phone, an Hispanic male, 20-25, 5’5”-5’8” tall

It is not yet known whether these two incidents are related but there are obviously strong similarities.

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The police department urges everyone, but especially young women in the LSU area, to take note of these events and take appropriate steps to protect themselves. Be cautious, be aware of your surroundings, and be wary of anyone approaching and asking to use your phone or making similar requests. Most important, try not to be outside alone during the late night or early morning hours and always make sure your doors and windows are locked. Report any suspicious behavior to your local law enforcement agency immediately.

Anyone with any information on the identity of the suspect(s) is urged to contact the Sex Crimes Division at 225-389-3853 or Crime Stoppers at 225-344-7867.

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The Effectiveness of Pepper Spray aka Mace


Lets talk about the effectiveness of pepper spray. Is pepper spray the most effective non-lethal self defense weapon? It’s definitely the most popular self defense product on the market.

Pepper spray, also known as OC spray (Oleoresin Capsicum), mace and capsicum spray is a severe irritant and pain agent. A quick one second spray to the face causes pain, tears, temporary blindness and respiratory distress. When used properly it is extremely effective at “taking the fight out” of an attacker. Pepper spray is proven effective when used on persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The best thing about it is effects are temporary. It’s non-lethal and will not cause any long term injury.

For many reasons it is the first line of defense for thousands of law enforcement and military professionals. Safety wise citizens are turning to pepper spray for personal self defense and even protection against aggressive dogs and bears.

Here are the top reasons why everyone should carry pepper spray.

  • Pepper spray is inexpensive. The cost of a good self defense spray is between $8 – $20. The exception would be bear spray or large crowd control sprays which cost between $25 and $60.
  • Self life or expiration date is typically between 36 and 60 months. This means you will only have to replace your pepper spray every 3 to 5 years. Aren’t you willing to invest in your personal safety at the cost of a few bucks per year?
  • Legal for self defense in every U.S. state. A few states have specific restrictions related to size, strength or where you can purchase.
  • No special skill set or specialized training required. If you are willing to spend a few minutes getting familiar with the spray and a few more minutes practicing how to use, you’ll be in good shape.
  • Pepper spray offers the unique ability to stop an attacker(s) at a safe distance. With an effective range of 8-15 feet, you won’t have to get in harms way to protect yourself. A one second spray to the face will debilitate an attacker long enough to get yourself to safety.

Pepper spray comes in canisters, which are typically small enough to easily conceal in a pocket or purse. It can also be bought in disguised items such as pens, lipstick, and walking weights. Pepper spray is preferred by law enforcement officials as an effective alternative to extreme force. If the professionals trust it, shouldn’t you!

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Buy same police pepper spray used at UC Davis and Occupy


The pepper spray incidents that took place at UC Davis and various Occupy locations has the social networks buzzing. Opinions vary greatly depending on who you talk with. The one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that police pepper spray is ultra effective!

The pepper spray of choice for most professionals is Fox Labs International Premium Aerosol Defense Sprays. Fox boasts the following; ” Simply stated, in their categories; Fox Labs International’s Premium Defense Spray Products are formulated to be the safest, hottest and most effective you can buy!”

If you are looking for the best defense sprays available then you need to try Fox pepper spray. Hundreds of thousands of military, government and police officers use Fox. As a civilian you can legally purchase this same high powered pepper spray.

Pepper spray gives users that ability to stop an attacker at a safe distance, with effective ranges up to 20 feet. Pepper spray requires no special skill set to operate. Pepper spray is the ‘great equalizer’ because it can literally neutralize an attacker with superior size, strength and fighting skills. Someone exposed to a direct shot of pepper spray to the face will become incapacitated for 20-30 minutes. Symptoms include severe pain and burning in the eyes, nose, mouth and mucus membranes. Temporary blindness is immediate. Inflammation and irritation of respiratory function leaves the exposed reduced to ‘life support breathing’.

Here’s what professional law enforcement is saying about Fox Labs defense sprays.


