The Prevalence Of Sexual Assault Against Women On Campus

If you are the parent of a current or soon to be, female college student, then you need to listen up. The University experience is supposed to be about growth and development but it's also a place where an alarming number of female students will become victims of a sexual assault on campus. A US Justice Department report titled "The Sexual Victimization...

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Why Pepper Gel For Safety Is Your Best Bet

"Pepper Gel is a stronger capsaicinoid concentration suspended in a sticky substance, rather than the liquid of regular pepper sprays. The gel can spray up to 20 feet and because the gel formula sticks like glue to the face of an assailant, it is less contaminating to the surrounding area, making it ideal for indoor use." The fact that it is stronger...

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Keeping Yourself Protected On A Job Outside Of The Office

In contrast to steadily earning individuals with regular jobs I get paid per hour-long dance class which I teach in the course of each day. The night differential contributes to my revenue and so I conduct home training generally for individuals which best or only available time is soon after school or work. Private tutoring takes me to different areas around the...

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