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Home security not expensive just effective

Home security is more important than ever. Most people think home security is difficult and expensive. The truth is you can secure your home and protect your family easily and without breaking the bank. Start by taking our free personal and home security survey. A "yes" answer means you are tuned in to your security. Concentrate on your "no" answers, think of these as your opportunity areas. These are the areas you are vulnerable. Here is a recommendation, share this with your close friends and neighbors. Using the survey, offer to conduct a security audit of their home if they will agree to do one for you. Like I said, home security does not have to be expensive just effective. Need extra reinforcement on an entryway door? After all, the majority of home invasions are committed via forced entry through a front or back door. A door brace is a simple, inexpensive tool for securing standard hinged doors and sliding glass doors. A wireless motion sensor with automatic dialing is the perfect device to secure a room, small apartment or dorm. This wireless alarm monitors motion. Once you arm it, the selected area is protected. If motion or movement is detected the loud alarm sounds, while the auto dialer goes to work calling your pre-selected emergency numbers. So, start with the security survey. Identify your opportunity areas and work to turn all "no" answers into "yes" answers. Remember there are plenty of easy, dependable and affordable tools to help you every step of the way.
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