Home Video Catches Burglar


When you list your home for sale, the last thing in the world you expect is for your real estate agent to steal clothes from your house. But that is exactly what a homeowner’s video surveillance camera caught recently. The homeowner presented the video to police who promptly arrested a man wore burglary. Police believe that the real estate agent has done this for quite some time.

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“How can something like this be prevented? Here are tips:

• Install security cameras as part of your home security system. Not only can they trigger an alarm that sets off additional lighting and loud sounds, but they can notify the homeowner with a phone call or text message.
• The cost of a surveillance system will add value to your house. Plus, some homeowners’ insurance plans give discounts if your property is equipped with a solid security system.
• A camera that’s in plain sight provides a hefty deterrent to potential intruders or vandals. Imagine the peace of mind this will give you when you’re away—or even at home.”

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Schools Get Security Cameras-Maybe You Should Too!

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Here’s a story out of Jefferson Parish in New Orleans, Louisiana where they will spend $1.6 million on security cameras for local schools. The cameras will be allocated based on enrollment in the schools.

This is the direct result of the travesty that occurred at Sandy Hook elementary school.

You can read the whole story HERE.

“Presently, security in Jefferson schools is inconsistent, with some schools using basic measures like a sign-in sheet and front-desk attendant while others have security cameras and on-campus police..”

Schools and municipalities all over the country are using security cameras as a way to prevent crime. Homeowners would be well advised to take a clue from that and install some security cameras at their house.

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What are you going to get one?

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