“We had a paranoid schizophrenic large male off his medication go crazy in a hair salon full of people. He was barricaded in a bathroom and screaming about the devil. One spray in the face and it was immediately effective. We waited for about 2-3 seconds and I gave him commands to prone out and put his hands behind his back. He must have thought the devil spit in his eyes. He did everything we asked. It was great! We made some more believers’ in your product today. Thanks!”

Lt. DN, Wisconsin


“In contrast to the other OC products I have been exposed to in the past where I was comfortable for a few seconds while being led to water, your product created intense pain and heat immediately. I was surprised at the intensity and manner in which my air passages and ability to open my eyes were impacted.”

Asst. Director JER, Georgia


“This dog (part Rottweiler) came charging at me, so I gave it a one second burst of the pepper spray. The pepper hit the dog in the chest from about 8 feet away. The dog stopped DEAD IN ITS TRACKS. I think the skid marks are still in the grass!”

Sgt. RFB, Louisiana


“While chasing him on foot I was unable to grab him. At that time I deployed my pepper gas and discharged it in the area of the rear of his head from about ten feet away. The pepper gas struck the subject in the rear of the head and shoulder area. The subject then immediately fell to the ground and was handcuffed and placed under arrest.”

Officer TH, Georgia


“Have had zero failures in five years of use. 100% effective, 100% immediate stop and drop. Officer injuries have declined considerable since Fox put into use. Officers report Fox effective against subjects already sprayed w/other brands and still resisting.”

Lt. JW, Ohio

Become a carrying member of the Fox Family today!

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Real World Street Fighting DVD instead of Krav Maga


Seems like a Krav Maga training shops are popping up on every street corner these days. The self defense training classes focus on striking techniques, wrestling and grappling. Krav Maga is known for its focus on real-world situations and extremely efficient, brutal counter-attacks. The downside to these types of classes is the student to teacher ratio is often very high. It’s difficult or inconvenient for those with careers, kids, and families to attend classes. For many these types of settings are extremely intimidating. Finally, you can expect to shell out a nice “chunk of change” per person.

An attractive alternative is to learn advanced self defense techniques by watching instructional DVDs in the comfort of your home. Make your own schedule and get the one-on-one training that is so important to mastering real world self defense fighting skills. Instructional fighting DVDs like Combat JKD by Chris Clugston are designed for men and women alike. Learn to defend yourself against multiple attackers in any violent situation.

You can’t get this type of training from local self defense classes. Combat JKD will teach you grappling, striking, karate, bare knuckle fighting, full contact self defense, street fighting, hand to hand combat, gun and knife disarmament, combat fighting, how to protect against home invasions and much more.

With this instructional fighting DVD, you don’t have to be a world class athlete to keep up with the training. The pace is easy to follow and put into practice.

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Personal protection using non-lethal self defense options


Self defense products are designed to provide protection. Usability as well as convenience are among their important features. It is tough to brand a single sort as being the greatest given that each and every circumstance needs a different approach to safety.

Choosing a protective weapon that actually works good for you requires the consideration of certain things. Several products stand out for home use while others are far more suited to carry around while out in public areas.

Whenever looking into self defense products, think about exactly how your choice would enable you to respond sensibly to a perilous scenario. An excellent weapon of protection for women is pepper spray, for example. Even without adept reflexes, one can overpower an enemy with the powerful effects of this gadget.

Bringing about incapacitation on the enemy provides you with the advantage of being able to get away the scene rapidly and search for assistance. It could help you to ask about high or low voltage stun guns, as well, that provide electrical shock which could cause anyone to be immobile for a couple of moments.

People who travel need to have self defense products which they could take along with ease and comfort. Being portable, low cost and highly effective in repelling an opponent, personal security alarms emit a loud warning noise that signal of an approaching danger.

Crime occurrences in schools are increasingly growing and students must take matters of safety in their own hands. A college personal safety kit will not just offer students peace of mind but also appease nervous parents. It generally contains numerous security devices like pepper sprays and safety alarms along with an instructional DVD.

For all those requiring selfdefense products that can stop criminals from a safe distance, expandable police batons fit the requirement. With a padded or textured handle to give users with a better hold of the weapon, one could be easily wielded against a raging individual.

