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Pepper Baton Effective Self Defense Weapon

A pepper spray baton incorporates two highly effective self defense weapons in one. The baton is actually a kubotan key-chain which is highly accessible, extremely durable and effective as a close quarter self defense weapon. A kubotan is commonly used to stabilize the closed fist, to apply pressure to sensitive body parts or to gain leverage against an attacker. The kubotan can be used to execute easy yet highly effective strikes such as the eye gouge, groin strike or nose strike. The pepper baton contains police grade 10% mace pepper spray. Self defense pepper batons provide discrete yet powerful and legal personal security. When actuated, the baton releases a cone-shaped cloud of pepper spray from the end opposite the key ring. The design makes it easy to hold and aim directly at an attacker. The pepper spray baton contains approximately six short bursts with an effective range up to 5 feet. These refillable batons are machined from heavy aluminum, they are virtually indestructible. Attach your keys to the solid brass key ring to ensure the pepper baton is with you if needed. This is a top quality, discrete self defense weapon that you can take virtually anywhere. pepper baton
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