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Not many people realize how often a home is burglarized or robbed in the US. Would you believe that every minute in the US a robbery is taking place. A forced entry home invasion nearly every five minutes! We live in a dangerous society with opportunistic criminals. Criminals are looking for the easy target and passive victim. There are inexpensive home protection products that make for extremely wise investments. For about a dollar you can purchase window security decals. Just by placing these home security stickers on prominent windows and entry ways you send a message to would be criminals. In many cases the little things like decals that mean the difference. A criminal is likely to choose a home who they don't think in protected. A door brace will help fortify hinged doors as well as sliding glass doors. Made of 20 gauge steel a door brace could be the security device that prevents a home invasion or forced entry. Again, these are very simple, easy to use home security products and the cost in most cases is less than twenty dollars. Consider a door stop alarm; you've seen these before, they are wedge shaped, you put under the door. If someone attempts entry it prevents entry and sounds a loud 130 decibel alarm. The alarm will get your attention while deterring further entry. Simple wireless motion alarms can protect an entry way, or purchase one for each room in your home and have consistent protection. Motion triggers a high decibel alarm, some models allow you to pre-program telephone numbers into a keypad. When motion is detected the "autodialer" function will begin calling your pre-programmed numbers. Magnetic window and door alarms are very simple and effective home security devices. These devices are two separate pieces. One part attaches to the door or window and the other portion mounts on or near the frame. When the door or window is closed the two parts come together. Upon opening the magnetic connection is broken which sounds the alarm. The home protection products discussed above are some of many items available. The cost for these type of products is very inexpensive, with most being less than $20.00. If your home, town home, or apartment is not protected, I suggest making this a priority.
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