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Home Security Devices For Doors And Windows Stopping The Bad Guys

Home Security Devices For Doors If you stop and think about it, there only so many ways you can break into a home if you're a burglar. Doors and windows are about it. The sad matter of the fact is that the Justice Department tells us that 30% of all burglaries happen through unlocked doors and windows. So it just makes sense to us that if you lock all your doors and windows, you're going to be way ahead of your neighbors when it comes to home security. But if you go that extra step and install some home security devices for doors and windows, you will take a giant leap towards preventing burglary. Home security devices for doors like a simple door stop alarm are a great way to start. It works on the age old principle of providing a wedge underneath the door to prevent it from opening. If anyone tries to open the door by force, a 120 dB alarm will sound. The alarm shuts off when pressure is released from the door stop plate. It uses a simple 9 volt battery to power the alarm. The movement sensor on top of the door stop alarm as adjustable sensitivity. As with other home security devices for doors, the simple doorstop alarm requires no installation. Most burglars are young kids out to prove something to fellow gang members. They are committing this crime for the first or second time according to statistics. Simple home security devices for doors or windows, a.k.a. burglar alarms, will stop most of them dead in their tracks. Our online store has a great selection of home security devices for doors and windows as well as a huge selection of fake security cameras and other home security products. But our specialty is nonlethal self-defense products for men and women.
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