Fox Labs Pepper Spray

Fox Labs pepper spray has been a leader in the self defense products industry since 1993. Fox sprays are used by more law enforcement officers nationwide than any other brand on the market. It is certified to be non-flammable and taser safe. Fox labs is the maker of the famous 5.3 million Scoville heat unit formula. Police officers nationwide count on Fox pepper spray to provide the highest quality ingredients delivering a consistently safe, yet debilitating defense spray.

Who Uses Pepper Sprays? Pepper sprays are the most widely used and most popular self defense product in the world. They are used by both men and women as their primary means of self defense in an assault situation. Law enforcement officers all carry pepper sprays. USPS mail carriers are all issued pepper sprays for defense against dog attacks. Young college-age women are highly susceptible to rape and attempted rape should all carry pepper spray. Women are the targets of violence in nine of every ten cases and should carry them too. Hikers, campers and hunters should carry bear spray. Dog spray is specially formulated for defense against canine attacks. Pepper spray should be standard equipment for any athlete who is a walker, jogger or bicyclist.

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