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Pepper Spray and Mace Are Legal In All U.S. States

Most people don't realize it but pepper spray and Mace brand products are legal in every U.S. state. I bet that surprises many of you. I say this because we constantly get legality questions about pepper spray and most individuals believe that it is a heavily regulated self defense product. It is a fact, pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, however a few cities and states have restrictions on sizes, strengths, etc.. Unfortunately there are two states that we cannot ship to. In New York and Massachusetts residents are required to purchase defense sprays through a licensed firearm dealer in that state. In addition, New York residents can legally buy from a licensed Pharmacist. It all sounds a little "wacky" to us but it is what it is. Michigan restricts the pepper spray concentration to 2%, which is a prime example of a huge misconception regarding pepper spray and Mace. There is no doubt that law makers feel that by restricting the concentration to two percent, they will in turn restrict the strength of the pepper spray. Not true! The active ingredient in pepper spray and Mace are the peppers and the resin that is extracted. Like most other products there are many varieties of peppers; some are very potent and hot, but others are not so potent and hot. Pure pepper resin is rated in Scoville Heat Units, this is how hot it is in its pure form. Take our Fox Labs product, they have become famous for there 2% concentration and heat rating of 5.3 million heat units. This product is a strong, potent and debilitating spray, yet it is legal in Michigan. A five or ten percent defense spray which has a lesser heat rating is restricted in Michigan which makes little sense. If you live anywhere else in the US you can carry pepper spray as a self defense product legally and without problem. If you travel by air, please do not try to carry it on the plane, instead pack it in your checked bag and you won't have any problems. The FAA and Homeland Security allow pepper spray to be carried legally in checked baggage. If you have questions about an existing local restrictions don't hesitate to contact your local or state police. An important thing to remember is if you elect to carry a lethal weapon such as a handgun your are taking on a HUGE responsibility. One that many people simply don't understand. If you carry a good pepper spray instead you can stop an aggressive attack quickly and from a distance. Because it is totally non-lethal you don't have to be concerned with causing permanent harm to an attacker. You will have great stopping power that will give you plenty of time to get to safety. Carry what federal and state law enforcement agents carry as a first level of defense.
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