On the whole, self defense products are non fatal instruments which don’t cause permanent harm if used towards violent subjects. Their non-fatal character also lessens danger on account of weapon misuse.

Top 5 Self Defense Products


Personal defense has become a top priority for many Americans. The main reason is both the frequency of violent crime as well as increased media attention. No longer is crime an inner city urban problem. Crime is everywhere and it is all of our problems. Unemployment rates are above 10 percent, illegal drug use is at epidemic proportions and the demand for self defense and personal security products has never been greater.

Trying to determine the most effective personal defense products can prove to be a very daunting task for many consumers. I've put together our top five self defense and personal security product list. This is our "must have" list when it comes to protecting yourself and your family. We will give the the product, how it works and what it costs. We hope you will find this beneficial.

The C2 Taser is the most technologically advanced non-lethal self defense product on the market. Independent studies cite its effectiveness and relative safety. The C2 Taser is small, in fact it only weighs six ounces, yet its stopping power is comparable to a handgun. The Taser is legal in most states and requires a successful background check prior to activation. The TASER C2 uses a replaceable cartridge, containing compressed nitrogen, to deploy two small probes that are attached to the TASER C2 by insulated conductive wires with a maximum length of 15 feet (4.5 meters). The TASER C2 transmits electrical pulses along the wires and into the body affecting the sensory and motor functions of the peripheral nervous system. The energy can penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing.

The C2 Taser has the same makeup as the professional law enforcement model. The major difference is the effective range. The civilian model has a 15 foot range while the law enforcement model is 25 feet. The Taser comes with a very complete training DVD that makes learning to use the C2 easy. The C2 is available with or without a built-in laser sight, which makes accuracy a cinch. The only major obstacle using the Taser C2 for personal defense is the price, as consumers can expect to pay $399 for the model with built-in laser and $299 without.

Instructional self defense DVD's are popular among many as a way to protect themselves and the ones they love. With instructional fighting DVD's you are not dependent upon a device to ensure your personal safety, instead you depend on specialized self defense fighting skills. Instructional self defense DVD's offer self motivated individuals a nice selection of specialty techniques including basic martial arts, striking, bare knuckle fighting, street fighting, hand to hand combat, gun and knife disarmament, and how to protect against home invasions. The cost of a DVD ranges from about $39 to over $100 depending on the lesson and its content. If you are self motivated and learn well in a one on one environment then fighting DVD's may be the way to go.

Telescopic or expanding steel batons are extremely popular self defense weapons. They are currently a police favorite and their popularity among residential customers increases daily. Made of solid steel, these weapons are basically indestructible and can be counted on in nearly every situation. In the closed position these batons measure 7 to 10 inches, but with a "flip" of the wrist they extend and lock at 16 to 26 inches. The baton is mainly a striking weapon but works well as a leverage and pressure point weapon. The telescopic baton pricing runs $20 to $30 dollars depending on model.

High voltage mini stun guns are excellent at deterring human and animal attack. These stun guns take small to a whole new level, most are only about 3.5 inches tall. The look of these mini stun guns is nothing like that of a traditional stun gun. In fact, unless you tell someone what it is they probably will have no idea. The high voltage (2 to 3 million volts) and low amperage (10 to 12 milliamps) provide a debilitating self defense product that is totally non-lethal.

In the past the dependability of stun guns was often the problem or concern. Advancements in technology have improved the performance and dependability of the stun guns. Most sellers now offer a lifetime warranty against defects.

You choose your voltage, style, color and it you want a battery powered or rechargeable unit. Most battery powered units run on 3 volt lithium, while the rechargeable units never need new batteries but do need to be placed on a charger from time to time. The cost of a high voltage mini stun gun depends upon the manufacturer, features, and voltage, but you can expect to pay between $40 and $60 for most units.

Self defense pepper spray accounts for more self defense product purchases than all other products combined. Pepper spray and Mace products are inexpensive, work almost instantly, have effective ranges of 8 to 30 feet, and work well against animals as well as humans. Tried, true and refined; todays best pepper spray products will stop even the most aggressive attackers right away.

