Why Go For A Stun Gun In Disguise


Soon after it was first introduced to the market as a self-defense gadget it didnt require much time for the stun gun to show its abilities. This gadget could immobilize a wrongdoer in order to allow you to secure yourself.

Disguised stun guns are one of the most popular. These were designed in order that you could have the advantage of surprise against an attacker. One of the reliable variants a pen stun gun is a very practical tool to utilize. Imagine: who would actually expect that a pen can be converted into a weapon which could disable an aggressor?

Masked or not stun guns are capable of dispensing a substantial level of electric shock to the receivers body. This is enough to immobilize him for several minutes giving you some time to try to escape.

The typical stun guns are easy to spot. When compared disguised stun guns will be hard to identify mainly because they resemble harmless objects. A pen stun gun will surely be a perfect defensive tool to keep within your pocket. Because it is a compact and small stun gun you could even store it in your hand.

A pen stun gun is merely a stun gun that appears exactly like a pen. If you would like yours to be more effective then go for one that can discharge millions of volts. Stun Master for instance makes high voltage rechargeable pen stun guns.

One more excellent inclusion would be a built-in LED flashlight which can be utilized throughout emergency cases. It would be even better if it came with a safety cap and also pin to prevent cases of electrical discharge.

A pen stun gun exactly like ordinary stun guns is merely capable of imposing temporary damages to the lawbreaker and is therefore a non-lethal tool. Typically the immobilization ought to last simply for about a couple of minutes.

Despite the fact that a disguised stun gun isnt lethal it would still be better to handle it with care to avoid yielding unnecessary results on the wrong person.

Guardian-Self-Defense.Com Launches New Line of Spitfire Pepper Spray


“The Self Defense Product Experts”, Guardian Self Defense & Security Products, is pleased to announce a brand new line of Spitfire Pepper Spray sold with industry-leading Sabre Red Defense Spray. Millions of consumers fall victim to violent crime each year. To address consumer concerns requesting a more compact and faster deploying pepper spray we have introduced Spitfire with Sabre Red Pepper Spray.

Baton Rouge, LA (PRWEB) April 20, 2012

Pepper spray out sells all other non-lethal self defense products combined. It is the personal security product of choice for millions, but but feedback indicates that consumers want a smaller, more compact unit with the ability to deploy the pepper spray faster. Now, customers everywhere can feel greater personal security and added peace of mind by carrying Spitfire with Sabre Red Formula.

Guardian-Self-Defense.Com is always investigating ways to deliver new and innovative non-lethal self defense products to our customer base. “Customer feedback indicated that pepper spray was often left at home, in the bottom of purses or in the car because it was not convenient to carry and use. Pepper spray is of no value unless it’s with you and easily accessible when needed,” explained Bryan Buckner, Owner of Guardian Self Defense & Security Products LLC. “With Spitfire people now have the most compact key chain pepper spray in the industry. In addition, it deploys faster and with greater accuracy than other units.” Buckner added.

This Spitfire pepper spray offers several advantages: gives the user the ability to fire over the shoulder, quickly releases from keys, and fires accurately even from the hip. Spitfire offers users an ergonomic design that fits nicely even in the smallest hands. Spitfire uses the world famuous Sabre Red USA formula which is 10% OC, rated at 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units and contains .67 major capsaicinoid concentration. Stopping an attacker from a distance is easy as the effective range is up to 10 feet.

Spitfire with Sabre Red Pepper Spray is legal for purchase in all states, though New York and Massechucetts do have specific restrictions. Canister refills are available and Spitfire comes in the colors of black or pink.

For consumers interested in Spitfire or any of our Sabre brand pepper spray products, they can visit http://www.guardian-self-defense.com/sabrepepperspray.htm or email questions(at)guardian-self-defense(dot)com. Consumers are encouraged to consult local law enforcement agencies about pepper spray restrictions prior to purchasing.

Since 2005, Guardian Self Defense & Security Products LLC has provided personal security to over 45,000 consumers. We offer a full-line of premium self defense weapons like pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, pepper mace, personal alarms and other self defense

A Womans Self-Defense Stun Gun


Being a woman in today’s society is difficult and dangerous to say the least. Balancing such tasks as school, career and family can be daunting. With everything going on, most never consider personal safety until something bad or tragic happens to someone. Women are at high risk for crimes such as rape, robbery and assault, but with a little effort, can turn the odds in their favor.

What if a mugger cornered you in a parking garage and demanded money or threatened to hurt you. How would you fare? If you possessed a multi-function stun gun in most cases you would gain the advantage.

A stun gun offers the power to temporarily debilitate a would-be attacker. Simply touch the electrified contacts to any part of his body. A shock of less than 3 seconds is capable of “dropping” him quickly. The shock hurts really bad and makes it nearly impossible to walk for 5-10 minutes, post shock. This stun device also includes a built in personal alarm and LED flashing strobe light.

In my opinion, the best thing about the multi-function stun gun is that they are proven non-lethal. Electric stun guns will not cause any permanent damage with full recovery in less an 15 minutes. Stun guns use low amperage (about 6 milliamps) to carry a high voltage shock. The stun device tricks the body into working very inefficiently. The result is muscle overload and confusion. Loss of balance and body movement comes next followed by disorientation.

