Popular Self Defense Products For Women

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Most self defense products are sold to women because they are the targets of 90% of all assaults. So it is not surprising that one of our most frequently asked questions is “what are the most popular self defense products for women?”

Here the top three most popular self defense products for women.

The first is the Fox LabsPotent Pepper Spray on a keychain. It is equivalent to pepper sprays used by law enforcement agencies all over the country in the strength and because it’s on a keychain it is with you literally wherever you go.

The second is a relatively new product called the SMACK Stun Gun. It is 5,000,000 volts and is one of the smallest packages on the marketplace today. It is fully rechargeable and has a keychain attachment so it also can be with you wherever you go.

In the third most popular self defense product for women is an often overlooked Personal Panic Alarm. It has a 130 dB alarm and not light that can also disorient an attacker.

We value any feedback on these posts you may have. Let us know your thoughts.

Since 2005 Guardian Self-Defense & Security Products LLC has provided personal security to over 50,000 consumers. We offer a full-line of premium self defense weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, pepper mace, personal alarms and other self-defense items.

Woman Assaulted In Church Parking Lot-How To Prevent It

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This is a story out of Olympia, Washington involving a woman who was cleaning a church when she went out into the parking lot to empty some trash. She was assaulted by an unknown male.

You can read the rest of the story HERE.

This is an excellent example of the fact that assaults can occur anywhere, anytime; even in the church parking lot. It seems parking lots are a great place for the bad guys to assault women.

How To Prevent It

We have always recommended that women carry a self-defense product with them wherever they go. One of the best ways to do that is to have something attached to your keychain. There are keychain personal alarms, pepper sprays that attach to keychains, other self defense weapons that attach to keychains and now even a stun gun that attaches to a keychain.

The 130 db Personal Alarm is one of the loudest in the marketplace. It also has a bright flashlight. A loud personal alarm can draw attention to your situation but more than likely what it will do is scare the attacker away which is exactly what you want.

We value any feedback on these posts you may have. Let us know your thoughts.

Since 2005 Guardian Self-Defense & Security Products LLC has provided personal security to over 45,000 consumers. We offer a full-line of premium self-defense weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, pepper mace, personal alarms and other self-defense items.

What Are Your Choices For Non Lethal Personal Defense?

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Here’s an article we published recently about the choices available for nonlethal personal defense. You can read the whole article HERE.

The article talks about the three basic self-defense items-stun devices, pepper sprays and alarms-available the marketplace today with a little information about tasers which we treat is a subset of stun devices.

It talks about what the self defense items can do and how effective they are. We really encourage you to read this article especially before you buy a self defense item.

We have a good selection of Cheap Stun Guns and I mean affordable not chintzy. Almost all of our stun guns are guaranteed for life, which attests to the quality of them.

Check out all of our premium pepper spray Personal Defense Products One of them will meet your needs for sure.

Nonlethal personal defense is a huge business these days. We make every effort to provide the best in the way of premium self-defense products at very reasonable prices with live online help.

Since 2005 Guardian Self-Defense & Security Products LLC has provided personal security to over 45,000 consumers. We offer a full-line of premium self-defense weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, pepper mace, personal alarms and other self-defense items.

Tornado Pepper Spray System with Alarm and Strobe Light


One of the newest and most popular self defense concepts on the market in The Tornado Pepper Spray System. The best thing about The Tornado is it’s a complete self defense system. Meaning it combines self defense pepper spray with a loud 125dB personal alarm and an emergency strobe light all in one compact system the size of a cell phone.

Here what customers are saying about the Tornado Pepper Spray System.

When it comes to pepper spray there are so many bad choices out there, that I think many probably do more harm then good by giving people a false sense of security. The tornado however is designed to actually be deployed in a stressful situation and not be difficult to handle. Its very ergonomic and user friendly but what I like most about it is that when it is deployed, it emits an ear piercing alarm that if nothing else, is a great distraction to an attacking assailant. Though it also incorporates a strobe light, its not too powerful and I doubt its disorienting value is much but it would be a great devise for attracting attention that combined with the alarm might convince the attacker to find a new rape victim. I got one for my wife but will buy another for her to test the pepper spray so she knows its range and dispersion.
By David454

Pepper Baton Effective Self Defense Weapon


A pepper spray baton incorporates two highly effective self defense weapons in one. The baton is actually a kubotan key-chain which is highly accessible, extremely durable and effective as a close quarter self defense weapon.

