Disguised Pepper Spray

Disguised Is The Best Pepper Spray

Our most popular disguised pepper spray offerings include the pepper pen and lipstick pepper spray. Pepper pens are simple ball point pens with a pepper spray built right in. Most self defense experts agree that the best pepper spray is a disguised one because it provides an added element of surprise in an attack. It is a discreet way to provide personal security. A pepper spray that is disguised as a lipstick tube provides women with an effective self defense item. Inside an ordinary looking lipstick tube is a powerful canister of pepper spray. It is a perfect product for female self-defense and women's safety and security. All of our disguised sprays allow you to carry them with you at all times and improve your confidence that you will be safe.

What Pepper Spray Can Do - Pepper spray is so effective that it can work against people who are on drugs or drunk on alcohol. It causes temporary blindness and there is uncontrollable coughing, choking and extreme difficulty breathing. And the pain!! Intense burning pain in the most sensitive of places - the face, eyes and lungs to name a few.The effects only last for 45 minutes. Why don't you get some for your safety and security?
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