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Driving Alarm Prevents Falling Asleep At The Wheel

How much time to you spend behind the wheel? Many of us commute to and from work or school daily. Others in the outside sales profession drive from town to town. Then there are truckers, now they are the true "road warriors". How many times have you been exhausted behind the wheel and found yourself dosing in and out while driving? I have actually fallen asleep at the wheel only to be awoke by another drivers horn as I veered into their lane. Over 100,000 auto crashes each year are the result of falling asleep at the wheel. Not being alert at the wheel can alter your life forever. Our driving anti-sleep alarm is a must have safety alarm for truck drivers, salesman, commuters or anyone whose job involves travel. This driving alarm fits on the back of your ear. If your head falls forward the loud alarm sounds to immediately get your attention. This tiny driver alert alarm prevent yourself or a loved one from tragedy.
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