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Parking Lot Safety-Safety Tip Of The Week

Statistics show that an inordinate number of assaults and robberies occur in parking lots-specifically mall parking lots and grocery store parking lots. The reason for this may not seem obvious but there is a good reason. Sexual perverts and robbers who do these kinds of assaults prey on women who are distracted coming out of a grocery store or out of a mall. How are they distracted? The easiest way is talking on a cell phone. People who talk on a cell phone are concentrating on the call they are making and are not paying attention to their surroundings, which is the cardinal sin of victims. Other ways that women are distracted is with her kids or talking to friends. Predators look for these signs when they choose a victim. Would you think to look around and underneath your vehicle before you get in? If you’re walking to your car in a darkened parking lot and someone approaches you from behind asking for anything what would you do? Prevention is usually the best way to avoid a crime. Pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t talk to strangers. Go with a friend. If you feel the least little bit uncomfortable ask store security for an escort to your car. And always carry the self-defense product with you like a stun gun, pepper spray or personal alarm. We like the Fox Pepper Sprays because they are hotter than competing brands.
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