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Dog Attack Prevention Tips

There was an ABC news story recently about dog owners' home insurance costs which revealed that the industry paid out $489 million in claims last year for dog bites in the home. That is one third of all the money paid out for homeowners' liability claims. Not surprisingly, pit bulls and Rottweilers may cause homeowners insurance rates to be higher mostly because those are considered to be high risk dogs. Some Dog Attack Prevention Tips 1. Do everything you can to avoid areas where dogs congregate. When two or more dogs get together, a pack mentality sets in making them more dangerous. 2. Avoid unfamiliar dogs. 3. It has been said that dogs can sense fear or panic. 4. If a dog is barking at you, stand your ground and stay still. He may lose interest and leave. 5. Don't yell at a dog. 6. Don't think for one minute that you can out run a dog. Don't turn your back on a barking dog and never run away from one. 7. Dogs have a natural instinct to bite; don't aggravate them. 8. When you approach a strange dog, let him sniff you first. 9. Never pet a dog while he's drinking water, eating or sleeping. 10. Learn to read a dog's body language. For example, if his ears are pinned back, he is ready to attack. Body language can give you a clue as to what his intentions are. 11. When walking, jogging or cycling always have a pepper spray with you. All the United States Post Office letter carriers carry defensive spray with them for dog attack prevention. That speaks volumes about the effectiveness of defensive sprays. This dog attack prevention spray by Sabre brand as 25 short bursts up to 15 feet away. It provides the best overall protection against dog attacks that is available. Sabre brand has been providing self-defense sprays for over 35 years and is a leader in their industry.
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