A kubotan is commonly used to stabilize the closed fist, to apply pressure to sensitive body parts or to gain leverage against an attacker. The kubotan can be used to execute easy yet highly effective strikes such as the eye gouge, groin strike or nose strike.

The pepper baton contains police grade 10% mace pepper spray. Self defense pepper batons provide discrete yet powerful and legal personal security. When actuated, the baton releases a cone-shaped cloud of pepper spray from the end opposite the key ring. The design makes it easy to hold and aim directly at an attacker. The pepper spray baton contains approximately six short bursts with an effective range up to 5 feet.

These refillable batons are machined from heavy aluminum, they are virtually indestructible. Attach your keys to the solid brass key ring to ensure the pepper baton is with you if needed. This is a top quality, discrete self defense weapon that you can take virtually anywhere.

pepper baton

Top 10 Tips for a Safe Home

  1. Lock doors and windows.
  2. Lock all doors at night and every time you leave the house. Make sure every window and sliding doors have a working lock or securely pinned. Secure windows and sliding doors with secondary blocking devices (i.e. a door jammer). Use alarms or anti-lift devices to prevent windows and glass from being lifted out.

  3. Crime-proof outside areas.
  4. Lighting is one of the most cost-effective deterrents to burglary. Keep yard, porch, garage doors, pathways and entrances well-lit at night. Consider motion detecting lights which turn on automatically as someone approaches. Trim plants and shrubs that could serve as hiding places for criminals. Cut back tree limbs that could help thieves climb into windows. Consider light timers for exterior lighting to establish a routine and appearance of occupancy.

  5. Get to know your neighbors.
  6. Get to know your neighbors on each side of your home and across the street. Invite them into your home, communicate often, and establish trust. Ask neighbors to pick up mail and park in your driveway to give the appearance of occupancy while on vacation. Get to know each others schedules so you can spot an unusual pattern.

  7. Consider an alarm.
  8. Display alarm company signs and decals on the windows and lawn; burglars will usually bypass a property with visible alarm signs. Don’t write your alarm pass-code on or near the alarm keypad. Alarms systems monitor for fire as well as burglary. Learn how to use your system properly.

  9. Protect yourself with lock and key
  10. Don’t hide keys. Leave a key with a trusted family member, friend or neighbor. Keep a list of everyone you give a copy of your keys to. Consider keys with protection against unauthorized duplication. All entryways should have a sturdy deadbolt lock installed into the frame of the door. Use high quality Grade 1 or 2 locks with a bolt that extends at least one inch to resist prying open or forceful entry. Hardened steel inserts prevents bolts from being sawed off.

  11. Protect your home when traveling.
  12. Activate the alarm system (if you have one). Inform a trusted neighbor of your travel plans and ask them to collect mail and watch your home while away. Consider using automatic timers to switch interior lights on and off at preset times. Indoor lighting gives the impression of occupancy. For extended absences, consider hiring a trusted house sitter. Don’t advertise your absence. Don’t post messages on Facebook or social media. Never leave a message on your answering machine that tells thieves you are away.

  13. Protect your valuables.
  14. Gate latches, garage doors, and shed doors are all locked with high-security, laminated padlocks. Grills, bicycles and other valuables left out in the open, should be hidden from view with a tarp and securely locked to a stationary point. Keep a home inventory of valuables including serial numbers, pictures, and sale receipts. Keep a complete copy some-where out of the house.