Available in ballistic stream, fog, foam and gels; there is a self defense pepper spray from every situation. The shelf life is typically 2 to 3 years and stamped right on the product so you don't have to guess at when to replace.

To brands like Fox Labs and Defense Technology are favorites among law enforcement professionals and act as a first line of defense. Like the pros our choice for the best all around non-lethal self defense product is a good pepper spray. The best on the market, in our opinion, is Fox Labs pepper spray.

Diversion safes make perfect sense


Most of us have our most valued possessions in our homes. Thousands of dollars in valuables such as rings, watches, necklaces, earrings, and cash. If someone broke into our homes tomorrow they would likely make off with a nice payday.

Our homes are supposed to be a safety zone. The truth is most US households are vacant for over 6 hours per day on average. While you’re off at work a thief would love to gain entry to your home and possessions. How would you fare? Do you leave expensive jewelry sitting in the bathroom or in a jewelry box in plain sight? Do you leave cash laying on your dresser or in the laundry room?

Professional home thief’s know exactly what to look for and where they are likely find it. Crime stats tell us that a burglar will spend less than ten minutes in your home. He is in a hurry and will grab the most obvious valuables.

That’s why diversion safes or hidden safes work so well at protecting your most prized possessions. Hiding valuables in diversion safes is ingenious.

Diversion safes are made to look and feel just like everyday household products like soda cans, bathroom cleaners, spray starch, beer, etc. The difference is they have hidden compartments in them which will allow you to store your valuables. Some areas are larger than others depending on the individual safe, but all are perfect for small high value items like rings, earrings, chains, necklaces, bracelets, and cash.

Hidden safes are inexpensive and come in a variety of models, some of the newest additions are Kibbles n Bits dog food and Miller Beer cans. The affordable hidden safes make perfect sense. Hide your valuable in plain site with a diversion safe!

dog food diversion safe

Simple car safety tips if you break down


It was just after midnight, I was traveling a rural highway on my way to a business conference, when the ‘check engine’ light came on and my car sputtered to a stop. I was in the middle of nowhere on a lonely, dark and potentially dangerous stretch of road. I thought about my wife and how thankful I was that this happened to me and not to her and the kids. The fact is there is never a good or convenient time to break down but it’s important to prepare for the worst before you hit the road.

Probably the most important device you can carry is your cell phone. Don’t leave home without it and get in the habit of charging it fully prior to a night road trip. You can use it to call police or roadside assistance for help. Women are encouraged to tell them that you feel uncomfortable and fear for your safety.

Once you’ve called for help now turn on the emergency flashers, lock the vehicle up and get out and away from your car. By sitting in a the car you become a stationary target for a criminal who may be trolling the area looking for a victim. If someone wants to harm you they will smash the windows out putting you in a very tight spot. Instead, get out and away from the vehicle. Do your best to find a barrier to hide behind. Your looking for something that will camouflage you and keep you out of harms way until help arrives.

When leaving your vehicle, make sure to take anything of value, your cell phone, a flashlight and your self defense weapon. One of the best things you can arm yourself with is a good self defense pepper spray. Pepper spray has the unique ability to stop an attacker at a distance, giving you plenty of time to get to safety. In addition, pepper spray is totally non-lethal. A car safety kit can be placed in the trunk of your vehicle in preparation for times like these. It includes an automotive emergency tool, driving alarm that wakes you if you dose off, a flashlight, pepper spray, a hidden safe and much more.

car safety kit

Triple Action Pepper Spray Many Benefits


Most days we get at least a few customers who call or email to inquire about our Mace Triple Action pepper spray line. Some of the most popular questions are:

What is the difference between pepper spray and tear gas?
Is Mace Triple Action better than the other self defense sprays you sell
Specifically, what is the difference between the Triple action line and plain OC pepper spray

Let me start by stating that Guardian Self Defense only carries premium defense spray. Every brand we carry is rigorously tested to ensure a premium, effective product. In addition, all of our pepper spray are made right here in the United States. Bet, that one surprised most people! It’s true all pepper spray products are made and tested right here in the USA.

