• Folding Hunting Knives-Two Popular Models

    click for more info For anyone who is an outdoor enthusiast and loves to go camping, hiking or fishing in the great outdoors a hunting knife is an absolute necessity and folding models make them much more convenient. Here are two popular models. The first is a Rescue Knife from United cutlery that offers unsurpassed quality. The cyclone rescue is an assisted opening blade folder. This knife has 3 1/2 inch anodized stainless steel blade that opens quickly with the patented thumb studs assisted open mechanism. The checkered black handle...

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  • Knives For Hunting And Recreation

    Knives today have become lighter and stronger making them easier to carry. A pocket clip comes with most of them enabling you to carry a tactical folding knife clipped inside your pocket and it's barely noticeable. It used to be not too long ago that you needed two hands to open a knife. One-handed opening now is the norm which makes it much simpler and faster. Looking for a knife can be a little confusing because there are so many manufacturers and styles, but know what you want your knife...

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