  15. Teach home safety to your kids.
  16. Show them how to use the door and window locks, and the alarm system. Never let them allow anyone into your home without asking your permission. Never let a caller at the door or on the phone know that they’re alone. Teach them to say “Mom can’t come to the phone or door right now.” Be sure they carry a house key with them in a safe place. Don’t leave it under a mat or on a ledge outside a house. Be sure they know how to call 9-1-1, or the operator.

  17. Have and emergency plan.
  18. Have important phone numbers, including police and fire departments, by the phone. Establish a meeting place for family members ; one place near your home and one outside of the neighborhood. If something looks questionable – a slit screen, a broken window, or an open door – don’t go in. Call the police. If you think you hear someone breaking in, leave safely if you can, then call the police. If you can’t leave, lock yourself in a room with a phone and call the police.

  19. Take a stand!
  20. Join a Neighborhood Watch group. If one doesn’t exist, you can start one with help from local law enforcement. Work with neighbors and local government to organize community clean-ups. The cleaner your neighborhood, the less attractive it is to crime. Join neighbors, police, school officials, and civic groups in identifying, discussing, and solving troubling conditions in your community.

    Follow these links for more information on home security devices or personal defense products.
    Source: National Crime Prevention Council.

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Non Lethal Self Defense for Personal Security and Peace Of Mind


How much is your well being and peace of mind worth? That’s the question I posed to a large group during a presentation on self defense and personal security. The overwhelming response was that their well being and peace of mind were “priceless”. With that being said most were ill prepared with regards to their safety situation.

Rape, abductions, assaults, and home invasions are just a handful of the crimes which are most prevalent in our society. A women is raped somewhere in the United States every 2 minutes, a kidnapping or abduction occurs every 23 minutes, a aggravated assault every 35 seconds and over 8000 home invasion burglaries per day in North America.

Your number one priority needs to be your safety and the security of your home and family. After breathing, eating and drinking there is no more vital need than security. It is time to take a more proactive approach protecting yourself, home and family. By doing so you will be on your way to that “priceless” and elusive peace of mind.

Start with a home security survey. Most police departments will come out and conduct a home security survey free of charge. The goal is to identify areas in and around your home that are vulnerable to crime. You can download our home security survey here.
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Neighborhood Watch is based on this concept of cooperation, and nationwide statistics prove that it works. When citizens take positive steps to secure their own property and neighbors learn how to report suspicious activity around their homes, burglary and other related crimes decrease dramatically. Would be thieves look for easier neighborhoods. If your not involved in a watch program join or start one today.

You can significantly decrease your chances of falling victim to personal attack by practicing awareness techniques. Here are a few tips:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings and people around you.
  • Walk with a purpose.
  • Do not walk alone – after dark.
  • Do not be distracted talking or looking for something.
  • Park and walk in well-lit and populated areas when possible.
  • Have your keys in hand before you reach your vehicle.
  • Keep your vehicle doors locked and avoid leaving valuables out.
  • Do not flaunt cash, jewelry, camera phones, or other things of value.
  • Keep up with your belongings at all times.
  • Attend seminars on crime prevention awareness techniques.

Finally, preparation is key to a successful personal and home security plan. Non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray or mace have some are essential and have very real advantages when used properly. By using pepper spray or mace you can effectively protect yourself from a safe distance. Pepper spray is proven to stop even the most aggressive attackers. The most valuable effect of pepper spray or mace is involuntary eye closure and temporary blindness. Get it, make sure it’s accessible and learn to use it properly.

Rape And Sexual Assualt Awareness Statistics


Unfortunately, very few women take the possibility of falling victim to crimes like rape and sexual assault seriously. As a result, little is done from the standpoint of prevention and safety. In our opinion, awareness, communication and preparation are the best ways to help women everywhere increase their personal safety situation. A start is to share the following facts from The Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response Center (STAR) http://www.brrcc.org/


An average 233,986 Americans age 12 and older are sexually assaulted each year. Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted.

Who Are the Victims?

1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. Among all victims, about nine out of ten are female.

1 out of every 33 American men has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in his lifetime. About 10% of all victims are male.


