Crowd Control Spray

High-powered pepper spray in 9 ounce and 1 pound units. Developed to effectively control multiple persons, groups and crowds. These sprays are available in heavy stream or fog spray patterns and offer effective ranges of up to 30 feet. Available with pistol grip handles and fire-master actuators. Quickly take control of unruly crowds, flash mobs or riots.

Little Known Pepper Spray Facts - In 1989 the firearms training unit of the FBI completed three years of intensive research on oleoresin capsicum, the main ingredient of pepper spray. After that research they approved use of OC for special agents and SWAT teams. In the 1980's the United States Postal Service started issuing pepper sprays to its letter carriers as a defense against dog attacks. They are still issued today. In the 1990's more than 3000 law enforcement agencies in the United States, encouraged by the FBI endorsement of pepper spray, started using it as a standard tool in their arsenal of weapons.


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