Batons-Types and Styles


The origins of batons goes back to the mid-1800s. They are less than arm’s-length products that are made of wood, rubber, plastic or metal. According to Wikipedia they are “used for forced compliance and self-defense by law enforcement officers, correctional staff, security industry employees and military police.”

In today’s blog post we will discuss the various types of batons used by civilians for self-defense.

They basically fall into two categories: electrified and non-electrified. There are some subcategories in the non-electrified versions such as expandable and non-expandable.

Electrified Baton stun devices usually have a flashlight included with them which gives them added utility as a self-defense product. There is one model that has expanding capabilities and is an effective tool against dog attacks.

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Non-electrified batons are either a fixed length or expanding. Some models go up to as much as 26 Inches when fully extended.

In the non-electrified category an unusual type is the kubotan or keychain baton which is a “close-quarters weapon with an attachment for a keychain.” It is 5.5 inches long and can appear to be an innocuous appendage to a keychain.

The best uses of this self-defense tool are as “a flailing weapon, to gain leverage on joints, wrist and fingers or as a pressure point weapon which can inflict submission-type pain when applied effectively.”

Most fixed length batons come up to two feet making it easier to handle.

Another example of non-electrified batons are fixed batons referring to the length of the baton.

Handles for these less-lethal self-defense weapons are made out of rubber, some of foam or wood.

Whatever model you get, they can be an effective self-defense weapon.

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