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What is a Pepper Spray Gun?

What are Pepper Spray Guns and How Do They Work?

Although many people are aware that pepper spray exists, some do not know that pepper spray guns exist. They are a nice self-protection option for homes everywhere.   

Benefits of Pepper Spray Guns

Speed, Range and Safety

With pepper spray guns, a round can travel around 300 feet per second. This is a very quick speed when you are trying to defend yourself or your home. The rounds can travel 150 feet or more for each round. This means that you do not

mace pepper spray gun

even have to be close to an attacker or potential attacker for the round to hit him or her.

Pepper spray guns have been deemed very safe by police departments and the Military. The guns do not have the kickback motion upon firing that many traditional guns do, and they typically do not do lethal damage. They are also not very loud when they are fired.

Traditional pepper spray is very volatile. If you spray it at someone who is attacking or planning to attack you, the spray can get into your eyes as well. This becomes a problem since you don’t want to temporarily blind yourself at the same time you are blinding your attacker or potential attacker. You want to be able to recall details about the person who is committing the crime against you, and you cannot get very many details when you are temporarily blinded. The nice thing about pepper spray guns is that you can shoot them from such a distance as to not have to worry about the spray cloud getting into your eyes.

Pricing, Compactness and Other Benefits

Pepper spray guns tend to be somewhat lower in price than traditional guns, so they are a good option to purchase if a self-defense item is needed while working with a tight budget.

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If you are looking for a compact weapon, some of the pepper spray guns currently on the market are very compact. This can be greatly beneficial when you do not want to carry or lift a heavy weapon.

Some people prefer a stun gun to pepper spray, but there is always a risk that a person could die from having a stun gun hit them. Stun guns have occasionally been known to cause heart issues, and it has also been said that you should try not to hit a person’s chest area with them as it can be worse for the heart. When the idea is to stop your assailant rather than to cause irreversible or deadly damage, a pepper spray gun is the better option.

If you live in an area where there is a lot of wildlife and you go on hikes quite frequently, you may choose to carry a pepper spray gun with you in case you are attacked by a bear. The pepper spray will not kill the bear, but it will likely allow you precious time to escape from the attack.


Drawbacks of Pepper Spray Guns

Cost and Demand for Guns and Ammunition

The rounds that fit in pepper spray guns can be a bit pricier than that of traditional guns. Also, because the rounds and the guns themselves are in high demand right now, it can take a while to receive the weapon and ammunition.

Certain Legal Requirements

In some states, there may be regulations as to how many ounces of pepper spray you can carry on your person at any one time. You may also need to have a concealed weapon permit to carry a pepper spray gun. The rules pertaining to guns and pepper spray guns vary from state to state, so calling your local law enforcement agency to verify legal requirements is a must.

Potential Safety Issues

As is the case with all weapons, you must make sure that your pepper spray gun does not get into the hands of children. You do not want your child or any child shooting pepper spray rounds at others or themselves.

Situational Effectiveness

You should also be aware that people who have been consuming multiple alcoholic beverages or who have consumed a lot of illegal drugs may be able to overpower the pepper spray. However, the same could be said for those who are using a stun gun while under the influence of such substances.

Much like a regular gun, there is also the possibility for pepper spray guns to jam. This is not a common occurrence, but it can happen from time to time. To make sure you get a high-quality stun gun that does not jam all the time, you will want to read reviews on any weapon you are looking to purchase.

Overall, the pros of pepper spray guns far outweigh any negatives. It is a good thing that such guns exist as they offer a layer of protection for those who carry them.
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