Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare-Nanny Cam Catches Child Abuse

click image for more details This is a YouTube video that shows a nanny beating a baby. This is a little bit tough to take, so beware and control your anger about this. You can watch the video HERE. If you suspect child abuse from your nanny or babysitter there are some things you can do. The best is to get your...

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Nanny Cam Catches Child Abuse

click for more info Here's a story about a man who was caught abusing his child. He was caught with a hidden camera that mother of the child had the camera installed after she suspected her ex-boyfriend of abuse. And, sure enough he was caught twice tossing the child like a 'rag doll.' You can get the rest of the details HERE....

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Infant Safety - Back to the Basics

As the proud father of our second child, I found the need for a refresher course in infant safety and thought many of you could probably use one also. Whether you are a first time parent or expecting number 9; you're children should be your number one priority. I find that there is some very good, consistent, and accurate information that every...

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