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We are your online supply for pepper spray and mace including keychain spray styles. Defense spray is proven effective for protection against attackers and dogs. Trust Guardian to provide the best brands of defense spray in the marketplace including Fox Labs, Mace, Def-Tec, Sabre, Pepper Shot, and Wildfire . We have the same models and sizes used by police. Pepper sprays are the largest selling self defense product in the world. They have been around literally for thousands of years ever since ancient Oriental warriors threw bags of hot spices at their enemies. Only as recently as the 1990's were pepper sprays used by law enforcement in the United States.
What Does Defense Spray Do? Pepper spray is also known as OC spray - the OC stands for oleoresin capsicum - a derivative of a very hot pepper. When it makes contact with the skin nasty things happen. It causes the capillaries of the eye to swell resulting temporary blindness. It inflames respiratory tissue causing coughing and choking and makes breathing very difficult. And oh yes there is the pain. Intense pain. Effects last 30-45 minutes.
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