Age of sexual assault victims:

  • 15% are under age 12
  • 29% are age 12-17
  • 44% are under age 18
  • 80% are under age 30
  • Ages 12-34 are the highest risk years
  • Girls ages 16-19 are four times more likely than the general population to be victims of sexual assault


Estimated persons raped in lifetime by gender and race:


  • 17.7% of white women
  • 18.8% of African-American women
  • 6.8% of Asian / Pacific Islander women
  • 34.1% of American Indian / Alaskan Native women
  • 24.4% mixed race women
  • 14.6% of Hispanic women


  • 2.8% of white men
  • 3.3% of African-American men
  • 4.4% of mixed race men
  • The sample size was too small to estimate for Asian/ Pacific Islander and American Indian / Alaskan Native men

Effects of Rape

Physical Injuries

100% of completed rapes, 39% of attempted rapes, and 17% sexual assaults against females result in injured victims.

  • 33% of victims sustain minor (bruises and chipped teeth) physical injuries
  • 5% of victims sustain major (broken bones and gunshot wounds) injuries
  • 61% of victims sustain undetermined injuries

Only around 36% of injured victims receive medical care

Mental Health

Victims of sexual assault are:

  • 3 times more likely to suffer from depression
  • 6 times more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder
  • 13 times more likely to abuse alcohol
  • 26 times more likely to abuse drugs
  • 4 times more likely to contemplate suicide

Occurrence of Sexual Assaults

The number of rapes reported is spread fairly evenly throughout the year, with a slight increase in August (around 9%) and the fewest in December (around 7%).

Time of day sexual assaults occur:

  • 43% between 6:00pm and midnight
  • 33% between 6:00am and 6:00pm
  • 24% between midnight and 6:00am

Nearly 6 out of 10 sexual assault incidents were reported by victims to have occurred in their own home or at the home of a friend, relative, or neighbor.

Reporting to Police

There were 90,427 forcible rapes reported to police in 2007. Sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes, with an average of 39% being reported to the police each year.

When victims of rape, attempted rape, and sexual assault did not report the crime to the police, the most often cited reasons were:


  • personal matter (23.3%)
  • fear of reprisal (16.3%)
  • police biased (5.8%)

Attempted rape:

  • personal matter (16.8%)
  • fear of reprisal (11.3%)
  • protect offender (9.9%)

Completed and attempted sexual assault:

  • personal matter (25.3%)
  • reported to different official (12.4%)
  • fear of reprisal (11.3%)

The closer the relationship between the female victim and the offender, the greater the likelihood that the incident will not be reported. When the offender was a current or former husband or boyfriend, about 75% of all victimization’s were not reported to police.

When the offender was a friend or acquaintance, an average 71% were not reported. When the offender was a stranger, an average 44% were not reported.

The Offenders

Almost 2/3 of sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim.

  • 23% of rapists are an intimate
  • 3% are another relative
  • 38% are a friend or acquaintance
  • 31% are a stranger
  • 6% are unknown

Only about 6% of rapists ever serve a day in jail. The average age of an arrested rapist is 31 years old.

  • 0.6% are 17 years old or younger
  • 54.6% are 18 to 29 years old
  • 28.6% are 30 to 39 years old
  • 8.9% are 40 to 49 years old
  • 7.3% are 50 years old or older

Marital status of arrested rapists.

  • 22.1% are married
  • 1.2% are widowed
  • 28.5% are divorced
  • 6.2% are separated
  • 42% are never married

Convicted rapists made up 1.2% of the 272,111 state prisoners released in 1994, and 46% of these released rapists were rearrested within three years for some type of felony or serious misdemeanor.

National Sexual Assault Hotline:

National Crime Prevention Month, Safety Tips From Guardian Self Defense Products


In honor of National Crime Prevention Month, Guardian Self Defense & Security Products “The Self Defense Product Experts” offer up several tips to help protect your personal and home security. Crime surrounds us all but a proactive approach can do wonders to keep you safe. Awareness, preparation and a little common sense go along way toward our self defense.

