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Pepper Shot pepper spray for personal defence

***Article submitted by actual Guardian Self Defense customer**** New Jersey robbery cases have been on an upswing that even a regular guy like me has been bothered. I read that the robbers operated as a group and preyed on their poor victims at night. I did not know any way to defend myself except using a personal pepper spray. I was convinced that a pepper spray was the best self-protection tool for me in case I got mugged by a robber. I admit to being a weakling so I am an easy target for robbers. Using a pepper spray should help me stop a bad guy on his tracks because it has effects ranging from temporary incapacitation to difficulty in breathing. There were many Pepper Shot pepper sprays that I considered buying. Eventually, I settled for two items as my personal pepper spray – the 2 oz. Pepper Shot pepper spray and the 4 oz. Pepper Shot pepper spray. Both have the same features and I kept the 4 oz. spray in my room while the 2 oz. Pepper Shot is a fixture in my bag. One personal pepper spray proved vital when I overpowered two guys who tried to extort me. I knew them as bullies in our community so I was not really surprised that they would victimize even me one night. I was out in the streets when one of the goons asked for money from me. I did not take him seriously so I turned my back on him, but he and his partner eventually followed me to the other street. I had the 2 oz. Pepper Shot pepper spray clipped onto my belt that time, and because it was too small to be noticed, they were not aware that I had a non-lethal, self-defense weapon with me. The tension heightened when they took out a knife. I retaliated by getting the 2 oz. Pepper Shot pepper spray that was clipped to my belt and pressing the safety button while directing the spray towards them. They were choking hard afterwards and looked dazed. This gave me the opportunity to run for help. What I also like about these Pepper Shot pepper sprays is their compact frame, which gives me no troubles in toting them. I also appreciate the versatility of the personal pepper spray that I carry around. In fact, it can still be effective from a distance of 15 feet. Employing top-grade take down technology, these defense sprays can overpower even the biggest of goons, giving me the peace of mind that I had long coveted.
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