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Could Pepper Sprays Have Avoided A Deadly Confrontation?

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You probably heard about the incident in South Africa where mineworkers confronted police and 34 were killed with 87 wounded. The day before that happened the purchase of nonlethal pepper sprays was authorized. You can read the whole story HERE. The story goes on to say the incident "highlighted the need for non-lethal options for controlling and dispersing armed and angry crowds." Those pepper sprays could have prevented this international incident that brought disgrace on South Africa. Among other things, the use of deadly force was in violation of their own policies. The Fox Labs spray Pepper Grenade will spray for 10 seconds in a 360° circle. Properly thrown it can disable many people in a short period of time but only temporarily. The Wildfire One Pounder contains 16 ounces of 18% pepper spray and is meant for heavy duty use in crowd control. It also is a nonlethal alternative to deadly force. We value any feedback on these posts you may have. Let us know your thoughts. Since 2005 Guardian Self-Defense & Security Products LLC has provided premium pepper spray Self Defense Products to over 45,000 consumers. We offer a full-line of premium self-defense weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, pepper mace, personal alarms and other self-defense items.
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