Below are some tips all of us can use to change their lives for the better starting today:

  • Make sure your home looks like someone is living in it. Don’t close your curtains – in the daytime this shows the house is empty. Think about getting automatic time switches to turn your lights on when it goes dark.
  • Get and install dead-bolt locks on all doors, and alarms on all easily accessible windows.
  • Cancel any deliveries such as newspapers and packages or arrange for a neighbor to receive.
  • Keep your lawn cut and shrubs manicured.
  • Get a friend or neighbor to look after your home. They can collect your mail; mow your lawn and so on. This gives the impression that someone is living in your home. If you leave keys with a neighbor, don’t label them with your address.
  • Don’t leave valuables, like your TV, computer, or treadmill where people can see them through windows.
  • Mark any valuable items with your postcode and house number using and ‘invisible’ pen that you can get from most hardware stores. If your property is stolen, this will help the police to identify it if it is found, which might not only allow them to return it to you but could also provide them with better evidence to convict the people responsible.
  • Make sure that you have up-to-date contents insurance.
  • Don’t put your home address on your luggage when you are traveling to your holiday destination.
  • Lock the garage and shed with proper security locks, after putting all your tools safely away so they cannot be used to break into your house. If you have to leave a ladder out, put it on its side and lock it to a secure fixture with a ‘closure shackle’ padlock or heavy-duty chain.
  • Finally, lock all outside doors and windows. If you have a burglar alarm, make sure it is set and that you have told police who has the key.
  • Help from your neighbors is also a good idea. Ask them to keep an eye on your home while you’re away.
  • You could also ask them to collect mail left in the mailbox, sweep up leaves, even mow the lawn and generally make the place look lived in.
  • You can repay the favor by doing the same for them. Warn the neighbor who has your key not to put your name, address, or even your house number on your keys in case they fall into the wrong hands.
  • Is there a neighborhood watch where you live? Your local police will tell you if there is an organized watch in your area or help you set up one of your own. It could help you keep your home secure while you’re away, and has many other crime prevention and community benefits!

About Guardian Self Defense & Security Products LLC

Guardian Self Defense Products offers a full-line of premium self defense weapons like pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, pepper mace, personal alarms and other self defense products. You’ll also find a great selection of police supplies, including batons and handcuffs, survival kits, and animal repellent.

Guardian specializes in the self defense tools needed to protect you and increase peace of mind. Crimes like flash mob robbery, home invasion burglary and sexual assault are on the rise. Don’t get caught empty handed.

College safety kit offers complete womans security on campus


Our college safety kit contains everything needed to stay safe on campus. This comprehensive security kit contains the best self defense and personal security products available, plus detailed information that explains each item and how to use it. In addition, the included interactive DVD teaches how to correctly use each product in the kit. Finally, this great safety kit includes some great awareness reports on the following topics College And Campus Safety Tips, College Rape Report, How To Secure Your Dorm or Apartment, Roommates, Safe Dating & Tools Parents Can Use To Prepare Their Kid For College.

This college survival kit by SafeFamilyLife is specifically structured to make a young woman’s life safer at college. Included are the following items:

(1) – Lipstick Pepper Spray – Looks just like a tube of lipstick. Remove the top to reveal the pepper spray in disguise. This is 10% OC with a scoville heat unit (shu) rating of 2 million shu’s.

(1) – Nap Alarm – Most college students don’t get enough sleep. Tragedy could strike by dosing off while driving. This nap alarm is triggered when the head falls forward sounding a high decibel alarm.

(1) – ½ oz Pepper Spray with Visor Clip – Pepper spray protection for your vehicle. Special attachment allows you to clip right under the auto visor.

(1) – 2 oz. Pepper Spray with Wall Mount – Mount this two ounce unit in the apartment or dorm for home security.

(1) – ½ oz. Pepper Spray with Key chain – This key chain spray is a take anywhere defense spray product that easily attaches to your keys. The key chain is “break away” so you can easily separate your pepper spray from the keys if necessary.

(1) – Diversion Safe – Book – Hide your valuables in plain sight. This hidden book safe is perfect for securing money and jewelry.

