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Officials: More Work Needed On Campuses' Sexual Assault Policies

"Despite a 2012 law designed to standardize Connecticut colleges’ handling of sexual assaults on campus, victims are still not getting the help they need. That’s the takeaway from an hours long hearing held Wednesday, during which four University of Connecticut students who are suing the school for its handling of their sexual assault complaints shared their stories with legislators. The students reported a variety of problems, including a campus police officer telling one victim he didn’t believe her and another not finding the right channels to lodge a complaint, according to a CT News Junkie article. But the issue does not affect UConn alone, according to a CT Mirror report. A report card released in 2012 by the Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services shows a variety of different reporting methods and education and training requirements at the state’s public and private colleges." Read the whole story HERE "While most of the schools have greatly improved their approach to preventing and responding to sexual harassment and violence, CONNSACS recommends more be done and officials agree, the Mirror says. Administrators in the Connecticut State University system are scheduled to meet Friday to discuss policies related to the issue. The CSU system includes the four state universities and 12 community colleges."
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