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Girl Armed With Mace Fought Off A Rapist

This report was published by various media outlets in Philadelphia, PA. and describes the attempted sexual assault that took place in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. A 21 year old girl was returning home from a nearby pizza place and, when entering the building where she lived, she was attacked by a person armed with a knife. What happened next took the attacker by surprise. This hero of a woman fought back hard, she pulled out a can of pepper mace and sprayed the assailant in the face. The attacker immediately felt the severe pain, at the same time his lungs became inflamed and he lost sight in his eyes. The scum bag pulled back and was able to punch the girl in the face but then he knew without vision and in ever increasing pain he could not do anything so he took off and fled the scene. This young woman refused to be a victim and instead fought back with all she had. Had she not taken a proactive approach to her personal safety she may have been raped or even worse killed. Thankfully she had that little can of pepper mace and was prepared to utilize it. The dirt bag was able to strike her in the face and caused a "black eye" but within a week that bruise was gone. Her dignity and life are definitely worth a few bruises. This story shows how a simple, inexpensive self defense device, like pepper mace, can quickly level the playing field and put the odds in your favor. This was a violent encounter where a male attacker who, out weighed his intended victim by over 100 pounds. The women didn't have any special training. Instead she took a proactive approach to her safety that paid off big time. Yes, pepper mace is a non-lethal weapon so there are no long term effects associated with its use, but it's effects cannot be denied. That one second shot of pepper spray to the face quickly changed the situation from thinking of rape to being concerned for his own well being and survival. Within seconds the attacker was blinded by the spray, his eyes swollen shut; his breathing became very difficult, and the pain was overwhelming. After being sprayed with mace or pepper spray, his focus has totally changed from rape to his own survival.
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