Pepper spray is effective as an inflammatory agent. This means when you spray someone with a quality Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) spray, inflammation of the membranes is almost instant. The eyes become swollen shut, the inflammation causes temporary blindness because it swells the capillaries in the eyes. The respiratory track becomes inflamed once the OC is inhaled, or breathed in.

The lungs and respiratory tissue become swollen and normal oxygen levels are decreased significantly. As a result, a person sprayed will need to concentrate on “life support breathing” and this usually breaks even the most aggressive person’s will. After all if you can’t see and you can’t breathe; you really can’t do much. The OC also causes severe mucus discharge out of the mouth, and nose. Finally, OC is painful, it carries with it an intense burning and stinging (especially in the eyes).

Tear gas on the other hand is a pain agent. Tear gas works by physically causing a great deal of pain, profuse tearing and disorientation. The potential problem with tear gas is that it is ineffective on those who don’t or cannot feel pain. Certain drug addicts and those under the influence, most likely have a much higher pain tolerance. For years now, pepper spray has been the self defense spray of choice for law enforcement professionals as well as civilians.

Mace is a brand name that has been around for decades. Every self defense product by Mace is top of the line. With that said, Triple Action features pepper spray, tear gas and a UV marking dye. So yes, Mace is excellent because it combines tear gas, with a great OC spray and the UV marking dye. Our WildFire and Fox Labs pepper spray lines sport higher scoville heat ratings; at concentrations from 18% down to 2%.

With the triple action product you carry a complete self defense spray. The combination of the two has been proven very effective in deterring human crime as well as canine’s. So unlike, most self defense spray lines Mace combines CS tear gas, with OC pepper spray and a Ultraviolet marking light. I encourage you to review the line at:


Pepper Spray Preparation and Awareness


I don’t have many people ever challenge the effectiveness of pepper spray or Mace. The bottom line is, a good defense spray works well and works very quickly. If you have doubts then I would challenge you to be sprayed in the face with one of our pepper spray or Mace products. They WILL make a believer out of you!

The thing about carrying a self defense product like pepper spray is that it’s only effective if you use it. I stress this over and over but many of us don’t heed the advice. If you are walking or jogging for exercise, the spray should be in your hand, finger on the safety, ready to spray. I see many females carrying it in a waist pouch or small purse; this won’t work. Do you think the attacker is going to say, “Hey, get ready here I come.” It doesn’t work like that, you literally have seconds in most cases.

Training, awareness, and preparation are three of the most important things when it comes to personal safety. You purchase a pepper spray product capable of stopping an attacker or aggressive dog nearly instantly. Do you know how to use it? Sure you’ve read the instructions and product description, but have you practiced with it? This is a must.

How aware are you when you leave your home for work each morning? Would you be an easy target for an attacker? Do you have your spray in your hand and ready to use? God forbid, but what if someone was hiding on the side of your vehicle and waiting to attack? If the spray is not in hand, your chances of getting to it in time are simply not good. If however, you’ve practiced with it, you are aware of your surroundings and prepared with spray in hand; your chances of deterring or preventing attack just went through the roof!

This is serious stuff. Hopefully you will never, ever have to use any self defense weapon. Unfortunately, statistics show that many of us will have the opportunity. You can greatly improve the chance of a successful outcome through practice, preparation, and training. Make your personal safety a priority in your life. Challenge friends and family to do the same!

Everyone must carry pepper spray, this is why


Here are 3 more reasons why everyone MUST carry pepper spray. It really could save your life as it did for the individuals involved in these recent incidents which took place in Alabama, Kansas and Pennsylvania.

In Wichita, a young women was sound asleep in her home last weekend when a man came in and attempted to rape her. The attacker covered her face with a towel and began his assualt. During the struggle the women was able to get her pepper spray. Upon spraying him he immediately stopped the attack and ran away.

A Pennsylvania women was grabbed and attacked whilce jogging. Out of nowhere a hooded man grabbed her. The women fought and was able to break free, but he chased her down. She was armed with pepper spray which quickly stopped the attack.

