Primary Cause Of Murders Of New York City Women-Domestic Violence

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The New York Daily News recently did a story showing that two out of every three murders of women in New York City in 2012 was the result of domestic violence and domestic abuse.

“In 2012, 68% of all murders of women in our city were related to domestic violence, up from 54% in 2011, with the highest incidences of domestic violence consistently occurring in Brooklyn and the Bronx.”

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Recently a survey showed that 22% of all Americans were victims of domestic violence, obviously the majority of those are women. Women who are in a domestic abuse relationship should have an escape plan formulated as part of your exit strategy and all women should carry a self-defense product with them such as a pepper spray or stun gun.

One of the best ways to defend against assaults even domestic abuse assaults is with a self-defense product such as our WildFire Pepper Spray.

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