Gels, Foams, & Foggers

Pepper gel is a patent pending formula that suspends the OC pepper in a sticky gel that makes it hold up better in windy conditions and helps with aiming. Pepper foam is a distinctive formulation that coats an assailant's face making it difficult to see and causing extreme pain. A fogger produces a heavy cone shaped discharge which eliminates the need for accuracy.

Why Pepper Gel? - This advanced formulation of pepper spray in the form of a gel sprays further and sticks to an assailant's face on contact. Gel's keep cross-contamination to a minimum making it ideal for indoor or close quarters use. When an assailant gets sprayed with pepper gel his first reaction is to try and wipe it away from his face - all that does is grind in the gel making it more painful.

Why Pepper Foam? - Pepper foam produces less fumes. Great for indoor security. It blinds an attacker and will not blow-back. Pepper foam is one of the spray formulations used by Mace brand with extreme effectiveness. Similar to pepper gel in that the first reaction of an assailant is to wipe it off the face which only makes matters worse.

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