Self-Defense-Most Popular Types of Stun Devices


If you include tasers in the stun gun category, they are by far and away the most popular type of stun device; but because of price considerations and because they are considered to be in a slightly different category than regular stun devices we will exclude them from this discussion.

The most popular types of stun guns are; flashlight stun guns, disguised stun devices and because most of them are used by women, small stun weapons.

There are other categories, but those are by far the most popular types of stun devices. Subcategories of them include whether they are rechargeable or not.

Almost all stun devices these days have at least one and sometimes two built-in safety devices to prevent accidental discharge. Additionally almost all stun devices now use what is called the disable pin wrist strap. This popular feature prevents the stun weapon from being used against you should it be taken away in a struggle. The wrist strap is attached to the stun product; when it’s taken away the firing pin is disengaged from the product, making it inoperable. It is easy to see why this is such a popular feature.

Flashlight stun guns are popular because they have the added utility of being a flashlight for emergency or other use in addition to the utility of being a self-defense weapon. These are especially popular for carrying in a car.

Stun guns can most commonly be disguised as cell phones but some can look like pens or flashlights. The purpose of a disguised stun device or any other self-defense product is to provide you with the element of surprise in an attack. Sometimes the difference of a few seconds can determine the outcome of an assault.

Small stun guns like the 11 million volt Small Fry Stunner will flatten any assailant. They are a relatively new addition to the self-defense products inventory. Stun devices used to be big and bulky because they got all their power from batteries. But nowadays rechargeable technology has enabled stun devices to be smaller than ever before and yet contain enough power to flatten any assailant.

Stun devices use the electrical charge produced by the battery or rechargeable technology to disrupt the muscular system causing a certain amount of pain, disorientation, confusion, and if applied long enough can disable an assailant for as long as 10 minutes.

A new addition to the inventory is the 5 million volt Keychain Stun Gun is so small it can easily go on your keychain and is a favorite of women for that reason.

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