Personal Pepper Spray

Personal Self Defense Sprays

Police strength self-defense sprays in convenient personal carry sizes by the top manufacturers; each is made and tested in the USA. Premium pepper spray available in 2 to 4-ounce canisters and various disbursement patterns including a stream, fog, gel, or foam. The fog pattern is good against multiple assailants. The stream pattern has a slightly longer range and is good against human assailants and is great defense against dog attacks. Gels and foams are less contaminating and perfect for indoor use like homes, hospitals, and schools.

Little Known Pepper Spray Facts - Pepper spray is very effective as a nonlethal self-defense option. It is a chemical compound derived from chiles. The result is oleoresin capsicum, the main ingredient in pepper spray. Capsicum is finely ground and mixed with a solvent then evaporated leaving wax-like resin-the oleoresin capsicum. That is mixed with an emulsifier like propylene glycol to suspend the OC in water then pressurized to make it an aerosol in pepper spray.

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