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Why Pepper Gel For Safety Is Your Best Bet

"Pepper Gel is a stronger capsaicinoid concentration suspended in a sticky substance, rather than the liquid of regular pepper sprays. The gel can spray up to 20 feet and because the gel formula sticks like glue to the face of an assailant, it is less contaminating to the surrounding area, making it ideal for indoor use." The fact that it is stronger than most other sprays, has a more concentrated stream with a greater range and can be used indoors because it eliminates cross contamination all are reasons why pepper gel for safety is your best bet. Pepper spray that is dispersed in a mist or fog can be affected by windy outdoor conditions. Indoors the risk of cross-contamination is huge simply because of the disbursement method. Pepper gel eliminates wind blow-back and cross-contamination. It is one of the few pepper sprays that is safe to be used indoors. When someone gets targeted with a gel, it sticks to his face like glue. When the assailant tries to remove the gel from his face, he grinds it in, making the pain much worse. Maybe that is why women, especially college age women, prefer pepper gel for safety by a huge margin over other pepper sprays.
Sabre Pepper Gel is the number one pepper gel for safety on college campuses and it has 3rd generation technology which allows canisters to deploy continuously from any position which gives you the added benefits of flexibility and speed. It has a five year shelf life and comes with a holster. It has a flip top safety device to prevent accidental discharge. The range of 20 feet is nearly twice that of the normal pepper spray. When you are in the market for a defensive spray for yourself or your daughter going off to college, remember why pepper gel for safety is by far the preferred product for civilians. Pepper spray continues to be the number one selling self-defense product worldwide. More law enforcement officers carry Sabre pepper sprays than any other brand.
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