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                                ⚡ 110,000,000 VOLT STUN BATON PROMO SHOP NOW
                                ⚡ 110,000,000 VOLT STUN BATON PROMO SHOP NOW
                                ⚡ 110,000,000 VOLT STUN BATON PROMO SHOP NOW
                                ⚡ 110,000,000 VOLT STUN BATON PROMO SHOP NOW
                                ⚡ 110,000,000 VOLT STUN BATON PROMO SHOP NOW
                                ⚡ 110,000,000 VOLT STUN BATON PROMO SHOP NOW
                                ⚡ 110,000,000 VOLT STUN BATON PROMO SHOP NOW
                                ⚡ 110,000,000 VOLT STUN BATON PROMO SHOP NOW
                                ⚡ 110,000,000 VOLT STUN BATON PROMO SHOP NOW
                                ⚡ 110,000,000 VOLT STUN BATON PROMO SHOP NOW
                                ⚡ 110,000,000 VOLT STUN BATON PROMO SHOP NOW
                                ⚡ 110,000,000 VOLT STUN BATON PROMO SHOP NOW

Are Stun Batons a Good Protection Tool?

As crime rates continue to rise each day, people are sorting for ways of protecting themselves from the danger. The danger could be another person, wild animals, or dogs. In fact, dog bite cases are also growing at an alarming rate.

Which protection tool should you have to be safe on the streets? How do you determine which one is an excellent protection tool? And when you do, is the protection tool affordable? These are some of the few things you need to consider before deciding on purchasing a protection tool.

If you are a victim of an attack at some point in your life, chances are high you are already equipped with a protection tool. If you do not have the tool or have not yet faced an attack, then you should equip yourself with a protection tool just in case you might need it at some point. You are probably thinking of getting a pepper spray for protection since it is the most commonly used item. However, there are a variety of protection tools available at an affordable price that you can look at. Tasers and stun batons are some of the few. They are easy to use and effective in protecting you from an attacker.

What are stun batons?

If you are not familiar with the stun baton tool or want to know more regarding the protection tool, then you have come to the right place. Let us start with the basics, such as what is a stun baton? Just like a taser, it is a protection tool that works by electrically shocking your attacker. The main difference between the two is that the taser allows you to stand further away from your attacker. With a stun baton, you need to be close to the attacker for it to be effective.

Stun batons are generally very lightweight and easy to use. They usually weigh less than three pounds, but some can be higher depending on the material and length. They have a length of roughly 10 to 25 inches or more depending on the brand and usually resemble a stick.

To deliver the shock, they are equipped with batteries that you will need to replace or recharge when they run low. Some batons are telescopic, implying that the end of the tool facing your attacker will extend towards him or her. Telescopic stun batons give you more distance between you and your attacker compared to ordinary ones.

The tool incapacitates your attacker by delivering a high amount of voltage to the muscles. When the voltage is delivered, it causes the muscles to lose their function and makes the attacker unable to stand or move. The stun baton will not seriously injure your attacker; it will just incapacitate him or her and inflict pain. During the time your attacker is incapacitated, you can safely escape from the area.

You should hold it against your attacker long enough for you to have ample time to escape from the scene safely. This is because people have different tolerance levels towards pain and the voltage it delivers. If you notice that your attacker can still stand after a minute of shock, press it against him or her for a few seconds longer.

In some countries, law enforcement officials use stun batons as a form of non-lethal self-defense products. The United States, for example, allows law enforcement officials to use both stun batons and tasers. However, the type of stun batons that most police officers use delivers more voltage compared to common ones you will find in the market. Most deliver a voltage of fewer than 300,000 volts. However, you can find batons with a voltage as high as 30,000,000 volts. Police forces usually have voltages within the range of millions. The more the voltage delivered by the unit, the more effective it is in protecting you. The higher volts will also require you to hold the tool against your attacker for a shorter period compared to those with a lower voltage.

Brands and prices of stun batons.

There are a number of brands that manufacture high-quality stun batons. Some of the common brands include Guard Dog, Safety Technology, Stun Master, Zap Stun Guns, and Streetwise. Prices generally range from $20 to $100 depending on the voltage and size. Some of the top in the market include:

1. Guard Dog Titan Stun Baton

As the name suggests, this stun baton can be used for dogs and is among the best ones for dogs. It delivers 7.5 million volts and has a 260-lumen tactical flashlight with 3 light functions which improves functionality in low light environments. There are no exposed stun probes that help to conceal its true purpose, and a glow in the dark safety switch makes it easy to find when needed. At 18.5 inches long, its the perfect option for use against any attacker.

2. Shorty Flashlight Stun Gun 15 millions Volts

This stun baton delivers millions of volts and incapacitates your attacker within seconds. The shorty design resembles a flashlight, catching your attacker off guard when he's stuck with 15 million volts. It's high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum gives it a heavy-duty aesthetic and feels that can also be used as a striking weapon if necessary. It also has a rechargeable battery that takes on average 20 to 30 minutes to fully recharge.

3. VIPERTEK VTS-989-1 Billion Rechargeable with LED flashlights.

The VIPERTEK is a compact heavy-duty stun baton that resembles the size of a taser. The size makes it easy to carry it around and it can fit in a lady’s purse. It has a rubber coating on its handle to prevent it from slipping from your hand when you are holding it against your attacker.

4. Police 305-58 Billion Stun Baton, Rechargeable with tactical LED flashlight.

This is a police stun baton that you can get from as low as $19. It is equipped with a safety cap to prevent you from accidentally injuring yourself or those around you with it. It is suitable for a dog, wild animal, or human attacker because of the extreme voltage it can deliver. It resembles a flashlight and has an LED flashlight to allow you to see more clearly in the dark.

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