Today’s multi-function stun guns are tiny, at less than 5 inches tall, and can be discreetly concealed by almost everyone. The LED flashing strobe will get you attention when needed and can be seen at night up to 1/2 mile away. The 130dB personal alarm is ear piercing and sure to attract help. Many fear that a stun gun could be taken and used against them. This unit includes a handy disable pin. If the device is taken from you the disable pin will render the stun gun useless. These little stun guns are affordable and come with a lifetime warranty. 4.5 million volts of stopping power, make the multi-function stun gun a great self defense option.

Protect Valuables With Hidden Diversion Safes


One of the most overrated home security suggestions, in my opinion, is the use of traditional safes. I’m talking about the big, heavy safes that require a password or code to open. I recently read a tragic story about a couple and their son who were brutally murdered in their home. Day’s later police arrested the killers and the motive was revealed. The couple kept a very rare and expensive coin collection in a safe inside their home. After murdering the family, the killers made off with the safe, which they managed to open and remove the $500,000 coin collection. This is just one example of the ineffectiveness and danger of traditional safes.

Instead, why not invest in several small, inexpensive hidden or diversion safes. These ingenious disguised safes look identical to real, everyday household items. For example, a Coca-Cola can safe is the perfect hiding place to secure cash kept in the home. These safes look real and are even weighted to feel like the real thing.

Crime experts claim the average burglar will spend less than 10 minutes in a home. The objective is to get in and out as quickly as possible. Therefore, they are almost always fixed on the most obvious assets. It is unlikely that “Mr. Thief” will have the time or wherewithal to reach into the pantry and find your Peanut Butter diversion safe.

There are many diversion safe options to choose from. You can purchase a book hidden safe, a wall safe, or maybe a hair spray disguised safe! Each hidden safe has a secret compartment hollowed out to allow discrete storage of your most prized possessions in plain sight.

So how much does a diversion safe cost? Most are available for purchase between $10 and $20. For the cost of a traditional safe, you could buy 10 hidden safes to place strategically throughout your home. No one will know that the can of Pringles potato chips actually contains your finest jewelry.

One of the quickest ways to upgrade your home security is to invest in several disguised safes. Most are surprised and thrilled to find that such a safe even exists. If you have small, expensive valuables in your home or business, it would be wise to try these prior to investing in traditional style.

‘Teardrop Rapist’ Has Struck Again LAPD Says Arm Yourself With Pepper Spray


According to LAPD sources, the “Teardrop Attacker” or “Teardrop Rapist” has struck again. Police have not released details of the most recent attack. The investigation is intensifying as police release composite sketches of the man they believe to be responsible for at least 28 sexual assaults or attacks on females dating back to 1996.

Hunt for Teardrop Rapist

Prior to today’s release the last known attack took place in November 2011. All of the attacks have occurred in or around the South Los Angeles and Koreatown areas. LAPD is advising residents to take an active role in protecting themselves. Improving awareness skills, as well as, carrying oc pepper spray is recommended.

Great Way To Keep College Aged Daughter Safe


I love my daughter and would do absolutely anything in my power to make sure she is always safe and happy. Where has the time gone, seems not too long ago she was playing with Barbie Dolls. Today she’s a freshmen in college! My shy little girl has grown up to be a very outspoken, confident, and outgoing young woman. My daughter studies hard and enjoys the college nightlife parties to an extreme. She is a beautiful, popular, intelligent woman who lives her life like there is no tomorrow.

As her dad I’m so proud but terrified for her all the same. Her well-being means everything, that’s why I decided to take a proactive approach to her personal safety. If I can’t be with her 24/7 then I owe it to her (and myself) to protect her. After talking with our Chief of Police and several self defense guru’s I was convinced that the most effective weapon for her was the Tornado Pepper Spray System. It consists of a strong oc pepper spray, a high decibel personal alarm and emergency flashing strobe light.

Our Chief of Police and his team recently purchased several types of pepper spray for effectiveness testing. Although many performed adequately, the Tornado, exceeded expectations. They cited ease of use, excellent accuracy from 10 feet, and the very loud personal alarm, as to why they recommended Tornado.

Pepper spray is One of the most effective yet affordable ways to protect yourself. Once sprayed it goes to work almost instantly to debilitate an attacker. It takes the fight and aggression right out of them. Pepper spray temporarily takes away the ability to see. The blood vessels in the eyes restrict causing the eyes to swell shut. At the same time an unbearable burning of the eyes takes place. Respiratory distress and inflammation cause coughing, choking, nausea and restrict an attacker to life support type breathing.

All this pain and punishment can be inflicted from a safe distance, without having to get into a physical altercation. The shelf life or expiration date of most defense sprays is about 3 years, so make sure to replace a canister every 3 years. Finally, pepper spray is legal in all states for self defense, but be sure to check with local law enforcement agencies prior to purchase.

Needless to say, I feel better knowing my daughter has the self defense items she needs to stay safe.