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In Spite of Second Amendment Ruling States Still Prohibit Possesion of Non-Lethal Self Defense Products

As you are probably aware, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Second Amendment on June 26, 2009. The justices agreed that the Second Amendment gives Americans the right to keep a loaded gun at their home for self defense and hunting. This is very significant because it is the first time the court interpreted the Second Amendment. As thrilled as I am about this ruling, my frustration level is even higher with states such as New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Wisconsin. You see the popularity of non-lethal self defense products such as stun guns and TASER devices has increased dramatically in recent years. With continuing advancements in technology, less than lethal weapons will become even more popular. So I get down right mad when I read the above state statute's as they relate to hand guns and then to stun guns or electronic control devices (ECD's). Here is an example in layman's terms: New York Gun Laws -
QUICK REFERENCE CHART Rifles and Shotguns Handguns
Permit to Purchase No* Yes
Registration of Firearms No* Yes
Licensing of Owners No* Yes
Permit to Carry No* Yes
*Except in New York City
New York Stun Gun or ECD Laws:Electronic dart gun = designed to momentarily stun, knock out or paralyze a person by passing an electrical shock by means of a dart or projectile; Electric stun gun = designed to stun, cause mental disorientation, knock out or paralyze a person by passing a high voltage electrical shock are prohibited. So what am I missing? The other states mentioned have very similar restrictions on the possession of NON-LETHAL SELF DEFENSE PRODUCTS, but allow the possession of hand guns with a permit. Now with the Second Amendment ruling, if we can legally keep a lethal weapon in our homes for self defense than why on earth would we restrict the use of stun guns and TASER devices? TASER International has published numerous studies conducted by independent agencies and all overwhelmingly prove the safety and effectiveness of TASER devices. As a result the demand for the civilian C2 TASER has increased dramatically. Ironically, we can't legally sell or ship the residents in the states listed above a C2 TASER, but if they wanted to purchase a 9mm handgun they can do so after completing the permit process. Don't misread what I'm trying to show here. I am 100% for the Second Amendment and each our right to bear arms. Would you not agree that a stun gun, a TASER, or pepper spray should be included in the state statute definition of "arms". Just as every law abiding US citizen should be able to carry a handgun, they should also be able to carry a non-lethal weapon such as a stun gun or TASER as well. Each and every day we see sales come in from at least one of the states referenced above. Legally we can't sell to them, so we have to notify them of this, cancel their sale and explain the state law. It is ridiculous to say the least and must be changed. It is up to us to get it done.
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