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Are You Safe In A Parking Lot?

Here's a story about two men who were assaulted in a parking lot by two males. They incurred minor injuries and police are still looking for the suspects. You can read the whole story HERE. You may think that parking lots are relatively safe. WRONG! Parking lots are one of the top two or three places where assaults happen. Women are usually the victims. When anyone comes out of a store, especially in a mall, they are distracted by a wide variety of things, including children, talking to friends, talking on a cell phone and all manner of other distractions. These distractions create a great opportunity for predators to sneak up behind people and catch them unawares. That is one ways and why we always suggest that you carry a self-defense product with you and when you're out in a parking lot that you have it ready to use. You just never know.
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