(1) – Electronic Pocket Whistle – The attention grabber is a 130 decibel personal alarm.

(1) – Door Stop Alarm – A door stop alarm wedges under a door that you want to secure. If someone attempts to open the door an alarm sounds while the wedge stops the door form opening.

(1) – Cell Phone Lite – This handy super-bright go-anywhere LED Cell Phone Flash-Lite easily attaches to your cell phone or anything else you may have.

(1) – Motion Alert Alarm – The Motion Alert Alarm passive infrared system detects motion in any selected area. It mounts easily (vertically or horizontally) near any entry area and is battery operated, eliminating any need for wiring.

(6) – Special Safety Reports

Get yours today!

College Safety Kit

Self Defense Weapons Equal Piece Of Mind


What is your piece of mind worth? Think about the people you care about most, what is their piece of mind worth to you? Piece of mind is the absence of mental stress or anxiety. For most of us the ability to obtain piece of mind is priceless.

Safety is a basic human need and includes the following: security of the body, of employment, or resources, of morality, of the family, of health, of property. After physiological needs such as breathing, food, and water, safety is the next most important human need. To feel safe and secure goes a long way toward achieving piece of mind in our daily lives.

As a husband, the safety of my wife and children are paramount. I can’t be with them 24/7, though I feel it’s my job to protect them. I can’t predict if or when danger will present itself. I can, however, prepare them with tools that will greatly increase their chances of staying safe.

Non-lethal self defense weapons are the tools recommended by self defense experts. Examples of these tools include pepper spray, stun guns and personal alarms. No special skill set is necessary to master their use. Numerous studies show that the possession of non-lethal self defense weapons, combined with a keen sense of awareness increases the chances of safety in nearly any situation. Best of all, these weapons are non-lethal, meaning that there use will not cause long term or permanent damage.

For me piece of mind is knowing that each night when I lay my head on my pillow, that I’ve done everything I could to protect myself and family.

Halle Berry Personal Security Threatened by Stalker


Hallie Berry found herself face to face with an alleged stalker and convicted felon. The superstar felt her peace of mind ripped away as a man repeatedly scaled the walls of her Hollywood Hills home and threatened her personal security.

This creep got within a foot of Berry, when she sensed someone behind her, turned and escaped to safety. Surveillance footage showed the man was hiding in bushes waiting for her.

Like Berry, thousands of women are the victims of stalking. Unlike Berry, many women are too afraid to report the incidents to police. A Department of Justice study found that 1 in every 12 women will be stalked during her lifetime. How common is the crime of stalking? Consider that one woman in 3000 will be the victim of rape.

Being aware of certain signals can help you determine if you are being stalked and how to handle it. Are you harassed by phone, email, or text? Frequently unwanted communication should be a huge red flag. If you persistently run into the same person or if this person monitors your home or workplace, you should be fearful. A stalker may threaten to harm themselves to gain the victims attention and concern. It is not uncommon for a stalker to try to manipulate a victim’s friends and families with lies. The goal is to isolate them from any potential support.

Stalking is a very serious and dangerous crime that must not go unreported. If you feel like you are or were the victim of a stalker contact police for help. Make sure to confide in your friends and family. If possible, adopt the “buddy system” and someone you trust should always know your itinerary. A plan should be in place to check in with someone at regular intervals during the day. A personal alarm sounds a loud, high pitch alarm that will get others attention if needed. A self-defense weapon like pepper spray can prove valuable. Pepper spray gives users the ability to stop an attacker from a distance and it takes no special skills or strength to use.

Learning Self Defense Techniques


The ability to defend yourself and your loved ones is paramount should trouble arise. Many individuals choose non-lethal self defense products. The reason…they are non-lethal, meaning they cause no permanent damage or long term injuries, but they get the job done quickly and efficiently. The most popular self defense products are pepper spray, Mace, stun guns and taser devices.

