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Crime Rates Increase As Unemployment Increases - Need For Self Defense Products

The job reports were released today and once again hundreds of thousands of new unemployment claims. Some people will tell you that the recession is slowing because the new monthly unemployment cases have decreased over the last few months. Do these so called economists think the American public is a bunch of idiots? We are in the midst of the worst recession since the great depression. Even worse, we have more and more people turning to crime. Our streets are less safe, our homes are less safe, and the truth is it will get worse before getting better. Let's take a common sense approach to this. The US unemployment rate increased from 8.9% to 9.4% for the month ending May 2009. That's 787,000 new unemployment claims in the month of May and a total of over 14,500,000 million total unemployed persons in the United States. Now add in the job losses coming as a result of GM and Chrysler. We will soon experience jobless rates that surpass 10 percent. The mere thought of this is staggering. History implies that if income levels decline crime rates in general go up. I am concerned for the safety and well being of our citizens. Many are predicting that we will see spikes in crime that have never been experienced before. If history is an accurate indicator violent crimes will increase nearly 2 percentage points for each 1 percent increase in unemployment. If other factors are added in the crime rates increase even more.
  • A community with a young population and ones that have drug abuse problems
  • Where gangs exist, violent crime is substantially higher
  • Nearly 15,000,000 people in America are jobless and less than a year ago the majority had good paying, long term jobs. These people have families. The have husbands, wives and children. Bills still need to be paid, food still needs to be placed on the table. Think about this for a minute, if you were in this situation how would you handle it. I don't know that you can answer the question, unless you've experienced the stress and pressure of being in this type situation. Some will turn to crime as a means of attempting to provide for their families. The end result means more homicides, more burglaries, more home invasions, etc. How will you defend your home and family. In today's society self defense in crucial, it is a necessity. Non-lethal self defense products can provide an excellent line of defense. Best of all, they are non lethal; meaning no long term injury or effects. Yes you can go get a handgun and the training necessary to effectively use it. The problem is, if you own one you have to be willing to use it and except the potential consequences that come along with pulling the trigger. Now consider instead buying a TASER device or a good pepper spray? The effects of both are almost instant and your intent is not (or should not) be to kill anyone; only to stop them long enough to get to safety. Chances are good that the community you live in is suffering from tough economic times. As a direct result your community will see more criminal activity. How do you plan to make yourself and family less appealing crime targets. This can be done easily and involves awareness and preparation. At your residence or business, how secure are your entry points. Are your doors and windows secured with an alarm device? Do you have security stickers on the windows. If you door or window were opened would you be alerted with so type of "chime" or "beep" notification? Ever considered starting or joining a neighborhood watch organization? This is a great way to create a safe community. Involvement with police or sheriffs offices are a great idea. First, you are letting law enforcement know that they have a partner or ally in you. Second, the resources available thorough these organizations is "priceless". Ask them to come out and speak to you or organization a safety. All of these are awareness builders and smart ways to increase community safety and deter criminals.
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