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Bear Mace Spray to Stop Bear Attacks

For a few months now, my youngsters have been insisting that I bring them out into the woods to go camping. I realize that it could be a fun and exciting trip. However, as I was growing up, a bear bit one of my good friends. So, taking a trip to the forest was not something that I feel safe doing. By no means was I going to put my family at risk. Even though I feared for our protection, I also didn’t want to let my kids down. There must be a way for us to experience a camping trip without stressing about any animal aggression. I spoke to the other mothers in school about my dilemma and I was glad when one of them told me about the Bear Mace spray. Mace is a reliable brand that I recognize from personal protection pepper sprays. Since I understood that the use of pepper spray is controlled in some places, I was concerned that utilizing bear pepper spray would be controlled as well. When I looked, I was delighted to discover that it is actually lawful for use in all states. One thing for sure is that the Bear Mace spray is a good quality repellent that will keep me safe against bear aggression. Bears will hide right away after just one spray. With its ability to reach up to 35 feet away, the Pepper Mace Bear Spray is certainly one of the most highly effective animal repellents out there. This highly effective spray to keep bears away is a Magnum Fogger. It comes in a 9-ounce can and has a shelf life of 3 years. Having this device for protection is something that the National Forest Service recommends to everyone when entering a forest. What I like most about the EPA approved Bear Mace spray is that when it is used properly, it has the capacity to save human lives and also reduce the number of bears that are killed every year as a result of attacks. With this spray, I can successfully halt a bear assault and it also won’t cause any lifelong damage to bears. Living through attacks like these depends on how ready you are. I believe that the starting point to surviving such attacks is having bear repellent spray. In spite of my fear of bears, I now feel better knowing that I have a device to protect my family. As soon as I learned about the Bear Mace spray, I told my kids that I would be taking them out on a camping trip. It occurred to me that I would not be able to live life fully if I constantly live in fear. The key thing is that I am ready for such incidents. For more information visit our bear spray page.
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