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Listen, there are some great personal defense products available to you, but none more effective and comprehensive than our Defense Spray Triple Pack. Pepper Spray Tri Pack The Defense Spray Triple Pack is affordable, highly effective and absolutely non-lethal. For under twenty bucks you get one 1/2 oz. keychain pepper spray with quick release, one 1/2 oz. auto visor unit, and a 2 oz. pepper spray canister. Take the quick release anywhere for protection anytime. Its small, convenient and easy to conceal. It's a 10 percent pepper spray concentration and rated at 2 million scoville heat units, so that tiny keychain will stop an attacker instantly. The auto visor unit is made to hang right below a vehicles sun visor. Once attached you have year round personal security in your vehicle. Even extreme temperature won't effect performance, you are safe to use at temperatures between 0 and 120 Fahrenheit. Finally, the 2 ounce canister will provide home or business protection. It's a ballistic stream with an effective range of 15 feet. All sprays are highly effective against both humans and aggressive dogs. For more information on the Defense Spray Triple Pack click on the pepper spray image above.
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