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New Pepper Spray From Defense Technology

Guardian Self Defense & Security Products is happy to announce two new professional pepper spray products by Defense Technology. Those of us in the industry know the name Defense Technology (DT) or First Defense and that it stands for exceptional quality self defense products. Specifically, DT specializes in aerosol and chemical defense sprays as well as tactical and police equipment and training. We are happy to be carrying the latest from DT called First Defense 360º. The major benefit is you can spray this pepper spray from any angle and be assured of a consistent stream pattern. With new First Defense® 360º you could literally be standing on your head while spraying it and it will work in just the same manner as if you were standing upright. The pepper spray is still the same premium OC formula. The propellant is compressed air with a technology called barrier separation. Simply put the there is a barrier between the compressed air and the OC pepper spray. No additional training or education is necessary and it is available for civilian use. Pepper Spray 360 Features of First Defense 360º:
  • Stream pepper spray pattern
  • 360º sprays from any angle.
  • Non-flammable, can be used with Taser devices
  • Non-vaporizing
  • Four-year shelf life
  • Available in 1.47 or 3.00 ounces
  • Product specification sheet is linked below.
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