We live close to LSU and today I was driving by “the lakes”. Its a beautiful place just off campus with sidewalks and bike trails. It is a very popular exercise spot, especially when school is in. As I’m driving I watching as I pass all these people, young and old. Some are jogging, others are walking and still others are biking. I noticed that many were carrying keychain pepper spray and I spotted a few personal alarms. I also noted that many appeared to be carrying nothing at all and many were exercising alone.

What if you forgot your pepper spray today and find yourself jogging alone when trouble strikes? Would you be an easy victim or target for criminals. I often advocate learning to defend yourself against an attacker should the need arise. Many police and law enforcement officials offer some excellent classes. Some are even free of charge! If this sounds interesting to you then please contact your local police or sheriff’s department to see what they have to offer.

In many cases I’m told that those classes are intimidating. Others have time conflicts that prevent them from being able to attend. Whatever the reason, it’s no reason not to learn self defense. We offer 19 self defense fighting dvd’s that cover the gambit of fighting techniques. You will find anything from hand to hand combat, to karate, to mixed martial arts. All of these DVD’s are taught by some of the best fighters in the world. You keep to learn from them one on one in your home and on your time schedule. This is an option that works really well for many of today’s busy families. You will be impressed the skills you can attain in a relatively short period of time. If you are committed to watching the DVD’s and then practicing what you’ve learned; you will pick up high level self defense techniques that could literally save your life. So in addition to that pepper spray or stun baton, consider taking a class or buying a specialized DVD that will help you learn to defend yourself and increase your overall self confidence level and your peace of mind.

Could You Protect Yourself and Family


If you were faced with a personal safety emergency could you or would you be able to product yourself and loved ones? If so would you use physical self defense techniques such as street fighting or martial arts? Every 36 seconds someone is assaulted in the United States. A burglary is occurring every 14 seconds, while a theft takes place every 5 seconds.

To put it in perspective, buy the time I finished typing the sentence above at least one person or family was assaulted, two homes were robbed and at least 4 thefts took place! We live in the greatest country in America, but the truth is that crime and criminals are all around us. It is up to us to protect, educate and raise awareness in and around our communities.

So if you were getting out of your car in the mall parking lot and heading in to shop, then all of a sudden…could you or would you be ready and able to project yourself and loved ones. For the majority of us the truth to the answer is no. This doesn’t mean we are all a bunch of candy asses, it means that crimes such as assault, home invasion, robbery, theft, etc happen very quickly and most don’t have time to react.

How do can you change the end result? How can you increase the odds in your favor that you won’t become the next victim. The first thing you need to to is increase your awareness. It’s easy to do, doesn’t take any special skills and in most cases will deter a would be attacker. The next time you are out shopping, do some people watching. You will see the majority are not focused on whats going on around them. Most instead are talking on cell phones, listening to ipod’s, reading the newspaper or a book, anything but paying attention to what is going on right then and there.

That is awareness, and just by doing some people watching you can hone those awareness skills. When you are doing this you are very likely to make eye contact, this in itself is a great crime deterrent. In addition, you will stand out to most criminals as a tougher target. So remember awareness is the key! Practice it and live it everyday. Next, in most cases you don’t want to or can’t go toe to toe with these criminals. You have some very effective options, first you may choose to carry a handgun. If you think a handgun is right for you; it is a good idea to apply for a “concealed weapons permit”. You will be required to take and complete classes to ensure you understand the how to use your weapon and the responsibility, as well as potential consequences of gun ownership. I own a handgun and feel very comfortable using one, but would only do so if an attacker entered my home or business and threatened harm. In my opininon the potential consequences in other situations are just too dangerous for me.

You can choose a non-lethal self defense product such as pepper spray, Mace, stun guns, TASER devices, batons and many others. The immediate benefit is they will not kill but will disable or debilitate long enough to get to safety. Like anything else, the best product for you may not be for someone else. The most important thing is you determine what will work best for you. Next, learn how to use your self defense product, then practice and practice some more.

At Guardian Self Defense we welcome your questions and are happy to help you determine what is likely to work best for you. The easiest and quickest way to reach us is via our secure contact form or you can call us at (800) 928-8343