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Fox Pepper Spray

When it comes to self defense and personal security most consumers are looking for a product that is dependable, effective, practical and non-lethal. Fox pepper spray is a smart choice and here are some great reasons why. Dependability...Fox Labs spends lots of money to ensure that their products are safe and dependable. If you run into a situation that calls for it, you need it to work...period. Fox understands that and takes quality control to a whole new level. As a result, law enforcement and consumers have come to depend upon and trust Fox. Many aerosol pepper spray products are flammable which makes them dangerous to carry and utilize. Fox pepper spray is made using a totally non-flammable formula, allowing you to safely carry and discharge anywhere. Temperature is a concern as it relates to the dependability of pepper spray. Fox goes the extra mile to ensure that there product will work exactly the same a temperatures between 0 and 120 degrees Ferinheight. If you ever need to use a self defense product such as pepper spray you want that peace of mind, the confidence that it will work effectively to stop the threat. Fox Labs pepper spray is the most debilitating defense spray on the market. It will stop an attacker or aggressive dog in his tracks. Literally hundreds of law enforcement worldwide depend on Fox for that very reason. It does what it promises, each and every time. If a product is big, bulky or just not convenient, then the chances that you will have it with you when it counts are slim. Consumers and professionals want a product that will go almost anywhere. A product you can take to work, to the gym, on a walk, in your car, to the mall, just to name a few. Fox is available in very practical sizes that make it very convenient for the user. Finally, the ability to effectively end an attack without causing long term or permanent harm to the attacker is huge. In today's society, the responsibility of carrying a firearm cannot be underestimated. If you decide to carry a gun, you best be ready, willing and able to accept the consequences. In a split second you could be looking at a crime with potential jail time. This is why non-lethal products such as pepper spray have become so popular. With a high quality pepper spray like Fox, you can feel confident to carry and use it almost anywhere. You have the power to stop someone instantly, yet the effects are temporary and wear off over the span of about 30 minutes. If you are looking for a best of the best pepper spray, then Fox Labs is for you.
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