Cold Weather Contributes To Domestic Violence


Experts in the domestic violence field report that from November through January they get more incidents of domestic violence than any other time of the year. They credit a variety of factors including “tax returns, lay-offs, and other factors can stress many people out. Families gather during the holiday and winter, and with the cold weather, many are forced to stay indoors. This can cause aggression and fights.”

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Cold weather as contributing factor to domestic violence? Cold weather does not cause domestic violence. However, the cold weather can keep people from going outside. Families may be forced to talk about sensitive issues, and this can lead to domestic violence.

Reis says victims of family violence need to have an escape plan in case there is an emergency.

“Hide a bag at a friend’s house, or a trusted person’s house,” Reis advises. “You should put your birth certificate, driver’s license, check account number, spare set of keys and clothes in that bag. Many women come to our shelter in middle of the night without any of those things. Usually the victims come without shoes or in their pajamas, so you should have those things prepared.”

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