In downtown Florence, Alabama a man walked into a business armed with a box cutter demanding cash. The store attendant bent over and acted as if she was getting money, instead she grabbed pepper spray. A quick spray to the face and the attempted robbery was thwarted.

These are just a three examples of the dangerous times we live in. Think about it, would you have been prepared and equipped to fight for your life. How about your husband, wife, sister or daughter? It’s time we got serious about our personal security and something as simple and inexpensive as pepper spray can be the difference.

Pepper spray is highly effective at stopping even the most determined attackers. It takes no special training, no special skill set, gives the ability to stop an attacker from a safe distance, is legal, and completely non-lethal.

fox labs pepper spray

Michigan lawmakers proposal would allow concealed gun permit holders to buy Tasers


Michigan is one of seven states that prohibits it’s citizens from purchasing a non-lethal self defense taser for home, business and personal security. Residents can legally carry a handgun in Michigan but the less lethal taser is illegal…go figure? Finally, it appears that law makers may be coming to their senses. If a new proposed law passes concealed gun permit holders would be able to legally purchase the citizen tasers. This would be a small win for consumers but the potential to build on this law could lead to a larger win down the road.

Many people are simply not comfortable with a gun in their home, vehicle or business. A non-lethal yet extremely effective option is much more desirable. With five children in her home, the last thing LeeAnna Rocha wants in her home is a gun.
But the Lansing single mother also has been the victim of three burglaries within the past year, and she’s convinced she needs some sort of weapon in her home to protect her family from intruders. The 35-year-old believes a Taser is a weapon she and her children can live with. Hundreds of thousands across the United States share this view.

The decision to use deadly force to protect yourself and loved ones may seem like a “no-brainier”. The unfortunate truth is a 12 person jury is likely to determine if deadly force was justified. Are you prepared to deal with this? A taser or some pepper spray provide citizens with the ability to stop an attacker and get to safety; all without causing permanent harm.

Michigan has banned the carrying of a stun gun since 1976, except for police and correctional officers; it is one of only seven states that prohibit residents from using them. Come on, I can legally purchase and own a 9mm handgun; but a stun gun is against the law! Hopefully that will change very soon. The Republican-controlled Michigan Senate passed the bill Oct. 4, and it now is pending before the Republican-controlled House.

The C2 TASER is the most advanced non lethal self defense weapon available to civilians. Using Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology, taser devices will stop even the most determined attackers. TASER® C2 has a higher instant incapacitation rate than a 9mm hand gun. The TASER® C2 shoots out 2 darts attached to 15 feet of wire. 50,000 volts travels over the wires and over-rides the central nervous system providing incredible take-down power.

tase c2

Where can I buy Mace Pepper Spray?


Most grown-ups come out in office clothes, toting unwieldy bags and hefty suitcases, hands tied to cell phones and personal effects, none of which makes us ready to come face to face with an attacker. We do not step out of the house anticipating trouble.

I am convinced the mace pepper spray is made for us regular adults who walk in our heels or leather shoes everyday, and at the end of it, make the trip home late at night, feeling exhausted and barely alert. You can buy this product online in the convenience of your own home!

In all the years I have worked in human resources for privately owned companies, I have encountered my share of assault cases. In my line of work, many of those occur during the commute or drive home, and unfortunately, in the workplace as well.

I have consistently advised employees to carry the mace pepper spray with them at all times but sometimes they ask “where to buy mace pepper spray“. Its appearance does not stick out like a sore thumb from smart-looking work attire.

The Mace PepperGard pepper spray has a potent 10% pepper formula causing tears and temporary blindness for 30 minutes, enough time to get away from danger and call for help.

Personally, I use the Leather Plus mace pepper spray. Its glow-in-the-dark safety cap is perfect for night use. I keep a Mace Police in my car, a bigger 17 gram model like what is used in law enforcement.

I take the Mace Personal when I jog in the mornings. I simply attach its belt clip to my belt bag that holds my MP3 player. I notice most of my younger colleagues now use the Hot Pink model and many others like the easy-to-aim Mace PepperGard Pocket.

pink mace pepper spray